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Loadsure, Transship partner for one-stop shipping




Loadsure on Thursday announced its partnership with Transship to enable international freight brokers to quickly obtain pay-as-you-go, wraparound cargo insurance.

Loadsure said that within moments, freight brokers will be able to protect perishable goods through the Transship platform and also accelerate claims processing from days or weeks to just minutes.

“We see real synergy in this partnership,” said Loadsure founder and CEO Johnny McCord. “We’re both harnessing automation to drive obsolete, tech-challenged industries into the digital age.

“Of course, this tech innovation is truly a means to an end. At the end of the day, we’re committed to helping people — and we know Transship shares in that commitment. Together we’re putting automation to work for brokers, helping them operate with greater agility, all while also cutting costs,” McCord said.

On its website, London-based Loadsure, founded in 2018, said it is “laser focused on simplifying spot freight cargo insurance through elegant cloud, mobile and big data technology applications.”

McCord told FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller during FreightWaves LIVE @HOME in May that its solution enables shippers, carriers and brokers to purchase insurance policies on a per-load basis.

“Each policy is underwritten using technology,” he said. “Because there is no human cost involved with it, the price is true.”

Loadsure said in Thursday’s announcement that booking international shipments has historically been a complex, time-consuming and manual process and long frustrated brokers. Transship’s platform has dramatically simplified international logistics and reduced the time and expense associated with manual processes, it said. 

Now, with the integration of Loadsure’s fully digital, end-to-end cargo insurance solution, Transship can deliver international freight brokers a one-stop-shop experience, Loadsure said. It added that not only can brokers book international shipments in as little as five minutes, they also can protect those shipments at competitive rates — and all within the existing user workflow.

Transship CEO Amit Hasak said, “Global shipment of perishable goods rules and regulations are tightening, while COVID-related complexities increase. Customers are actively seeking greater efficiency, cost reductions and risk management.” 

Chicago-based Transship said its automated freight-forwarding platform covers everything needed for the international shipment of perishable goods.

“Leveraging our cutting-edge technologies with Loadsure, we are delivering a greater value and addressing the added risk posed by perishable shipments. We’re excited to partner with a company that, like us, recognizes the transformational power of automation in simplifying and protecting profitability,” Hasak said.

Before founding Transship in 2017, Hasak had worked in his family’s cold storage business in Chicago since 1999.

“Automation is the name of the game,” he told FreightWaves in October. “The food supply chain in particular relies very heavily on manual labor. Freight forwarding, for example, is basically done the same today as it has been for decades when arranging international shipments — needless and time-consuming telephone calls, emails and even faxes. This leads to inefficiencies that affect the food supply chain and also sustains the high cost of shipping.

“By introducing technologies such as application programming interface, blockchain and real-time tracking, startups such as Transship help reduce the cost of shipping, increase efficiency and introduce visibility. As a result, there is less food waste, the cost of food will be reduced and companies can invest more in business development rather than logistics,” Hasak said. 

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Supply Chain

Hapag-Lloyd Unveils New Customer Dashboard




Hapag-Lloyd has unveiled its new “Customer Dashboard”. The carrier’s customers can now access performance information based on their business with Hapag-Lloyd.

“Our customers now have a clear and consistent visualization of our performance. With the introduction of the Customer Dashboard, we can finally prove to our customers that we keep our promises and continue to deliver the best quality possible. Giving our customers this full visibility of our quality performance provides them with a direct added value and makes us unique in the container shipping industry,” said Jesper Kanstrup, Senior Director Customer Quality at Hapag-Lloyd.

“This virtual handshake with the customer is the basis for our mutual success. Delivering on our quality promises will be the foundation of a new partnership with our customers as part of our ongoing efforts to advance quality improvements in our industry,” said Juan Carlos Duk, Managing Director Global Commercial Development at Hapag-Lloyd.


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Supply Chain

Partnership to Enhance Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping




Logistics BusinessPartnership to Enhance Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping

Logistyx Technologies, a leader in transportation management for parcel shipping, has announced a new agreement to continue partnership with Manhattan Associates, a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce, as the company releases the latest enhancements to shift its product to the cloud.

As an independent Manhattan Value Partner since 2012, under this new containerised model, Logistyx now offers the ability to upgrade to enhanced parcel shipping capabilities more cost-effectively, providing Manhattan customers unlimited access to more than 8,500 global carrier services that will enable rate shopping and shipping execution to any location worldwide. 2020 marks the eighth anniversary of Logistyx’s global partnership with Manhattan, with a successful track record serving as a trusted partner to Manhattan’s Warehouse Management for Open Systems (WMOS), Order Management System (OMS) and Warehouse Management for IBMi (WMI) users, and now Manhattan Active Warehouse Management.

In 2014, Manhattan and Logistyx more closely aligned with a strategic partnership to jointly develop what is now known as an external parcel interface (EPI) to provide their WMOS users access to a much larger parcel carrier network. Logistyx has since deployed its industry-leading TME technology throughout the Manhattan WMOS user community. Together, Logistyx and Manhattan issued a five-year milestone announcement in 2019 highlighting the many successful deployments of Logistyx TME and Manhattan’s EPI.

“Manhattan Associates values our enduring partnership with Logistyx to bring innovative solutions to customers,” said Adam Kline, Senior Director, Product Management at Manhattan Associates. “As an established leader in multi-carrier parcel management, Logistyx’s state-of-the-art cloud technology proved yet again to serve as a quality match with our EPI in delivering a superior global parcel shipping solution.”

As a co-developer of the EPI, Logistyx is helping Manhattan bring a next-generation EPI to the market. “Logistyx and Manhattan’s technology roadmaps with a focus on increased cloud capabilities have often aligned, which has resulted in a successful partnership over the last several years,” said Logistyx President Ken Fleming. “The partnership between Logistyx and Manhattan provides customers a true enterprise-class shipping platform with broader carrier options and the advanced tools to help them ship from anywhere to anywhere.”

Logistyx offers Manhattan customers the ability to better manage their parcel shipping activities with support for a blended carrier strategy and the capacity to deploy an extensive selection of carriers, providing an expanded global footprint for customers to achieve the best value for every destination, delivery time and product.


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Supply Chain

Food Supply Chain Safety Survey




Logistics BusinessFood Supply Chain Safety Survey

Zebra Technologies Corporation has announced the results of its ‘Food Safety Supply Chain Vision Study’. The study highlights the views of consumers as well as food and beverage industry decision-makers worldwide from distribution and warehouses to grocery stores and restaurants around safety, traceability and transparency.

Surveyed consumers reported their top food safety concerns include restaurant kitchen and wait staff hygiene, foodborne outbreaks, illness from contaminated food, and food and beverage recalls. More than 80% of surveyed consumers said companies have an important role to play in implementing food safety solutions and an ethical responsibility to ensure the safe handling of their food. 70% said it is important to know how their food and ingredients are manufactured, prepared, and handled, while 69% agreed knowing how their food is sourced is also important.

Given recent food safety incidents and an increased focus on health and wellness, it’s unsurprising both consumers and industry decision-makers are showing a great level of interest in the source, quality and safety of their food. However, a disconnect exists between what consumers believe and what industry decision-makers think. Almost seven in 10 decision-makers say the industry is prepared to manage food traceability and transparency, but only 35% of consumers agree. Furthermore, only 13% of consumers felt the industry was extremely prepared today to manage food traceability and be transparent about how food travels through the supply chain, whereas 27% of decision-makers reported feeling this way.

“Findings from our study show that while the industry is taking measures to ensure a more transparent supply chain, more work needs to be done in order to increase consumer confidence and improve food traceability,” says Mark Wheeler, Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Zebra Technologies. “Businesses naturally have more information available to them but can improve consumers’ faith in their food sources by providing them access to the same information.”

One bright spot identified in the research is the role that technology can play in closing both these gaps in both the short- and long-term. An overwhelming majority of decision-makers acknowledged that investments in traceability-focused solutions will provide them with a competitive advantage by enabling them to meet the expectations of consumers. When asked about the top benefits that technology-based track and trace solutions would provide, six in 10 decision-makers cited risk reductions with proper handling, transportation and storage and tracking product perishability. 41% of industry decision-makers reported RFID tags improve food traceability within the supply chain more than any other technology, yet only 31% currently use them within their own organisations.

Mobile computers, mobile barcode label/thermal printers, rugged scanners and specialty labels and tags will also be key enablers in winning consumer trust and delivering more transparent information to consumers. 90% of surveyed industry decision-makers expect to use rugged handheld mobile computers with scanners, rugged barcode scanners and mobile barcode label/thermal printers within the next five years to digitally manage and track food products and related information.


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