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LJUNGSTRÖM selected as key supplier for New York’s latest offshore wind project

WELLSVILLE, N.Y., Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LJUNGSTRӦM has signed a contract with Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. to provide specialized structural steelwork for New York’s Sunrise Wind project, representing the state’s largest offshore wind supply chain contract to date. The wind farm joint development partnership between Ørsted and Eversource has the capacity to power nearly 600,000 homes with 100% renewable energy to help New York accomplish a carbon-free energy grid by 2040.

LJUNGSTRӦM will add additional workforce and expand the manufacturing capabilities at its Wellsville, NY facility. It is anticipated that 200,000 person-hours of skilled labor will be employed on the project to provide prefabricated steel components, including supported internal platforms and anode cage assemblies that are a fundamental element of the wind farm’s turbine foundations.

The Smulders Group, a leading manufacturer of offshore foundations, has signed a transfer of technology agreement with LJUNGSTRӦM and Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. to support the project with key knowledge transfer.

“This is a great opportunity for LJUNGSTRӦM to support our regional growth of Offshore Wind power with our highly skilled workforce and expertise in our New York facility. We are excited to support this and future projects with our strong manufacturing capabilities and exceptional quality that is required for the equipment in this offshore environment,” said Matt Ferris, Managing Director, LJUNGSTRӦM USA.

This represents an important milestone for LJUNGSTRӦM as part of its strategy to expand its activities into the fast-growing offshore wind power generation market.

LJUNGSTRÖM, a division of ARVOS Group, is a global leader providing innovative solutions to a diversified range of industries, with a focus on environmentally beneficial technologies to enable more efficient and cleaner operations. With nearly a century of history in Wellsville, New York, LJUNGSTRÖM has a proven track record of expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and field services.


LJUNGSTRÖM selected as key supplier for New York's latest offshore wind project

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