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Lessons of the Covid-19 Lockdown and the Resurgence of Self…


Steel Building Supplychain Congestion

Steel Building Supplychain Congestion

Supply won’t catch up until at least the spring or early summer of 2022

The government ordered lock downs of 2020 have reinvented the entrepreneurial spirit. Upon the forced closure of businesses, the mass furloughing of employees and the long lasting economic effects that are impacting most Americans, Americans are bearing witness to a mindset shift into self sufficiency and long term planning of customers looking to regain control of all aspects of their livelihood.

This resurgence has been felt ripping through the Pre-Fabricated Steel Industry with massive surges in inquiry for everything from Workshops to Off-the-Grid Homes. “With customers demanding the freedom to do the work they love, on their terms, without government imposed restriction, Gable Steel is proud to serve in this transition and assist in putting American’s back to work” states Carl Miller of Gable Steel who has seen nearly a 200% increase in building demand since the start of the pandemic.

Interest in resource rich buildings such as Agricultural and Ranching usages has been the latest trend as the entire Global Supply Chain continues to break down, and inflation indexes continue to rise.

Mr. Miller went on to state, “Pre-fab buildings have always and will always be a leading supplier of municipality, industrial, trucking and worship buildings, however, the Gable Steel Team is proud to be able to further serve in the growing trend of entrepreneurship and self-reliance.”

The guidance being issued by the Domestic Steel Mills is that steel pricing will continue to climb and first begin leveling in the fall, however, the problem is supply won’t catch up until at least the spring or early summer of 2022.

These Steel Mill’s are predicting we will be at least 12-18 months until you see prices less than what they are today and 24-30 months until normal lead times and costs are resumed.


Gable Steel is a leading supplier of Steel Buildings nationwide. Gable Steel continues to secure steel tonnage to best serve their customers needs and remains available to design, detail and supply your dream Steeldominum, to help expand your business, or to engineer your custom workshop.

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