LearnTechLib Search Alert: New papers added – Feb 1, 2023 (K-12 online learning)


February 3, 2023

LearnTechLib Search Alert: New papers added – Feb 1, 2023 (K-12 online learning)

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An item from another one of my open scholarship networks.

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Borup, J., Velasquez, R.Q., Graham, C.R., Archambault, L. & Kimmons, R. (2022). Incremental Improvements: Examining Instructional Changes and Rationales of K-12 Online Teachers Using the PICRAT and 4E Frameworks. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 30(4) 431-459.

Jered Borup; Rocio Quiroga Velasquez; Charles R. Graham; Leanna Archambault; Royce Kimmons

Teacher preparation programs have been slow to answer calls to prepare teachers for the online learning environment, leaving many online teachers needing to learn on the job. However, little research has examined how online teachers grow as educators while teaching online. One way to better understand this growth is to examine the changes online teachers make in their instruction and their rationales for making them. In this qualitative case study, we surveyed online teachers three times during an academic year regarding their instructional changes…


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