League of Legends Briar Win Rate Spikes Tremendously


Briar is the newest champion in League of Legends. The Jungler plays as an assassin with high sustainability, bursting down champions at an alarming rate. During her initial release, Briar Win Rates were at around 34% — thereby tons of players assumed she was weak.

But recent trends indicate otherwise. According to lolanalytics, her win rates have been rising at incredible speeds. On September 21, she broke the 51% win rate mark. And on September 22, Briar hit 52.3% overall win rate. This is remarkably high for a new champion. What makes matters more interesting is Briar Win Rates seem to still be steadily rising.

Many assumed that Briar sucked, due to her initial very abysmal win rate. It appears players are growing more comfortable with the champion, thereby explaining the jump in her win rate.

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For those who have played with or against a skilled Briar player, they’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible potential of her sustainability alongside engage. A well timed and aimed ultimate ability can be one of the most broken interactions in the game — bursting down the enemy from practically halfway across the map.

In addition, Briar’s survivability thanks to her life steal is pretty insane. Of course, crowd control counters the champion. For those unable to lock her down, Briar is an absolute menace — as displayed by her increasing win rate.

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It’s still difficult to say how strong or weak Briar is. But one thing is for certain: Players are getting used to playing as her, and thereby learning to abuse her game mechanic. Therefore, even though she’s ranked around C tier in lots of tier lists which uses data to rank the picks, don’t be fooled.

Briar can be an incredibly strong pick, especially when wielded by a player who has quickly grown accommodated to her play style.

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