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LA Gladiators and Guerillas Parent Company Moving Into Valorant



Courtesy of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

Courtesy of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

The parent company behind both the CDL’s LA Guerillas and the OWL’s LA Gladiators is planning on moving into Valorant. This move comes on the heels of many big-name esports brands moving into Valorant over the last year. This move would be one of the biggest, however, with the amount of financial backing the company has.

The Kroenke Sports & Entertainment group, who also heads the LA Rams NFL franchise, have decided to expand their esports umbrella. After an employee posted a tweet about new job opportunities available for those who wish to work in esports, many were quick to notice the Valorant title in the listings.

These job postings must refer to an eventual creation of a Valorant team, and this move has many fans of Valorant excited. It can only be good for the long term future of the game for a company as big as KSE to join in, and at a time when Valorant is hitting it’s peak, there is no better moment to create a team of their own. Time will tell what kind of players KSE will bring in, but it is hard to believe a company with as much financial backing and name recognition as the KSE don’t try and swing for the fences.

Seeing the kind of team KSE can put together with their large capital will be very interesting to see, and it would be a surprise to very few if the team that eventually does represent them isn’t a contender immediately. It remains to be seen if this team will be NA based or not, but considering all of the job postings are based in California it would be a shock if the team was based anywhere else but on the west coast of America.

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