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KuCoin | Purchase Cryptocurrencies from a Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform


KuCoin | Purchase Cryptocurrencies from a Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

KuCoin allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts to trade digital assets using a user-friendly web interface or a mobile app. The cryptocurrency exchange account registration process is also easy:

Register for an Account

Sign up for an account as a first-time investor on KuCoin to buy and sell Bitcoin with a trading bot. The account verification process is straightforward and optional to unlock advanced features. You’ll primarily need an email address to get started.

Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency Assets

Investors use credit or debit cards to pay for cryptocurrencies on KuCoin. The exchange supports Visa/MasterCard or Apple Pay payment methods.

Hold Your Coins

KuCoin has custodial and non-custodial options when holding cryptocurrencies. You can either hold the coins directly on the crypto exchange or move them to another wallet. Third-party wallets allow investors to control their digital assets.

What Does KuCoin Offer Investors?

The main perks of the crypto exchange are:

Multiple Coins

KuCoin has a wide selection of mainstream digital coins for investors compared to other P2P platforms or brokerages. You can also branch out into the lesser-known cryptocurrencies available on KuCoin.

Reasonable Fees

KuCoin offers low trading fees to investors.
You pay zero monthly fees once you sign up. The withdrawal fees are also balanced with cryptocurrency news on other exchange platforms. Moreover, traders deposit crypto for free, but charges apply when depositing local currency like the dollar. Fees for each trade vary according to cash transfer methods and third-party apps.

Unique Features

KuCoin crypto exchange has several advanced features like margin trading, which lets you borrow cash to purchase more assets by leveraging your position. That option particularly suits advanced investors because it makes the crypto trading business riskier than it already is.

KuCoin also has a trading bot on its mobile app to automatically trade digital assets for investors who don’t want to follow online markets and cryptocurrency news all the time.

Great Customer Base

One out of four crypto-global investors buy and sell in KuCoin. The service commands significant market liquidity to benefit its customers. Ideally, it widens the trading circle for customers because of multiple participants. You can interact with any community to build networks with different traders according to your preference.

Earn Interest on KuCoin

KuCoin’s service pays you interest on your crypto when you loan out your coins to facilitate margin trading on the crypto exchange. You get a lot more compared to a local savings account. The amount you get varies depending on the coin you choose and its market demand on cryptocurrency news. Similarly, staking your digital assets through KuCoin Learn, a company backed by KuCoin, earns you some extra cash.

The concept is similar to earning dividends when you invest in stocks. Staking validates the KuCoin trading bot network to keep it safe and secure for customers.

You can also get extra money with KuCoin rewards, whereby you earn extra if you decide to hold your assets for a specific time. Overall, the interest gained on KuCoin is mainly between 8% and 12%.

As a lender, you will get your money back in full from KuCoin’s insurance fund or from collateral for the bonus. While the platform’s safety measures don’t match those of traditional banks, you can buy or sell crypto without worrying about additional risks. You can also view the live chart such as, BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT from KuCoin trade page.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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