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JZZ Technologies, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent (LOI) with EyeOn Channel Network to Share Active Lifestyle Media Content and Develop TV Channel


JZZ Technologies, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent (LOI) with EyeOn Channel Network to Share Active Lifestyle Media Content and Develop TV Channel

Calverton, New York, February 17, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE — Media and marketing company JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) and Eye On Channel Inc. have signed an LOI aimed at combing the two entities’ resources in order to develop new content, products, licensed media and advertising on both platforms. The new content, while still under discussion, may include digital versions of Active Lifestyle Media’s Magazine, a jointly produced EyeOn Seniors Channel for distribution via EyeOn Channel Inc.’s network that reaches 150 million US households, as well as other content.

JZZ Technologies, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent (LOI) with EyeOn Channel Network to Share Active Lifestyle Media Content and Develop TV Channel

Eye on Channel (EOC) is a video production and media distribution company that is working to set a new stage in the ever-changing network television, satellite, cable, web, and mobile applications world of broadcasting, marketing and distribution. Their stated mission is to provide, uncontrolled news and real stories of society that connects, communicates, entertains and creates social community hope and positive change for the NOW and FUTURE generations.

With its operational base in Florida, EyeOn Channel acts as an independent tv network that broadcasts digital over-the-air content in the top 30 demographic markets of the United States. In any given market, EyeOn Channel broadcasts from 23 to 40 digital HD channels carrying free content that allows consumers to “cut the cable” while still receiving quality local programming as envisioned by the FCC guidelines for continued support of over-the-air local television.

EyeOn Channel’s growing affiliate group includes: Eye on Austin, Eye on Boston, Eye on California, Eye on Chicago, Eye on Colorado, Eye on D.C., Eye on Montreal, Eye on NOLA, Eye on NY and Eye on Park City. The channel is also focusing on niche markets such as Devil in Divorce, Eye on Global Luxury, and using the Vimeo on-demand platform for pay-per-view and webcasting events.

“The EyeOn Channel group are perfectly aligned with our goals of reaching a specific audience (age 55+) and creating meaningful content. They are leaders in video and online digital programming and distribution. This is an area where we can really focus our efforts together and create great content to be shared on both platforms.”, states Charles Cardona, CEO of JZZ Technologies, Inc. “We think a channel devoted to the active 55+ lifestyle would be well received by our audience and a great way to share and jointly monetize content.”

The terms of LOI expect that any revenues generated from the products or services developed under the joint program will be shared between JZZ Technologies, Inc. and EyeOn Channel Inc.

About Eye On Channel Inc.

Eye On Channel Inc. (EyeOnChannel.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of IJM Global., Inc.  a Florida Corporation. IJM is engaged in Original Video and Radio Content production and distribution to approximately 150 million US households, and with annual revenues to meet the NASDQ listing qualifications.

About JZZ Technologies Inc.

JZZ Technologies, Inc., through its brand ActiveLifestyleMedia, publishes online and print content targeting over 20 million individuals the high value, 55+ marketplace. This demographic group accounts for more than 75% of the wealth in America and is one of the most sought-after segments for marketing. JZZ Technologies is also developing email direct marketing designed to reach an existing database of 35 million recipients. In addition to consumers, Active Lifestyle Media targets U.S. based physicians with current medical content through its medical newsletter and online content/podcasts.

Certain statements contained herein are “forward-looking” statements (as such term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995). Because such statements include risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.


JZZ Technologies, Inc.

Charles Cardona, CEO



Source: https://otcprwire.com/jzz-technologies-inc-signs-letter-of-intent-loi-with-eyeon-channel-network-to-share-active-lifestyle-media-content-and-develop-tv-channel/

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