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Is Shedinja Good in Pokemon GO?

We've answered whether or not Shedinja is good in Pokemon GO.

We’ve answered whether or not Shedinja is good in Pokemon GO. / The Pokemon Company

We’ve answered whether or not Shedinja is good in Pokemon GO.

Shedinja is one of the more popular Pokemon associated with the Hoenn region. It is primarily known for its strange evolution pattern in that it technically is a sentient shed-skin of another Pokemon. Shedinja could only be captured following the evolution of Nincada into Ninjask if the trainer had both an empty slot in their party and at least one PokeBall available in their bag. Immediately after the evolution, trainers could look to see not one new Pokemon but two waiting in their party.

Unfortunately, no. Shedinja isn’t a good choice for anything other than bragging rights in Pokemon GO. It is a ghost and bug-type that has made a name for itself in the franchise thanks to the unique process needed to capture it—which we described above.

Due to its typing, it is weakest to flying, ghost, rock, fire, and dark-types. It is strong against attacks from poison, ground, bug, and grass-types, with double resistance to normal-types and triple against fighting.

Shedinja has the following stats:

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From this information, it’s easy to see that Shedinja is—in the most affectionate way possible—completely useless. Its primary value comes from its novelty. However, we wouldn’t discourage trainers from seeking one out if they’d like to own it. After all, it does look pretty cool.

Shedinja is fittingly known as the “Shed” Pokemon, is believed to steal the souls of any who peer inside its hollow shell of a body through the opening on its back. Its PokeDex number is #292.

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