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Is Reddit Safe? Edward Snowden calls on users to boycott Reddit after new ID requirement; “Don’t ever use Reddit again” – Tech Startups


In a recent digital uproar, former NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has thrown down the gauntlet against Reddit, urging users to stage a mass exodus from the platform. The catalyst for Snowden’s call to action? Reddit’s implementation of limited ID verification for certain users.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, Snowden issued a rallying cry, urging individuals to bid adieu to Reddit for good. Accompanying his tweet was a striking image featuring a Reddit character, clad in its signature alien attire, poised to demand, “Can we see some ID please?”

“Don’t ever use Reddit again,” Snowden’s tweet commanded, echoing across digital landscapes.

Responding to queries regarding the extent of the ID requirement, Snowden shed light on its target audience, asserting, “Looks like it hits everybody connecting via Tor or VPNs, i.e. at-risk populations that need privacy.”

However, amidst the tumult, another X user interjected, offering a different perspective that Reddit may not necessarily be asking for actual identification but simply a login.

“They don’t need your actual ID, they just want you to login. This page comes up if you try to access site while logged out + coming from a VPN or cloud provider like GCP. Once you login this screen goes away,” Nite/Strut wrote on X.

This clarification prompted Snowden to remark, “You can’t take a site that’s half of the search results in Google’s calcified, decrepit index and just say ‘no, you have to log in even to view this in read-only mode.’ That’s reprehensible.”

The clash between privacy concerns and digital access is once again thrust into the spotlight, as Reddit finds itself at the center of a heated debate, with Snowden leading the charge for digital autonomy.

Snowden’s call to arms against Reddit’s limited ID verification isn’t a standalone outcry; it’s part of a larger narrative he’s been championing for years. Back in 2021, the former NSA whistleblower sounded the alarm on governments worldwide attempting to undermine encryption systems to gain access to individuals’ private messages.

In Snowden’s eyes, privacy is more than just a right; it’s a shield against the encroachment of institutional giants. “It was meant to be the individuals’ power,” he emphasized, underscoring its role in safeguarding personal freedom. “It was an insulating layer that allowed those of us who wield very little power in society, because we are individuals, to think and act and associate freely.”

With each battle for digital autonomy, Snowden remains steadfast, reminding us that the fight for privacy isn’t merely about protecting data—it’s about safeguarding the very essence of individual liberty in the digital age.

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