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In East Texas, Death Of George Floyd Brings Activism To A Region Of Rare Protest




Local residents take part in a candle light vigil to honor George Floyd in Houston, Monday, June 8, 2020, in Houston. Eric Gay/AP hide caption

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Eric Gay/AP

Local residents take part in a candle light vigil to honor George Floyd in Houston, Monday, June 8, 2020, in Houston.

Eric Gay/AP

The civil rights movement largely passed East Texas by in the 1950s and ’60s. Today, more than a half century later, there remains little tradition of protest in the region — part of plantation country during slavery — and scant experience with organizing.

Houston is the gateway to East Texas, and with the funeral service for George Floyd this past Tuesday, the city, for a few short hours at least, became the focus of a national movement against police violence and systemic racism.

Now, organizers across the vast region are intent on making sure their voices continue to be heard. Whatever Black Lives Matter and other organizers build here, will be new construction.

Signs of this new energy have been steadily growing in East Texas since video emerged showing a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes on May 25, leading to his death at the age of 46.

On the Saturday before Floyd’s burial, protesters were rallying in Bergfeld Park in the city of Tyler, Texas, roughly 200 miles north of Houston. Burgers were cooking on a large grill with rotating cooks, while a bouncy house was bouncing away with children inside mimicking their parents, chanting, “No justice, no peace.”

In the middle of the park sits a large amphitheater. Onstage was the rally organizer, who goes by the name Blue. Concerned for her safety, she did not want to give her full name. She wore a hospital mask, a bullet proof vest that came to her knees. She held a microphone in one hand and a megaphone in the other.

“I’m very excited to be here today, I’m also a little worried,” she says. “But that’s what this fight is about, fighting through the pain, fighting through the fear. Because I’m done being scared, I’m doing seeing my brothers and sisters being scared.”

Rumors of threats against Blue’s life – specifically, that she’ll be shot on stage — had gotten back to her. She tried to explain to the crowd how she’s been affected.

“I have gone through hella emotions this week. I went from standing up proud, standing in the street, because I know what I believe in. Then I went from everybody get off the street, get on the sidewalk, we need to be safe. I’ve had family members tell me I’m fighting a fight I don’t understand. But we understand this,” she says. “I understand this.”

The crowd cheered, but it’s all been too much for Blue. Her emotions overwhelmed her and she left the stage unable to get another word out.

A history of discrimination

There’s a long history in East Texas of whites murdering black people who dare to raise their hand against discrimination. And while it’s true Jim Crow is now dead, racial discrimination is alive and well.

Among those in attendance at the park was Amori Mitchell, 31, a nurse with her master’s degree.

“We are out here basically because it is time for a change,” says Mitchell. “And George Floyd was the last breath felt around the world because enough is truly enough. We have been dealing with various deaths from police brutality to just being targeted just for being black.”

As she speaks, Mitchell’s voice is calm, but shakes with a quiet rage.

“I go to school. I get all this education. And my white coworker makes $10 more an hour than me. I have to do half of her things throughout the shift. You can’t start IV’s, can’t draw blood, but you’re able to get $10 more an hour and you’re able to be in charge of me.”

Karen Thomason marches against police violence at the Henderson County Courthouse Square in the East Texas city of Athens. Lee Hancock/NPR hide caption

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Lee Hancock/NPR

Karen Thomason marches against police violence at the Henderson County Courthouse Square in the East Texas city of Athens.

Lee Hancock/NPR

Walter Lundy fist-bumps a protester at the Henderson County courthouse in Athens, Texas. Lee Hancock/NPR hide caption

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Lee Hancock/NPR

Walter Lundy fist-bumps a protester at the Henderson County courthouse in Athens, Texas.

Lee Hancock/NPR

Multiply Mitchell’s story a thousand times, then again by 143 years to the end of Reconstruction and a culture of white supremacy is revealed.

Organizing protests, rallies and marches anywhere is an uphill climb, but in few places is it as hard as it is in East Texas.

In the summer of 1998, in Jasper, Texas, 49 year old James Byrd Jr. was walking home one night when three white men in a pickup, whom he knew, offered to give him a ride home. Instead, they drove Byrd to a clearing in the woods, beat him, then chained him to the truck hitch and dragged him three miles down a dark country road. When they were done, they picked up Byrd’s body and left it in front of a nearby African-American church.

The murder was an echo from East Texas history, when lynching black men was the domestic terrorism of its day.

And so the image from Minnesota of a white police officer with his knee upon George Floyd’s neck has stirred people to action here in an unprecedented way. From Tyler to Jasper, Athens to Sulphur Springs, thousands of blacks, whites and Hispanics are protesting.

A changing approach

At Twin City Church of Christ in Texarkana, cars were parked recently in rows facing the church like a drive-in movie. On the sidewalk, the choir was under one tent and the pulpit under another. Pastor David Watkins, 33, seamlessly blended the word of God and social justice.

Watkins says in Texarkana, black churches have so far, not gotten involved much with the protests.

“There’s a dichotomy in approach,” he explains. “The difference between the older generation and, you know, their perspective of how we should proceed and the younger generation and our perspective of how we should proceed. There is a staunch disconnect between the two, I think.”

Aylin Sozen is a protest organizer in the city of Texarkana. David Watkins, a pastor in the city, says there is a divide in how older and younger generations in the city approach activism. Wade Goodwyn/NPR hide caption

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Wade Goodwyn/NPR

Aylin Sozen is a protest organizer in the city of Texarkana. David Watkins, a pastor in the city, says there is a divide in how older and younger generations in the city approach activism.

Wade Goodwyn/NPR

Watkins says black pastors and other black leaders here have focused on leveraging their relationships with white politicians and trying to hold them accountable. Watkins also says, in the black church, COVID-19 is a major threat to older congregations, making them wary of protest crowds.

“One of the things that I think many older people feel like,” says Watkins, “is that this is a movement now for younger people to take a hold of. And we’ve already done our job. We’ve already been through this. And nothing has changed.”

Still black churches in Texarkana have money, while the protesters and their organizer are scraping by. It’s a point that’s not lost on Watkins, who says he’s decided to pull together a meeting with the major African-American pastors in Texarkana, and get protestors and their organizers some funding.



What is an Action Refund Review?




You have been defrauded by a fraudulent broker. What are you going to do ? In this Action Refund review, we’ll explain everything to you.

A study by “Scamwatch”, with the help of the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission), suggests that so far, in 2020, around 195,848 reports of all types of scams have been submitted, with a loss of approximately $ 150,838,567. This is insane!

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When you are in the middle of the process of filing a refund claim with a complicated case, it is very important to have professional assistance on your side. If you’re curious about what the company’s collection service is all about, below is an interview with a fraud victim to understand what Action Refund did with their case:

Can you tell us how it all started? (Action Refund Review)

At the end of 2019, I came across an advertisement in my inbox approving that Bill Gates made a fortune from forex trading, so I thought “I’ll give it a shot” and left some of my details on the site of this company.

They assigned me an account manager named “Gary Silverson”. He was polite and appeared to be an expert, promising the world and more with future profits. He assured me that with his advice, my trading account could be multiplied by 10 in no time. I thought that was probably an overestimate, however, if the forex market is open to everyone it is very possible to increase my income and triple my investments, at least that’s what I got. has sold. I wanted to deposit around $ 750 to open an account so I followed his instructions.

Gary explained to me very briefly about the application they are using, omitting crucial details and saying “trust me, you don’t need this info, we need more repositories”. You could say that I was very naive.

That seems good to me…

Back then, I was making decent profits instantly. We had a few trading sessions together for two months. Over time, he started to take control of my account transactions and I followed his lead, not asking anything because I knew he wouldn’t respond correctly. A few days later, the agent reached out to me via WhatsApp regarding a new opportunity emerging due to the announcement of the US election. Gary offered me a zero risk plan so that we could increase my earnings. I confirmed it, and we did make a little more profit.

At the time, my account was showing a profit of $ 5,129 from my initial deposit. I wanted to request a withdrawal of $ 1000 and it was returned to me without a problem. I remember I was quite surprised. I thought to myself, “How could I not find this forex trading company before?”. A month passed, and I reconsidered depositing an additional $ 15,000. Then I got promoted for what the company calls “platinum membership”.

So you claim that you had no problem withdrawing funds from the trading account?

Not at all. As I mentioned, everything went well at first. Honestly, it looked like Gary was doing a good job.

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Vestle Review 2021 – CySEC Broker Or CySEC Scam?





Description: Can you be scammed by Vestle broker? Read our comprehensive Vestle review covering the most important information about the broker.

Whether you have or plan to have an account with this broker, this Vestle review is something you must read

Regulated by: CySEC
Headquarters Country: Cyprus
Foundation year: 2015
Platforms: Web trader
Instruments: FX, commodities, shares, indicies, crypto, ETFs

Is Vestle a legit broker?

Over the years, many clients had a terrible experience with CySEC regulated brokers. Therefore, we decided to check few things in our Vestle review. 

For a start, is Vestle regulation a real regulation or yet another attempt of a regulated company to have an off-sight brand. How the broker operates, and the odds that it will steal your money. Let’s start.

 Vestle Regulation and Security

Vestle is a brand owned by iCFD Limited, regulated by CySEC. The company was formerly known as iForex Ltd. Whenever the broker changes its name, there is a reason for that. And usually, the reason is hundreds of unsatisfied traders and bad reviews. 

When it comes to funds, allegedly, every payment method the company uses is supervised by another EU country. It seems that the broker just listed all the countries where payment providers are based.

What can you trade with a Vestle broker?

Vestle is a broker that provides a high range of trading assets. Clients can trade with currency pairs, commodities, indices, shares, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. There are over 900 assets available.

All the trades are executed on the web trader of a broker called FXnet. This type of trading platform is always riskier than trading with MT4 or MT5. Every experienced trader prefers MetaTrader in the first place because of security reasons, but also because it has more features. Unfortunately, the broker does not have a Demo account, so we couldn’t test the web trader and decide if it’s good or bad. Besides the web trader, the broker also offers Vestle mobile, its own app for Android and iOS devices. 

When it comes to leverage, it’s limited by CySEC rules. The highest leverage is 1:30 for currency pairs.



Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

When we talk about funding the account, there are several methods available. The client can deposit using debit/credit card, wire transfer, and few E-wallets. For card deposits, funds are visible instantly, while for wire transfers and E-wallets takes up to 5 business days. The same methods are available for withdrawals; only it takes up to 10 business days for the money to appear on the client’s account.

As per our Vestle review, it seems that the broker has issues with double charging. Many clients of this company complained that they see the double transaction in their bank statement. 

When it comes to the deposit amount, Vestle keeps it hidden. Nowhere on the website, you cannot find the list of account types and deposits necessary. It seems that after you get a call from their support, they will evaluate your financial situation and require a certain amount of money from you.

The same thing can be said about commissions and fees the broker is charging. We were unable to find this list anywhere. This looks bad for the Vestle broker. As a CySEC regulated broker, it should be very transparent when it comes to money.

Conclusion about Vestle

Based on everything in our Vestle review, we can say next. The broker shows a low level of transparency about fees and costs. The trades are executed on the web trader, easy to manipulate and change market prices. Even though the company is in the CySEC register since 2015, on the website of Vestle, there is a claim that they are operating for over 15 years. Now, it opens two questions: were they working unregulated or misleading clients to believe they are joining a long-lasting company. Whatever the answer is, a broker should not be proud to publish it.

After saying all this, we will leave it to you to decide if Vestle is a good broker or yet another CySEC scam.

 Source : Plato

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New method of investment: Copy trading, or copy trading as it was originally called




These are busy days for those who have a certain level of savings in the economy. Because already sharp movements occur in the Turkish lira because of their very high rates of investment to translate the uncertainties in Turkey in recent times with a certain amount of savings. This enables people to turn to different investment methods.

If you are looking for a dynamic investment method and still do not know where to start, we will have a profitable suggestion for you. A type of investment, originally called “Forex copy trading”, and another name that can be translated as copy investment in Turkish is social investment. It can be a good entry-level choice for those who do not know exactly how and how to invest in investment vehicles.

The basic logic of copy trading is to imitate the investments of successful investors in the exchange you want to enter. It’s that simple. Anyway, the name of this investment concept is therefore determined as copy investment.

According to one of the studies conducted in recent years, this type of investment is increasingly taking up a place in the market. The copy investment market will reach an amount of € 70 billion by the end of 2025, according to researches.

To start copy trading, the first thing to do is to choose a reliable and profitable investment platform. At this point, the next step in choosing a reliable investment platform is  Forex Copy Trading

that is, to be able to follow reliable investors for copy investment. Therefore, the choice of platform is very important at this point.

A Close Look at Copy Investment

In short, it is important that copy investment or social investment platforms allow experienced investors to copy their investments directly. Here, when you find such an investment exchange, the investment made in this way is also called “auto investment” because you invest your own account directly into the account of the experienced investor.

You can invest in the form of copy investment in the BIST 100, crypto money exchanges and even foreign exchanges. It is a method that can be followed even for foreign currency deposits. However, it will require serious research at the stage of determining the investors you will follow in the first place.

How Exactly to Invest in Copy?

In fact, there are two popular ways to do this.

Following the Investors’ Strategies One to One

Whichever exchange you are investing in, you can learn the investments made by the really experienced names of that stock exchange with a good research and make these investments one by one.


Simple System: The investment you will make in this way will be a very simple and easy-to-use investment type. This is the reason why it is called auto investment as a type of investment that you can directly imitate the investments of expert investors in the field.

Flexibility: You can follow this type of investment from any digital device. It is a very flexible method as you will do the same no matter where you are, as soon as you hear about the direct investment of the person you follow, as there is no subject to think about.

Choosing a strategy is very easy: All you have to do is find the best in the field with the right research. Once you find it, it will be very easy to determine your strategy.

Transaction Fees: Most successful traders will charge you a certain fee to return their investments. These fee claims create an additional cost. However, you can manage your funds with the confidence that there will be no additional fees or expenses for the investment.

Let others follow your investment. For this, create an investment strategy.

Here you will be the one followed. Of course, this has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Your strategies will directly affect the market: Since you will be the person who will determine the strategy, whatever strategy you follow, the strategy you will follow will be a strategy that will affect the market completely.

You will also get the reward for your labor outside of profits: In this way, you will have to spend all your work on this work. However, you will get more than your followers for your efforts.

You will set the rules of the game: However, doing these operations will require both very serious experience and serious work.

Of course, it would be useful for you to carefully investigate whether there is a method to follow completely. However, it is possible to say that you can carry out such transactions with peace of mind with detailed analysis on the leading quality investment and stock exchange platforms such as AMarkets.



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Ethereum Price Smashed $2000, $3000 Incoming At Lightning Speed!




Ethereum Price (ETH) May Hit $10,000 This Cycle!

The Ethereum price that is known to maintain a stable price movement, finally broke the previous ATH to form a new one. It took more than a months time to regain its lost position above $2000, yet sustained successfully. 

Advertisement header-banner-ad

The price took more time than expected to break the $2000 barrier, yet $3000 may be approaching at rocket speed. As predicted by founder of Gokhstein Media, David Gokhstein, the next stop for the ETH price is around $3,900. 

With the continued bullish trend and intensified rally, the price is expected to surge to the highest levels. According to an analyst and Crypto Youtuber, Young and Investing, the Ethereum price may hit $10,000 within the current bull run.

With the accelerated bull run, many analysts believe Ethereum could lead the market instead of Bitcoin too. Therefore providing a huge opportunity for the altcoins to boom within the ETH bull rally. 

Is Altcoin-Season On the Cards?

Many altcoins normally pop-up with the surge in the price of the second dominant crypto Ethereum. Currently, ETH price is trading around its new all time high around $2152 and expected to fly high. Therefore, many small cap altcoins are expected to rise from ashes and pump more than 50x or even 100x also.

Many analysts believe the Altcoin Season of 2021 is on the way and is expected to be the greatest season ever. According to a popular analyst, XRPcryptowolf, the season will reach its peak during the summer.

Moreover, the coins which are believed to be dead or not performing are also expected to rise. One of the analysts, MC also has given a brief idea on which all coins might pump in the current AltSeason.

Collectively, the breakout of Ethereum price has led to initialization of the most awaited AltSeason of 2021. The ETH price rally is expected to intensify in the coming days, that might smash $10,000 soon.

Checkout PrimeXBT
Trade with the Official CFD Partners of AC Milan

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