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IGC announce legal proceedings against 9z over nonpayment of meyern buyout

According to Dexerto, 9z are currently facing legal action after the Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) ⁠— the parent company of MIBR ⁠— filed a complaint to the Superior Court of California, in which they allege that the Argentinian organization have failed to pay the transfer fee of Ignacio “⁠meyern⁠” Meyer.

Documents indicate that a transfer fee of $35,000 was agreed to between the two organisations for meyern, which IGC claim has never been paid, in part or in full, despite 9z stating “numerous times that payment would be forthcoming.”

The 19-year-old rifler played for 9z in 2020 from June to December, joining the team after a six-month stint with MIBR. He was moved to the bench by mutual agreement at the end of the year and allowed to explore his options, and recently joined Furious on a loan agreement with 9z that will last until December 31, 2021.

IGC announce legal proceedings against 9z over nonpayment of meyern buyout

meyern played for 9z for a period of three months in 2020

According to evidence obtained by Dexerto, IGC have made attempts to settle the matter outside of court, but have been unsuccessful over the course of multiple months as 9z failed to provide timely responses and updates on efforts to settle the fee, often taking weeks to reply.

In the court case, IGC are pursuing unspecified damages, which includes but isn’t limited to the transfer fee in question. Tomi Kovanen, IGC’s Chief Operating Officer, says that the intent behind pursuing the matter in court has more to do with rooting out bad actors in the esports industry than getting what the organisation is owed.

Should the courts side with IGC, 9z could also face sanctions from the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), should the matter be referred to the watchdog group.

The public relations director for 9z, Mariela Silvi, pointed towards bank problems as the reason for the delay in payment, stating that the Central Bank of Argentina adopted new regulations amid the coronavirus pandemic that limited bank transfers in foreign currency and transfers in dollars for the payment of debts.

Silvi also told Dexerto that the payment had been made “on time and in the agreed manner,” and that following the new bank regulations, “it was agreed that 9z should make the payment with certain characteristics” — the details of which Silvi says cannot be disclosed for confidentiality reasons.

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