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At iboss, we are hyper focused on creating technology that makes it easier for organizations to implement a complete Zero Trust Network Architecture to better protect organizations in this modern-day work from anywhere environment

iboss, the leader in cloud-delivered cybersecurity, today announced the results of its third-party efficacy testing for its iboss Zero Trust Adaptive Access for Zero Trust Networks, which was rigorously tested for its malware blocking effectiveness by Miercom, a premier independent testing laboratory. The report concluded that iboss Adaptive Private Access delivered superior malware threat protection and is the only service that provides continuous inspection of Private Access traffic.

The test evaluated iboss’s Adaptive Private Access technology. This cloud native Zero Trust platform protects organizations by ensuring employees or devices accessing sensitive cloud apps are redirected through iboss’s Adaptive Private Access, which acts as a checkpoint that continuously monitors for threats to the protected cloud app. When iboss Adaptive Private Access adaptive identifies a threat, the platform cuts access immediately and automatically, with no human intervention, to prevent infections from spreading and corporate data from being stolen. The test results proved that iboss exceeded the requirements set forth by Miercom, blocking 99.7% of malware, and performed 26% higher in malware blocking effectiveness than the industry average of all platforms tested by Miercom to date.

“At iboss, we are hyper focused on creating technology that makes it easier for organizations to implement a complete Zero Trust Network Architecture to better protect organizations in this modern-day work from anywhere environment,” said Paul Martini, CEO and co-founder of iboss. “This result confirms our commitment to providing the most comprehensive security solution for organizations of all sizes.”
The report concluded that iboss Adaptive Private Access delivered the following results:

  • 100% protection against advanced evasive techniques, AETs, advanced persistent threats, backdoor malware, remote access trojans (RATs), and particularly ransomware – a costly malware affecting networks today.
  • 99.7% malware block-ing effectiveness, 26% higher than the industry average tested with Miercom to date.
  • Blocked all web-based threats.
  • Blocked 100% of the malicious emails.
  • Blocked all malicious attachments.

These results demonstrate iboss’s commitment to providing organizations with the most comprehensive security solution that protects against the ever-evolving threats posed by malicious actors. The iboss Zero Trust SSE enables organizations to protect their valuable data and applications while keeping their networks secure and compliant with industry regulations.
To download this report, visit: https://www.iboss.com/solution-briefs/miercom-iboss-zero-trust-security-service-edge-certified-secure-test-report/

About iboss

iboss is a cloud security company that enables organizations to reduce cyber risk by delivering a Zero Trust Security Service Edge platform designed to protect resources and users in the modern distributed world. Applications, data, and services have moved to the cloud and are located everywhere, while users needing access to those resources are working from anywhere. The iboss platform replaces legacy VPN, Proxies, and VDI with a consolidated service that improves security, increases the end-user experience, consolidates technology, and substantially reduces costs. Built on a containerized cloud architecture, iboss delivers security capabilities such as SWG, malware defense, Browser Isolation, CASB, and Data Loss Prevention to protect all resources via the cloud instantaneously and at scale. The iboss platform includes ZTNA to replace legacy VPN, Security Service Edge to replace legacy Proxies, and Browser Isolation to replace legacy VDI. This shifts the focus from protecting buildings to protecting people and resources wherever they are located. Leveraging a purpose-built cloud architecture backed by 230+ issued and pending patents and more than 100 points of presence globally, iboss processes over 150 billion transactions daily, blocking 4 billion threats per day. More than 4,000 global enterprises trust the iboss platform to support their modern workforces, including a large number of Fortune 50 companies. iboss was named one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies by The Software Report, one of the 25 highest-rated Private Cloud Computing Companies to work for by Battery Ventures, and CRN’s top 20 Coolest Cloud Security Companies of 2022. To learn more, visit http://www.iboss.com

About Miercom

Miercom has published hundreds of network product analyzes in leading trade periodicals and other publications. Miercom’s reputation as the leading, independent product test center is undisputed.

Private test services available from Miercom include competitive product analyzes, as well as individual product evaluations. Miercom features comprehensive certification and test programs, including Certified Interoperable™, Certified Reliable™, Certified Secure™, and Certified Green™. Products may also be evaluated under the Performance Verified™ program, the industry’s most thorough and trusted assessment of product usability and performance.

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