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I no longer have a burning hatred for Jewish people, says Googler now suddenly no longer at Google



Google Cloud’s veep of developer relations abruptly left the web giant late last week after sharing a lengthy essay on how he no longer hated “all the Jewish people.”

Egyptian-American Amr Awadallah, who joined Google in 2019, had a month earlier posted on LinkedIn a 10,000-word missive, with an accompanying two-hour YouTube video, declaring: “I hated the Jewish people, all the Jewish people, and emphasis here is on the past tense.

“Yes, I was anti-Semitic, even though I am a Semite, as this term broadly refers to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew, among others.”

The piece continued by describing how antisemitism was ingrained in him as a child by those around him, and even by the time he arrived in America in 1995, in his mid-twenties to study a PhD at Stanford, he “still held deep resentment towards the Jewish people.”

I was irrationally prejudiced

“I was irrationally prejudiced,” the now-50-year-old Awadallah wrote. “But here in the US, I started to see the humanity of the other side. I started to see the truth. And I emerged from the Matrix of hate that my mind was submerged in for so many years.”

Awadallah, who described himself as “a proud Muslim with a touch of healthy agnosticism,” said he was “cautious” of his PhD research advisor Mendel Rosenblum, who later co-founded VMware with Diane Greene. She went on to be the boss of Google Cloud from 2015 to 2019. Both Rosenblum and Greene, now married, invested in Awadallah’s startup Cloudera, which just made him a pretty penny by going private fur years after going public. Awadallah described Rosenblum as his “first ‘Jewish angel,’ he solidified the elimination of prejudice from my heart.”

The post continued with Awadallah rattling off the Jewish people he came to admire, from John von Neumann and Albert Einstein to Adam Sandler, and how he realized he was wrong to harbor so much hate. The cloud industry veteran also threw in some views on Palestine and Israel for good measure, plus rules on owning dogs, DNA tests, and quite a bit more.

Crucially, there was an all-hands meeting last week, led by Awadallah, in which Googlers brought up the essay; it was a conference call described as “beyond car-crash television” by those familiar with what was discussed, as the veep fought to defend his point of view. Before the week was out, Awadallah had exited the business, as first reported by CNBC.

“I wanted to share that today is Amr Awadallah’s last day at Google,” Google Cloud veep of product Eyal Manor wrote in an internal email on Thursday. “Effective immediately, the Cloud DevRel organization will report into Ben Jackson, who will report into Pali Bhat.”

One concern among some Googlers was that the long, rambling piece about how he was capable of carrying so much hate for half his life might be a red flag to those who want to work with or within the mega-corporation. There was also tension over Awadallah’s leadership style, complaints of which were brought to the fore by the manifesto.

Daniel Golding, a Google director of network infrastructure, told Awadallah on LinkedIn: “On the one hand, I’m grateful that you not longer hate my children. On the other, this has made my job as one of your colleagues much harder.”

“The previous situation has made being a Jewish leader at Google tough,” he added without suggesting what that situation was. “This has made it almost untenable.”

In a tweet regarding his swift ejection from the cloud goliath, Awadallah said he was “speechless,” adding: “I am still in complete shock. I admire every single person I worked with at Google and truly believed in their mission.” Google and Awadallah did not return our requests for further details and comment. ®

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The secret to speaking to customers across multiple channels … is to speak with one voice



Sponsored Customer interactions these days are ongoing and dynamic, constantly taking place across multiple channels and touch points from the web to social media, from chatbots to call centers.

That might suggest you need an ever-expanding tool box – and budget – just to keep pace with the competition and your customers’ expectations.

Yet some of the companies poised to be most successful connecting with their customers, may be the ones who trim their tech spend and consolidate their CX tooling and technologies this year, Forester has suggested.

Why? Because by focusing their efforts, they will be able to speak with a single voice across multiple channels and deliver frictionless customer experiences as a result.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you cut your own spend. But we are suggesting that whatever your starting point, you’ll be better placed to kick off your journey to frictionless customer experiences by downloading this ebook, courtesy of our friends at OutSystems and AWS.

It’ll give you a grounding in key terminology and concepts, explaining how to distinguish between user experience (important, but just a part of what we’re talking about) and customer experience (which is EVERYTHING we’re talking about).

It will also show how multichannel or omnichannel are simply waypoints on the path to a full multi-experience approach.

And it will give you a detailed breakdown of how to use feedback loops and analytics to ensure that you’re constantly in touch with your customers’ expectations and improving their experience.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to see what happens when all this comes together, with an in depth case study of how UK bank, thinkmoney, overhauled its development operations, launched a new customer onboarding process, replaced its internet banking portal, and delivered a mobile banking app in just six months.

So, if you want to learn how to combine modern application development, courtesy of OutSystems, and scale & security, courtesy of AWS, to ensure frictionless digital customer experiences, head this way and download your copy.

Sponsored by OutSystems

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Salesforce should rename its Dreamforce conference to Feverdreamforce because this is getting ridiculous



Comment Salesforce execs get so bowled over by Dreamforce, the SaaS org’s annual gabfest, that they seem to lose all perception of time and space.

Take Bret Taylor, chief operating officer, who after an hour of jovial to-and-fro with his billionaire boss, Marc Benioff, at the conference this week seemingly experienced a temporal spasm, interjecting: “Is this the beginning of Dreamforce? Or is this the end? This is the beginning!”

“This is the beginning,” Benioff helpfully confirmed.

Taylor’s confusion followed that of Leah McGowen-Hare, veep of trailblazer community and engagement, who opened a session yelling, “We are here!” multiple times in Ballmer-esque fashion just in case the whole audience had lost its collective sense of location.

Welcome to the wonderful and frightening world of Dreamforce, taking place online and in-person-by-invitation-only, during which you might believe anything could happen. Anything aside from a serious discussion about software, the coded entity on which the firm has built its billion-dollar revenues.

After all, past attendees were subjected to performances by Metallica, the Foo Fighters, and Lionel Ritchie.

Benioff himself took up most of the keynote today to espouse his views on the state of the world right now and what it needs most.

“There is a huge change that is going on, and we believe that change is the change and transformation and evolution and inspiration into the trusted enterprise,” he declared before introducing a meandering narrative in which a combination of Slack and Customer 360 would be the inevitable saviors of a planet gripped by a global pandemic and climate crisis.

His profundity was undermined slightly by a stage set populated by bizarre furry characters who look like the dumbstruck byproducts of a drunken late-night encounter between an Octonaut and a whole gang of Go Jetters.

Products were not entirely absent from the show. Salesforce announced integration between Slack, the workforce chat environment it bought for $28bn last December, and its main products, including Commerce, Experience, Platform, Trailhead, MuleSoft, and Quip.

But for Benioff, top billing was given to trust, the nebulous theme he took into battle with fellow tech CEOs.

He took the opportunity of the conference to launch into a stinging criticism of Facebook during a post-match interview with CNBC.

On the subject of the social media network’s lack of action over pandemic-related misinformation, he said: “It may not have cost them … but it’s cost all of us.

“At some point, somebody is going to say, ‘Wow. This is the source of a lot of these problems.’ You look at what’s going on in the pandemic and the amount of information that’s just plain wrong that’s on there, this has to stop.

“All of us ask the question – is trust the highest value of the company, of ourselves? And in the case of that company [Facebook] I think it’s clear as day… that trust is not their highest value. I don’t know what is. It needs to transform. This is unacceptable.”

Is trust the highest value within Salesforce? Well, we only have their word for it. Or maybe we should ask the furry forest creatures they love to hang out with. ®

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The Best Netflix Hacks You Should Probably Try Out Tonight



Netflix is more than just an OTT platform to its 200 million global subscribers. Whether you are happy or sad or just want to spend some time with your friends streaming non-stop, Netflix is there for you.

People are streaming Netflix over a VPN to find out the newest and trendy series or to watch their favorite shows in their region. However, there are some hacks that users can employ to make the most of their binge-watch nights.

So, without any delay, let us learn about them:

1.You Can Set Multiple Profiles

You must already be familiar with this option given in every Netflix account. But, you can use it to boost your convenience even more. As Netflix allows you to set up around five different profiles, you can use it to personalize each profile for a different viewing experience.

Since the Netflix algorithm recommends shows and movies based on users’ viewing habits, you can set each profile in a manner that displays unique suggestions.

For example, if you like indie movies, then set one of your profiles that is dedicated solely to artsy documentaries and Sundance debuts. Hence, Netflix will grasp the specific algorithm and generate suggestions as per that.

2.Make Use of Smart Downloads

Having an option to download your favorite films and TV shows and watch them while offline is cool but, you have another better trick to follow. By enabling smart downloads Netflix will pre-download the next episode of the show before you finish the current episode.

In addition to this, it will also wipe out all the watched episodes, so you don’t have to stress about emptying your phone storage.

It does not cost you an extra data fee, as this feature only works over a wifi network. So, if you own a wifi network at home, then turn this feature on for tonight’s binge-watch.

3.Check And Delete Selective Titles from Your Watch History

Sometimes the “Continue watching” queue can get embarrassing, especially if you are sharing your account with your friends. For this, you can check and delete selective titles from your viewing history. This will keep your queue clear from shows you don’t want to pop up on your feed.

For this, you need to go to your “Account” section and then go to “My profile.” Tap on the viewing activity. This will bring up the name list of every show you have ever watched on your app. From here, you can delete the titles you want.

4.Watch Only the Best Shows with Netflix Roulette

People are streaming Netflix with the help of VPN to watch their newest, trendy or favorite show for the 50th time. However, once in a while, we all face the situation where we get confused on which show to watch among the vast content available across Netflix.

Well, now you have a hack to tackle it. Here’s a website called Netflix Roulette that suggests movies and TV shows that are based on Rotten Tomatoes rating, IMDB score, and the genre you prefer.

While using the website, you will need to tick on your preferred genre. Also, select what you want to see in movies or TV shows. Further, choose the rating from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes from the list given on the Netflix Roulette.

5.Learn Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have always been our best friends while using any application or program. Netflix, too, has such shortcuts for its viewers.

To pause or play a show, you can tap on the spacebar, and to stream on full-screen, press F. Also, get familiar with other Netflix keyboard shortcuts to receive maximum convenience.

6.Let Netflix Pick a Show For You

In place of scrolling for long hours to get something engaging to watch, you can use the Netflix feature “shuffle play” to find the best picks. Though shuffle play sounds like your app will pick something random from the library but in actual Netflix uses its algorithm to offer shows on movies that you will definitely be interested in.

It uses data from your watch history and watchlist. Now you can always have something to watch based on your preferences.


  1. Find out about the upcoming shows and movies beforehand

Many shows and movies come and go on Netflix each month. Netflix updates movies and show lists regularly. Hence, you can check the titles to find out which ones are available. Also, you can look for which shows are coming in the upcoming days with this list.

So, bookmark the updated calendar for 2021 by Netflix. This calendar marks the releasing dates for all the Netflix originals from the time they get announced.


We all love watching shows and movies while relaxing. Some even make time to finish their favorite series during workdays. The craze for binge-watching is blooming. Hence by using the hacks as mentioned earlier, you can enjoy it at most.

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Bravo TV is an American Streaming service that features some of the television shows you can watch online.

Both Canadians and Americans can enjoy watching popular TV series, documentaries, reality shows, etc on Bravo TV.

Bravo TV is famous for its reality TV shows like “The Real Housewives”, which you can watch online in Canada.

If you want to know what else is available, read on!

In this content brief, we will give a list of the 9 most popular shows from Bravo TV that are extremely popular in Canada.


Bravo TV is geo-restricted to the United States. If you try to watch it on the Bravo TV in Canada website,

To stream U.S. Bravo TV in Canada you will need to have a Canadian IP address.

Many VPN services that are available in the market claim to work well with your computer or router but a premium VPN that has high speed and reliable connections is the best option to unblock Bravo TV outside the United States.

Here are 10 popular shows on BRAVO TV to watch in Canada.

1.) Watch What Happens Live

This live after-show hosted by Andy Cohen is all about Bravo TV’s signature shows, featuring clips of outrageous moments, celebrity guests, and ‘Watch What Happens’ segments. 

Tune in every Sunday to follow the conversation with your favorite Bravolebrities!

This show is popular because it offers a unique perspective of what happens on some of the most interesting reality TV shows.

Andy Cohen brought the cameras into his daily life which is why this show about what happens behind the camera is very interesting to watch.

2) Flipping Out

This is a reality show that was originally aired in 2007. It features the life of Jeff Lewis, owner of a flipping company that does renovations on houses and flips them.

Flipping Out is famous for its uncensored scenes of Jeff Lewis’ life, including his tantrums. 

The show’s use of cussing has received a lot of criticism from viewers who have viewed the television series on Bravo TV in Canada.

Jeff Lewis is known to swear during most episodes of Flipping Out. Some fans have gone as far as to advise others not to watch the show with small children around.

3) Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

This is a reality series telling the story of Abby, played by Lisa Edelstein, a TV guide writer whose husband leaves her for another woman. 

She tries to make her way back, turning the page of the “girlfriends’ guide.”

It is a show on the Bravo network that covers various issues related to relationships between men and women, family, and work. It was created by Marti Noxon and Meryl Poster.

4) Odd Mom Out

This is a comedy series that came out in 2015 and tells the story of Jill, played by Abby Elliot, who is left alone after she finds out that her husband has an affair with one of his students.

Jill tries to make her way back into a society where she never was a part of it. The main target audience is women.

It is popular because of its curious storyline and the fact that it presents a story that is close to life and in which every woman who watches the show can find herself.

5) Million Dollar Listing

This is a reality show that follows the lives of three real estate agents working at the same company in Los Angeles. The series is narrated by Josh Altman, played by Josh Flagg.

This is famous for its drama and excitement with the agents. The show displays their personal lives, which can be dramatic at times. 

This is a great show for people who love drama-filled real estate shows and that is why many Canadians watch this series on Bravo TV.

6) Untying the Knot

This is an American reality show that came out in 2005. It follows the stories of couples who decide to get divorced but still want to remain friends. 

From this point, the series shows how they manage to live together while their divorce is still not official.

Untying the Know gained popularity because of its celebrity guests. 

Some of the celebrities that are featured are Michael Lohan, Katherine McPhee, Tia Carrere, Vince Neil, and many more.

7) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This is a reality show that first came out in 2010 and follows the lives of six women who live in Beverly Hills, California.

The series shows the everyday life of these women but it also sheds light on other important issues such as plastic surgery and etiquette.

It is popular because it is the only spin-off of “The Real Housewives” franchise.

The series has also received 3 Teen Choice Award nominations, 2 People’s Choice Award nominations, and 1 win of a People’s Choice Award.

8.) Below Deck

This docu-series is a reality show featuring the lives of crew members in charge of running a mega-yacht during charter season. 

The crew is made of working-class people who don’t live like millionaires but do live like royalty for six months out of the year. 

In Below Deck, you will like the show because you get to see what it’s like on a yacht that can sleep up to 10 guests. 

It also shows how much work is needed for charterers to have the vacation of their dreams.

9.) Married to Medicine

This docu-series follows six women living their everyday lives as doctors, wives, mothers – but also as superwomen! It’s all about balancing life with your career while being a mother or wife.

This show is popular due to its diversity in cases and people.

What makes these women unique is that they are African-American doctors with successful careers who have the same problems every woman has.

This show is famous in Canada as well as the US and is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.


Bravo TV is a great channel to watch if you’re looking for reality shows, comedies, and dramas. 

Bravo TV in Canada features 9 popular shows that are worth watching based on their genre or storyline.

If these sound like the type of thing you enjoy, we recommend checking out some of these awesome programs!

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