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Hyundai’s Robot Dog Now In Service In Kia’s South Korean Plant



By the last month of 2020, Hyundai made a surprising move. The automaker purchased Boston Dynamics, a company known for its robots. The Korean marque acquired a controlling stake of around 80 percent, sharing the remaining 20 percent from SoftBank Group.

Fast forward to last July, Hyundai showcased its dancing robot dog with its global brand ambassador and worldwide music phenomenon BTS, but we all know that the acquisition of Boston Dynamics isn’t for the sake of entertainment.

This time, Hyundai shows off the Factory Safety Service Robot – its firstborn with Boston Dynamics and created in support of site safety in Kia’s South Korean plant.

If you’ve been watching quite a lot of sci-fi thrillers lately, particularly Black Mirror‘s Metalhead episode, turn away and close this page as this will might remind you of something.

The robotic dog, now to be called the Robot, is based on Boston Dynamics’ quadruped robot called Spot. The technology does come with applied artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous navigation, teleoperation technologies, and computing payload (AI Processing Service Unit). More importantly, the remote-controlled Robot is developed for various industrial tasks, particularly in people detection, high-temperature situations and fire hazards monitoring, and check if a door is closed or open.

Hyundai announces that the Robot will be in service in its Kia’s South Korean factory as a support late-night security patrols and create a safer environment for workers. It’s also a way for Hyundai Group to assess its effectiveness before expanding its operation in parol areas and other tasks in other industrial sites.

“We will also continue to create smart services that detect dangers at industrial sites and help support a safe work environment through continuous collaborations with Boston Dynamics,” said Dong Jin Hyun, Head of Hyundai Motor Group Robotics Lab.

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7 Secrets That Automakers Wish You Don’t Know



Buying an automobile is one of the biggest and most expensive decisions of every adult. An automobile purchase can be potentially life-changing and crucial for our everyday life.

This is why while designing these majestic machines, car makers conceal a few things to protect their reputation.

In this article, we are busting open some truths that your car makers wish you did not know.

1.  Sales People are not Your Best Friend

Ever thought that your salesperson was looking out for you and your best interests?

You cannot be further away from the truth.

If your salesman suggests you an add-on or an extended warranty, look at it critically. The devil is in the details. Most add-ons only benefit the salesman since he acquires a commission for making that sale. Make sure to think thrice whether you require that add-on can prevent you from making an unwanted purchase.

If your salesperson says that the most expensive car in the lot is the one that goes the fastest, do not believe them. All of the vehicles that have been manufactured in the past five years can go at least 100 MPH. Considering this is way above the national speed limit, then it is more than enough.

If the cheapest car in the lot was manufactured in the past five years, then they are in good condition.

To avoid these kinds of experiences browse Google to find dealerships around you. Find ones that have the best ratings and comments. If you are someone in Florida, visit the Florida Toyota dealership and get yourself a sweet deal. Keep these tips in mind to make the deal sweeter for yourself.

2.  Commercials Do Not Feature the Car

Do you feel a sense of pride when you see your car in a commercial?

How would you feel if we told you that they do not use the car for filming that commercial?

Yes, the commercial was filmed with a Blackbird. Blackbird is a visual effects stand-in on top of which the vehicle is overlaid in post-production.

The car is not used in a commercial since the vehicle is not manufactured at filming. Carmakers keep the designs of a car a closely guarded secret. Thus shipping it to a remote location for filming is practically not viable.

The CGI effects do a clean job and make the car look desirable. After all, if a car commercial can look that good with just a Blackbird, then why bother filming with an actual vehicle.

3.  SUV Makers Take Advantage of Your Insecurity

Most of the time, an SUV commercial pops up; it keeps up the image of intimidation and power.

Ever wondered why?

Most SUVs are designed to be intimidating to smaller cars. And carmakers believe that people who buy these beasts are often insecure and timid. They think that people buy the intimidating exterior and do not care much about the functionality.

Once SUV sales skyrocketed, surpassing minivans, carmakers jumped on the trend. They further used consumer psychology and promoted ads that exude power and intimidation. Thus banking on consumers’ insecurity to make their business thrive.

4.  Cadavers are Used For Crash Testing

Crash tests are essential to building vehicles that are safe for daily use. This is how we designed cars that would not burst into flames at the slightest impact. And how we found out that seat belts can help make the journey safer for us.

Crash testing with dummies has been performed to test the magnitude of damage in the event of a crash. Crash test dummies are sophisticated machines and expensive as well. The most advanced crash test dummy can cost up to $400,000.

Cadavers, aka dead bodies, are also used in crash testing. These dead bodies are often let go from medical institutes. Often individuals volunteer their bodies for these tests.

5.  Technology Does Not Assure Protection

Cars have evolved a lot in the past decade.

We have several features like keyless ignition, Bluetooth options, a rear-facing camera, parking assistance, and whatnot.

The more technology-savvy your car is, the less protected you are from hackers. Everything about your car can be hacked these days. The automatic doors and keyless ignitions work on cellular signals, hacked and operated from remote locations.

If a tech-savvy and morally challenged individual decides to hack your car, these features welcome them with open arms. You might as well cheer from the sidelines. This is why your vehicles need to be equipped with cyber security to prevent hacks.

6.  The New Car Smell is Toxic For You

That new car smell we enjoy can cause congenital disabilities, liver problems, impaired learning, and even cancer. Prolonged exposure to this smell can be potentially harmful to you.

Researchers have identified 275 different chemicals in vehicle interiors, including brominated Flame Retardants (BFR), chromium, and lead.

The new car smell is often a combination of benzene and toluene. Did you know that these chemicals are used for embalming human corpses before burial?

The next time you enjoy the new car smell, try to remember where the gases are used. We have a feeling that you probably would not like it afterward.

7.  Electric Cars are Not as Green as They Seem

Electric cars are less polluting than they claim. They transfer the blame for pollution to a different source.

Electric cars require a lot more energy to build when compared to traditional ones, thus having a higher carbon footprint. This is because electric cars require more lightweight metals than conventional ones. These lightweight metals are produced by utilizing a lot more energy. Thus contributing to the overall carbon footprint.

Even though electric vehicles do not run on petrol, they still require energy. The electricity used by cars is produced from fossil fuels. The process of making electricity from fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases and pollutes the environment. Fossil fuels need to be burned emitting huge amounts of carbon dioxide to convert it into electricity.

Your electric car might not directly emit greenhouse gases, but it does indirectly affect the environment.

Do you still think electric cars are environmentally safe? We rest our case.


The automotive industry hides many things from the public eye to maintain its reputation and profits. Like every other industry, the car industry has ethically ambiguous sides as well.

Keeping your eyes and ears open and critically thinking before purchasing can prevent you from getting scammed. Automobiles are a necessity in modern days. Therefore do not get influenced by others while making a purchase.

Drive safe, guys!

Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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This Toyota Mirai 1:10 Scale RC Car Actually Runs On Hydrogen



What’s the worst part about having a radio-controlled car? Having to stop for fuel or a fresh battery, which is usually about 20 minutes or so in best-case scenarios. New battery technology is increasing that time, but now you can add hydrogen to the list of RC fuel sources. Sort of, anyway.

Yes, this mini Toyota Mirai runs on an equally small hydrogen fuel cell. Toyota turned to UK-based tech company Bramble Energy for a miniature fuel cell, a project which the company says was a challenge. Basically, a miniaturized version of Bramble Energy’s printed circuit board fuel cell system was created with the idea of fitting it into a 1:10 scale radio control chassis. Two small hydrogen tanks that resemble AA batteries are installed on either side of the board, feeding the hydrogen manifold in front.

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fueled Radio Controlled Model Car
Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fueled Radio Controlled Model Car

It’s all mounted into a 1:10 scale chassis from Tamiya, the other partner Toyota called upon for this experiment. Known for its wide range of scale radio-control cars, Tamiya supplied a TT-02 four-wheel-drive chassis for the foundation. For you RC fans out there, we’re sad to say Toyota doesn’t offer information on the motor or the mini Mirai’s speed, but power output is listed at 20 watts. Toyota claims it’s enough to double the normal operating range versus conventional batteries, and it’s all topped off with a custom-molded body finished in the shape of a Toyota Mirai.

Why build a hydrogen-powered RC car? According to Toyota, it’s not about creating a cool new toy. Rather, it’s showcasing how hydrogen fuel cell technology can expand beyond automobiles. That means you won’t be buying one from the local hobby store anytime soon, and yes, there’s some irony in Toyota creating a model car to make a case for using hydrogen outside the automotive realm. But everyone loves RC cars, and there’s no denying this project is very cool both in terms of tech and fun factor.

“Cars are the tip of the iceberg for Toyota in terms of progress towards a hydrogen society,” said David Rogers, Toyota spokesperson on alternative fuels. “Hydrogen will play a key role in meeting our future energy needs, bringing zero-emission driving for both big cities and small villages. It allows us to store renewable energy and transport it easily, so that it can be used on demand to power a variety of industries.”

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Toyota Investing $3.4 Billion In US For Hybrid Battery Production



Automakers are pushing hard towards an electric future. To meet both current and future demand for hybrid and battery-electric vehicles, manufacturers are ramping up battery development and Toyota is no exception. Part of its global $13.5 billion battery investment will include battery development and production in the United States to the tune of $3.4 billion.

The US investment includes construction of a dedicated battery plant. To make that happen, Toyota will actually work with its subsidiarity Toyota Tsusho to create a new company focused on batteries. That includes production as well as development on the technology side, specializing in Lithium-ion batteries. The newly formed company will also be responsible for creating and expanding local supply chains to bring these batteries to production.

save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Toyota Prius


Toyota says the effort will create 1,750 jobs, but the automaker isn’t ready to share specifics as to where the plant will be. Total production goals are also unknown, but the plan calls for production to begin by 2025 starting with hybrid batteries. By then, Toyota hopes to have 70 models globally using some degree of electrification, with 15 of those being pure battery electric vehicles.

As of 2021, Toyota offers only hybrid vehicles in the US market, though the production version of the Toyota bZ4X concept crossover is expected to debut by the end of the year. By 2025, Toyota hopes to have seven additional all-electric bZ vehicles in its portfolio. There’s also the Subaru Solterra, nearly a carbon copy of the bZ4X on which it’s based. It could also debut before the end of 2021.

“Toyota’s commitment to electrification is about achieving long-term sustainability for the environment, American jobs, and consumers,” said Ted Ogawa, Toyota North America CEO. “This investment will help usher in more affordable electrified vehicles for U.S. consumers, significantly reduce carbon emissions, and importantly, create even more American jobs tied to the future of mobility.”

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Evans and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Seal Second in Spain



Toyota City, Japan, Oct 18, 2021 – (JCN Newswire) – Elfyn Evans finished second overall at the Rally de Espana to set up a final-round FIA World Rally Championship title decider with his TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team team-mate Sebastien Ogier, who finished fourth.

Car 33 (Elfyn Evans, Scott Martin)

Evans and co-driver Scott Martin had led the rally after winning the first three stages on Friday, but despite battling hard didn’t quite have the level of performance over the rest of the weekend to maintain the fight for the victory. Still, the second-place finish ensures that Evans remains in with a shot of a maiden drivers’ championship going into the final round in Italy.

Ogier was in contention for a podium position all the way to the end of the rally, but just missed out on third position in a closely-fought battle through the final day’s four stages – missing out by 6.8 seconds. Nevertheless he and co-driver Julien Ingrassia continue to the lead the standings with a 17-point advantage over their team-mates as they look to claim an eighth world title.

In the manufacturers’ championship, the points scored by Evans and Ogier – including those achieved by setting the third and fourth fastest times in a tricky rally-ending Power Stage – have added to the team’s tally and brought it a step closer to sealing the title. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing leads by 47 points with a maximum of 52 available from the final round.

All three of the team’s cars finished inside the top five places, with Kalle Rovanpera and Jonne Halttunen securing fifth in the overall classification and in the Power Stage on their first time competing in Spain in the top category of the WRC.

TGR WRC Challenge Program driver Takamoto Katsuta also continued his learning alongside co-driver Aaron Johnston as they reached the finish after restarting the event on Saturday morning.


Akio Toyoda (Team Founder)
“Just before this rally, I received a message from Jari-Matti. He told me that regaining the manufacturers’ championship as a team principal and celebrating together with me was one of his dreams. Three years ago, as a driver, he was having a very tough season. His first win that year was at the final event in Australia and his victory brought the team’s manufacturers’ title in 2018. I clearly remember how happy and excited I was. I, as a driver, was participating in a rally in Japan on that day. When I got the news, I shouted with joy and sent him a congratulatory message right away. I am sure that his dream will come true in Monza, and am looking forward to celebrating together with him.

The drivers’ and co-drivers’ champions were not yet decided either. I simply hope that Seb & Julien and Elfyn & Scott will compete without regrets until the very end, and I’m sure the team will prepare the best cars for them to do that.

The next rally will be the last event we compete in with the current Yaris WRC. Since we came back to WRC in 2017, we have been always saying “let’s keep making the Yaris WRC stronger”. I hope we can have a solid competition in Monza and that the crews and our fans will see the Yaris WRC is the strongest in the last event. I am confident that the team will make it happen!

P.S. to Julien,
I really hope Monza will be a great event for you as it will be your last rally. I wish I could witness your final event in Japan. I’m still disappointed it didn’t happen… Good luck!”

Jari-Matti Latvala (Team Principal)
“In the end this weekend was not as strong for us as it could have been. It’s important that we learn for the future about why we were struggling at times and how we can react better. But there are still positives: Firstly, that all three cars finished in the top five without any problems. Also, second place for Elfyn is another good result for him and it keeps the fight for the drivers’ title alive until the final round, which is obviously exciting for the championship as a whole. The manufacturers’ championship wasn’t quite decided in our favour this weekend, but our target now is to secure both titles in style at Monza.”

Sebastien Ogier (Driver car 1)
“Coming here I was targeting more than fourth position, but it is still good points towards the championship. It was a close fight today and we definitely tried in the first three stages; then the rain on the last one did not help with my strategy of not taking risks, and I was definitely on the safe side there. But overall, we have to remember that this weekend is another positive step for the championship and that’s what matters the most. It’s not over yet though, so we’ll have to be good at Monza and try to repeat the success we had there last year.”

Elfyn Evans (Driver car 33)
“Second place is a positive result but it’s not so easy to be happy when we made such a good start to the weekend. Unfortunately it faded away a little bit and I didn’t feel completely at one with everything. There was perhaps a little bit more to gain from this weekend. The good thing from the weekend is that we managed to close the points gap and that the championship is still open. Realistically it’s a big gap to close in one round, but as we experienced last year, anything can still happen and we’ll try our best once again at Monza.”

Kalle Rovanpera (Driver car 69)
“Overall it has been quite a good weekend for us. There was a lot of learning, especially on Friday, but it got better with the setup and with my driving as the weekend went on. Today we were aiming for the Power Stage but the conditions were tricky and it was drying for the guys behind us on the road, so we didn’t have the chance to fight for more. We didn’t quite find the perfect feeling and not the pace that we wanted, but we tried our best and it was a solid weekend.”

For the latest results please visit

What’s next?

Italy’s famous Monza racing circuit will host the final round for the second year in a row on November 19-21. This year’s event features a greater number of stages on mountainous asphalt roads near Bergamo.

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