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How to Unlock the Grav in Warzone


Call of Duty

How to Unlock the Grav in Warzone

Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone is constantly adding fresh content to keep the game fresh and the playerbase engaged. One of its upcoming additions is the Grav assault rifle. The Grav is just one item among the plethora of new content that will be added in Warzone Season 6.

For everyone who cannot wait to get their hands on Warzone’s latest weapon and test it for themselves, here’s how to unlock the newest AR:

Players are able to unlock the Grav in Warzone by upgrading their Season 6 Battle Pass to tier 31. The Grav is one of two weapons in Season 6 unlockable for free through the battle pass which will begin on Thursday, Oct. 7.

As a new weapon, the Grav will no doubt permeate throughout Warzone games for at least the coming week. As players test the strength of this new AR against the current guns dominating Warzone, the Grav’s place in the game will quickly be determined.

For those curious to know more about the Grav, the official Call of Duty Blog highlights some of the gun’s defining feature. One important thing for players to note is that the Grav evidently possesses the “fastest bullet velocity in class with modest damage and moderate recoil.” While players will have to determine for themselves if the decreased damage tradeoff is worthwhile, the high rate of fire will undoubtedly peak many players’ interest.

Only time will tell if the Grav begins to dominate the battlefield of Warzone, but one thing is for certain: the newest AR adds another powerful weapon to players’ arsenals when it debuts on Thursday, Oct. 7.

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