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How to Show FPS in Apex Legends on PC


How to Show FPS in Apex Legends on PC

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Knowing what your framerate or FPS is in a video game is incredibly helpful for understanding if you should be blaming something other than lag. It’s also a great metric for understanding how well your hardware is holding up to the graphics settings the game is set to.

Using that will help you understand how changes to your graphics may be affecting your game’s performance. If you’re wondering how to show your FPS in Apex Legends on PC, there’s actually more than one way to do it.

How to Show FPS in Apex Legends on Steam

How to Show FPS in Apex Legends on PC

Without a high-contrast colour, the FPS counter is pretty easy to forget. Its light grey colour lets it blend easily in Apex’s bright environments and won’t be a big distraction while you game. 

This setting also applies to all your other games, which honestly doesn’t hurt. 

How to Show FPS in Apex Legends on Origin

Origin has its own FPS counter, if you still use EA’s game distribution platform. Just like Steam, it will give you an FPS counter on one of the four corners of the screen. While Steam’s counter is small and unobtrusive, this one comes in the form of a number within a large rectangle. Fortunately, it doesn’t clip with any of Apex Legend’s UI elements. While there are settings to tweak its appearance to suit your needs, it is still more obvious than Steam’s, for better or worse. 

How to Show FPS in Apex Legends in the game itself

Apex Legend’s HUD has all sorts of useful information that helps you find your way through the bloodsport, though a visit to the options menu will let you get it set up just right. One option off by default is the “Performance Display” switch. That’s how to show FPS in Apex Legends on PC, as well as some fantastic ways of seeing how your network may be interfering with your ability to play the game. 

Checking the box will display your framerate, latency, packet loss, choke and in/out. It’s more than enough for giving you what you need to know and then some. FPS is obvious enough but the rest of the information given can help you diagnose any issues you might be having with the game. 

How to Show FPS in Apex Legends on PC

Packet loss is an effective measure for your connection’s stability. You might have encountered it before when “rubber banding” or seeing things teleport around you despite having a reasonably low ping. It’s a symptom of the packets your computer sends to the servers failing to reach their destination and could be caused by an unstable connection. 

IO or “In/Out” is a measure of data moving to and from your PC in kb/s. I sincerely hope that your network has enough bandwidth to play the game in this day and age.

Overall, the Performance Display in Apex Legends is a great way to observe how your game is doing on a hardware and network point of view. The information provided by this UI element can help you narrow down problems that affect your ability to enjoy the game and find solutions for them. 

Final thoughts on showing FPS and the performance display in Apex Legends

There are plenty of ways to simply see FPS in your games with major game clients giving you simple solutions to see that number. Fortunately, if you need to know more than just your hardware’s performance when your game just isn’t running the way you want it to, there’s always the built-in Performance Display that’s got everything you need to understand what’s going on with your game. 

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