How To Remove The Smell Of Weed
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How To Remove The Smell of Weed

Some of us just want to smoke without our sheets, clothes, or fabric furniture stinking forever. So other than smoking outside, how can we get rid of the powerful smell of cannabis?

The post How To Remove The Smell of Weed first appeared on Cannabis Seeds News.

How To Remove The Smell of Weed



So we all know that one of the things about weed, often one of the best things, is the extremely strong smell. Where as that first inhale from a new bag can be better than sex, the smell after smoking can linger on our clothes, in our houses and so on and so forth. This isn’t ideal as many people either don’t like the smell, or you don’t want them to know you smoke. Because smoke is smoke it can get into literally everything and cling on for weeks, even if you’ve only had one joint in that time. Another issue can be if you have recently purchased, have weed in your bag, and need to run another errand. Some strains can just permeate so strongly that you’ll be pretty obvious as you walk around. Finally some of us just want to smoke without our sheets, clothes, or fabric furniture stinking forever. So other than smoking outside, how can we get rid of the powerful smell of cannabis?


Disguising Your Stash


First let’s look at how to hide the smell when you are transporting weed in public. Just wrapping it up in loads and loads of plastic isn’t going to do a damn thing unfortunately. You need another smell to cover it. I think the very best way is to carry around a little bag of coffee beans to pop it in. It completely covers the smell and I just really like the smell of coffee. If you’re not a coffee person, maybe try a bag of lavender or mint, something natural that maybe has a similar plant smell and can overwhelm the scent of weed. If you’re a fancy baby you can actually buy special deodoriser bags. They are sleek little bags that are made of linen and fully sealed to absorb the odour from the weed. So if you want no smell these are great, if you want to have a nice scent follow you around all day use coffee or some herbs and flowers. 


De-scenting Your Home


One of the biggest problems after a smoking sesh is stale air full of smoke. The more that this lingers the more that the smell is going to get into your furniture and clothes. If you smoke a lot in your house you might want to invest in some fans or a decent ventilation system. If that’s a bit too pricey just open all of the windows and doors you can, try to have your smoking room close to the edge of the house and not in the centre. You want as many portals straight outside as possible. If you’re really fancy you might want a central air system with filters to suck out all the smokey air for you. 


If you need to deal with smells settling on your furniture etc. then you might need to do a little recovery work. Again coffee is suggested for absorbing weed smells, which makes me feel pretty good about myself. Apparently scattering coffee grounds can soak up smells, as can baking soda, charcoal and white vinegar. 

If it’s possible to take your couch covers or whatever and put them through the wash this is obviously the best way to go. If not then you still have a few options available to you. You can use the grounds or baking soda on fabric, leave it on for a few hours and then vacuum it off. Otherwise you do have the slightly less eco friendly option of deodorising sprays. 


When it comes to carpets you can have a similar problem. Often vacuuming will actually make a pretty big difference. If that doesn’t work then just go straight for the heavy duty carpet cleaner, there are loads of different brands but probably go for the ones used by those with new puppies. Or if they fit, just cram them in the washing machine. 


Finally, for your home, you might want to do the classic stoner hippy move of just covering your house in incense. Burning some deliciously herby smelling stuff in your house will meld with the scent of weed and cover it well. Plus then your house smells amazing, like those shops that were everywhere in the 2000s that sold crystals and bongs. 




This is a pretty easy one, you’re going to have to wash them. Putting your clothes on a full length cycle with a nice smelling washing liquid/powder should sort them right out. If you need to cover the smell on your clothes right after smoking then obviously the best plan is smoke outside and then spray yourself with something floral or herbal. Honestly, if you’re smoking right before seeing someone and don’t want them to know you smoke…it’s not going to go super well. Probably get some super strong chewing gum while you’re at it. 




Really the same as the house, make sure it’s well ventilated, if necessary clean the seats with fabric spray and keep the inside of the car clean. There are also cute pouches similar to the stash bags that you can hang in your car to absorb smells. If your car needs to be given to someone else for some reason and you don’t want it to smell, use all the products we talked about in the home section. It’s the same basic principle.  


Other Ways To Get High


If you are really worried about odour in a rented property or around someone who hates the smell, maybe change the way you smoke. Most vaporisers are completely scentless and honestly probably do a better job at getting you high. They use weed more effectively, they aren’t quite as bad for your lungs, they remove the need to roll, and are generally just nice and tidy. If you’re not fussed about smoking at all maybe try out some tinctures or edibles. These are great ways to get high with no need to actually smoke and they are completely scent free. 



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The post How To Remove The Smell of Weed first appeared on Cannabis Seeds News.

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