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How to Get the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite

Here's a breakdown of how to get the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

Here’s a breakdown of how to get the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

How to get the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite is something many are wondering now that more and more players are diving into the Fortnitemares 2021 event for the first time.

As described in Epic Games’ Oct. 19 patch notes for v18.21 for Fortnite, The Cube Queen’s wrath has given rise to a new Sideways weapon — the sinister Sideways Scythe. Here’s a breakdown of how to get the Sideways Scythe in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

The Sideways Scythe is a new melee weapon that can be found in all six rarities of the item tiers in the game, from Common all the way up to Mythic, increasing in damage along the way.

Additionally, Sideways Scythes can be upgraded with Cube Monster Parts, which are dropped after defeating Cube Monsters in The Sideways.

Although the Sideways Scythe, as well as the other Wrath of The Cube Queen items, is not included in any of Fortnite’s competitive playlists, it can be obtained elsewhere in three main ways related to new features introduced in Season 8.

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As hinted at by its name, the main way to get a Sideways Scythe is by landing in The Sideways zone, the giant orange dome that appears over a random POI on the map at the start of every match. There, players will be able to pull a Sideways Scythe from one of the purple Sideways Chests.

Likely the second best alternative is to find a Sideways Scythe in one of the Sideways Anomalies, which appear as purple portals on the map.

Lastly, players can simply pickup a Sideways Scythe by defeating a Caretaker, which can be found roaming around the island.

Once in hand, the Sideways Scythe functions similarly to the Lightsaber seen in previous Fortnite seasons, with players being able to chain melee attack combos and rapidly cover plenty of ground.

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