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How to Get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO



Trainers are trying to collect Pinap Berries to use in Pokemon GO encounters.
Trainers are trying to collect Pinap Berries to use in Pokemon GO encounters. | Niantic Labs

Trainers are trying to collect Pinap Berries to use in Pokemon GO encounters.

Pinap Berries are among the most popular berries in-game—likely right behind Golden Razz Berries. These are the yellow berries with dark-golden wavey stripes and bright green spiky leaves shooting up from the center of the top. Its Silver variant carries the same texture but replaces the yellow coloring with shining silver.

Trainers are eager to find this berry due to its unique ability that doubles the candy awarded per capture. Whatever the total—even during events when candy is already boosted—using a Pinap Berry will give trainers twice the normal number.

Trainers can get Pinap Berries the same way they can find other berries in-game—through gifts, PokeStops, gyms, and research.

Of these, gifting seems to be the most popular and effective way to amass Pinap Berries in a short amount of time. Some trainers have reported getting around 10 Pinap Berries a day just through opening gifts from friends.

Spinning PokeStops and team-associated gyms can grant 1-3 berries per visit while completing research tasks typically awards 3 on the dot. Additionally, though time consuming, trainers can also get berries through Walking and Level-Up rewards. The number of berries changes depending on the Walking tier and achieved level.

Pokemon GO describes Pinap Berries as items that, when fed to a Pokemon, “make it drop more candy.”

A typical Pinap Berry awards twice the amount of candy upon capture and stacks with other in-game bonuses. For example, a first-form capture that offers three candies on principle will award six using a Pinap Berry. If the encounter is already boosted through an event or otherwise to a base of six candies, using a Pinap Berry will instead reward twelve candies.

Silver Pinap Berries award ~2.3 times the amount of candies. So, using the same example, a non-boosted first-form capture would give seven candies and an event-boosted capture would be fourteen candies. Additionally, this variant increases the chance of capture by nearly twice as much, but this distinction also makes them harder to find. Silver Pinap Berries can only be obtained after Mega Raids, important research tasks, and after winning GO Battle League battles.

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