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How to get Dino Armor in Destiny 2


This year’s Festival of the Lost brought three sets of dinosaur-themed armor to Destiny 2, one for each class. Warlocks take inspiration from the Triceratops, while Hunter armor draws from the Velociraptor. The Titan set, on the other hand, is designed after a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In March, Bungie opened a vote to let fans choose the Festival of the Lost for this year. Developers gave fans two choices: monsters or dinosaurs. Dinosaurs took the win with over 200,000 votes cast in total, bringing this year’s Festival of the Lost set to life.

How to get Dino Armor in Destiny 2

The three sets will be available in the in-game store until the event ends on Nov. 2, giving fans a fairly lengthy window to unlock their favorites. Players can spend cash on those items or shell out some Bright Dust to snag the cosmetics without the need to touch their wallets.

Each set costs 1,500 Silver ($15), but players can also get the sets for their favorite classes for 6,000 Bright Dust each. Players who are just short of the Bright Dust needed for the sets can grind Festival of the Lost bounties, which are a surefire way of topping up on Bright Dust. Additionally, Seasonal Challenges and weekly vendor challenges for Zavala, Shaxx, and The Drifter will also yield some Dust.

In addition to this year’s sets, Bungie also added a plethora of past Festival of the Lost sets to the in-game store, letting guardians obtain old items from previous years. Returning sets also go for 1,500 Silver or 6,000 Bright Dust.

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