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How to Get a Tesla Safety Score of 100


Earlier this afternoon, thankfully, I got my Tesla Safety Score up to 100. That should mean that I get the FSD Beta update tonight from Tesla and get “Navigate on Autopilot on City Streets.” (We’ll see.) After sharing the news with some friends and colleagues, one of them suggested that I write an article explaining how to get a Tesla Safety Score of 100. My first thought was something like, “I just did that yesterday.” Then I thought that at least combined with my article about the scoring system being extremely sensitive, I had already written that story. Then I realized, well, actually, I haven’t done a clear, simple piece about how to get 100. So, I decided to write this up.

Then … messaging with another friend, David Havasi, I found out that he also had a score of 100 but with a very, very different breakdown when looking at the details. That’s when the plan went from “write a simple, clear piece about how to get 100” to “Wait, what?… This is more complicated than I thought.” Let’s start with the former.

How to Get a Tesla Safety Score of 100

Wait, what???

How does he have a score of 100 with “Unsafe Following” in orange with 14.5% and “Aggressive Turning” at 0.6%? I actually had 99 still when I had “Hard Braking” at 0.2% and “Aggressive Turning” at 0.2% and everything else at 0%. I actually had to drive for another 40 or 50 miles or so after getting those score to 0.2% and 0.2% before I got bumped up to an overall score of 100. Color me confused.

Any ideas? Does “Unsafe Following” actually not matter at all and not get counted in the overall score? Is “Aggressive Turning” also not that important? In any case, no matter how you cut it, I don’t under stand how David’s detailed scores add up to 100. But maybe I’m being obtuse.

So, take my advice further up on how to get a score of 100, or just be extra sure to never touch the brake pedal and not get a “forward collision warning.”

Update: Here are a couple of useful explanations of what’s going on:

Those followed this surprising result:

Final update: Here’s a whole thread of people who got a score of 100, showing quite a lot of variation in how they got there:


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How to Get a Tesla Safety Score of 100




How to Get a Tesla Safety Score of 100

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