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How to Fly UFOs in Fortnite



Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 allows players to fly UFOs and abduct others on the map.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 allows players to fly UFOs and abduct others on the map. / Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 allows players to fly UFOs and abduct others on the map.

Aliens aren’t the only ones who can abduct players on Fortnite Island. For the duration of Season 7, players can encounter and take over the flying saucers soaring over the map and wreak some otherworldly mayhem.

As Epic Games explains, “UFOs aren’t just for aliens anymore.”

UFOs can be found in an assortment of places all over Fortnite Island. The precise locations will vary from match to match, so players shouldn’t head out expecting to find one in the same place twice. However, they can tell where each one is currently hovering by examining the titles of each location on the map. Locations currently affected by UFOs will appear purple.

Players can allegedly fine nine ships per match. From time to time, the UFOs will approach the ground and use their tractor beam to pick up objects on the overland surface—including players.

There are two ways to take down a UFO: allow yourself to be abducted and take out the “Trespasser” pilot from the inside or shoot the starship down and battle the pilot on the map.

If adhering to the first method, players should observe a UFO’s flight pattern to find the best location to position themselves in order to be abducted. Eventually, they should be taken up into the shop via the tractor beam and will be free to “roam about the cabin”—in a sense. They simply need to equip a ranged weapon and get a clear shot at their pilot to take over the ship.

Shooting too early will cause the ship, itself, to retaliate against the player. Shooting too late risks the UFO dropping them in a random location completely.

Otherwise, players can take aim at the ship as it flies above them and use their fire power to knock it out of the sky. It’ll crash to the ground and the pilot will pop out to engage its assailant in armed combat. Fortunately, Trespasser pilots aren’t very difficult to eliminate. Players can commandeer the UFO after the pilot is dealt with.

UFOs act like any other vehicle and can be piloted above the overland. Players can use the tractor beam to pick up items and other players—so long as they don’t have their new ship stolen out from underneath them.

More information about the events and mechanics of this season can be found on the official Fortnite website.

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