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How to Find the Hatchet in New World

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We've broken down how players can find the hatchet in New World.

We’ve broken down how players can find the hatchet in New World. / Amazon Games

We’ve broken down how players can find the hatchet in New World.

What crafting or survival MMO would be complete without a trusty hatchet? These unique little axes have been the cornerstone of crafting since the dawn of time–both online and in the real world. How else would you go about harvesting wood from a tree?

Below, we’ve explained how players can go about getting a hatchet.

The most reliable way to get a hatchet is by crafting one. This can be done via weaponsmithing as it is technically denoted as a weapon. Players will start off crafting Iron Hatchets, but will be able to advance the type of hatchet they make as they progress through the skill.

To begin weaponsmithing, visit any forge and interact with it. This will bring up the recipe menu with different options on the left. Any item listed in white can be crafted with the materials currently in the player’s inventory. The recipe for an Iron Hatchet is:

Hatchets can be dropped by an assortment of creatures in New World, including wolves, bears, boar, lynx, mountain lions, bobcats, and alligators.

Hatchets use Strength and Dexterity as their primary skills. They are one-handed weapons that inflict slashing damage on opponents.

There are two skill trees associated with hatchers: Berserker and Throwing. The former focuses on close combat while the latter utilizes the hatchet as a ranged weapon. Each has their own separate abilities that can be unlocked as the player continues to invest points into their respective skill trees.

Amazon Games’ New World is currently available exclusively on PC.

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