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How to Destroy Anti-Aircraft Cannons in Far Cry 6

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Wondering how to destroy anti-aircrafts in Far Cry 6? Look no further.

Wondering how to destroy anti-aircrafts in Far Cry 6? Look no further. / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

In Far Cry 6, anti-aircraft cannons are set up all across the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, making it impossible at times for players to fly from mission to mission without getting shot down.

For those looking to get rid of their restricted airspace-induced headaches, here’s a breakdown of how to destroy anti-aircrafts in Far Cry 6.

As most players realize early on in Far Cry 6, anti-aircraft cannons are bulletproof. As such, save your bullets as anti-aircraft cannons can only be destroyed with explosives.

The easiest way to take them out is with a single grenade. Weapons that Blast Rounds can be used as well.

For those still early on into the game who many not have these resources, or a gasoline barrel lying around, you can still get the job done with some creativity.

One way is by simply driving a nearby car next to the anti-aircraft cannon and shooting the vehicle until it explodes and takes the military weaponry with it.

Another is by using the Exterminador Assaulter Supremo, which has a rechargable Armagedón Strike that can take out the anti-aircraft cannons in one swoop as well.

Ultimately, the anti-aircraft cannons don’t have a lot of health, they just require a minor explosion to destroy them. As such, try to unlock grenades, dynamites and other explosives early on when upgrading your loadout so that taking them out is a breeze.

For more on Far Cry 6. feel free to check out our guides on the Criptograma Chest and Chart locations, and where to find industrial circuits.

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