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How to Create an E-commerce Website in 15 Minutes




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How would a worldwide audience change your life and business?

For RanD Pitts, the founder of Evolve, it changed everything. Even amidst the craziness that 2020 has delivered so far.

He lives in a town of 12,000 people, which is pretty small by anyone’s standards. However, the introduction of his online e-commerce store brings the business worldwide customers, sold-out shelves, and massive revenue growth week after week.

The e-commerce business is booming and you know you want a piece of it. However, the technical side of things has you feeling uneasy and unsure of where to start.

There are a million and one routes you can take to create an e-commerce store, so it’s no surprise you’re overwhelmed.

However, we’ve nailed the process down to a science after years of doing it ourselves. And in this guide, we share everything we know about how to create an e-commerce website in as little as 15 minutes.

Your worldwide audience is waiting, so let’s dive in!

1. Sign Up with Wix (1 Minute)

First, you need to create a Wix account. Head over to Wix and click the “Start Selling Now” button at the top of the page.

Start selling online now with Wix!

From there, you can sign in with a Facebook or Google account, or you can sign up directly with your email address instead.

Next, Wix asks you a series of questions to get to know you and your new website. The third question asks what type of website you need. Make sure you search for “Ecommerce Store” and select that option.


The #1 E-Commerce Website Builder

Get your free domain

2. Choose How You Want to Setup Your New Site (1 Minute)

After you answer the series of questions, you have the choice to use artificial intelligence or create your website from scratch with the Wix editor.

I highly recommend choosing the ADI option because it’s much quicker.

Plus, you can make changes and updates later. We’ve done both, and trust us. It’s much easier to swap out demo content than starting a brand new website design from scratch.

Choose the Wix ADI option

The Wix ADI tool works by tailoring designs to specific types of stores. For example, if you’re creating a store to sell glasses, the ADI tool is smart enough to know what kinds of designs work best for glasses.

Or if you want to run an online bakery, the ADI tool creates designs made specifically for your industry. 

Most importantly, the ADI tool is fast. In fact, it takes just a few minutes to build your entire website. So if your goal is to start selling as quickly as possible, it’s an excellent place to start.

Click the “Start Now” button on the left side of the screen to launch the Wix ADI wizard.

3. Answer ADI Wizard Questions (2 Minutes)

Once you’ve decided to let the ADI tool take over creating your E-commerce website, the system needs to learn more about you and what you need.

This set of questions also allows the tool to find the most effective designs for the type of store you’re setting up.

The first question is “What do you need on your new website?” You can choose from several recommended choices and additional options based on the functionality you want for your store.

Wix ADI Wizard Question 1

So go through and check the options you’re interested in. Then click “Next”.

After that, you need to give your store a name. Then you have the option to import images and text if you have an existing website. You can decide if you want to use this but it may be easier to start fresh.

Lastly, review your business information. Here you can add your logo, physical address, phone number, and social media accounts. When you’re ready, click “Next”.

4. Pick a Theme (1 Minute)

Next, you can choose from several different themes. This helps the ADI tool understand more about the specific style you’re looking for.

It may help to think about the types of products you sell and what a store for your type of merchandise might look like. But don’t spend too much time overthinking this because you can come back and change it later.

Choose a theme that matches the type of products you want to sell.

Remember you can always change design elements, fonts, and colors. So don’t spend too much time, here. Pick something your customers will enjoy and click “Continue”.

5. Select a Homepage Design (1 Minute) 

Next, choose a homepage design. If you were building a house, this would be the curbside view. It’s the first page customers see when they visit your site. So you want to make sure it’s attractive and easy to navigate.

Pick your favorite homepage design

When choosing a design, focus on layout and functionality rather than details like colors, photos, or fonts (you can always change these later).

6. Add Pages to Your Site (1 Minute)

Now you have the option to add additional pages to your E-commerce website. I highly recommend adding (at least):

  • An about page
  • Store policies
  • A FAQs page
  • And a contact page
Add pages to your E-commerce site

Click on each page you want to add. Then when you’re ready, click “Edit Site” in the top right corner and move on to step seven.

7. Customize Your Store (2 Minutes)

Good news! You’re ready to customize your new E-commerce store.

At this stage, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on customization. One of the advantages of building an E-commerce store with Wix is the ability to make quick and easy changes as your store grows and evolves.  

Plus, over time you’ll get to know more about your audience and their preferences. Then you can easily update your E-commerce store to match what they’re looking for.

Preview of the Wix Page Editor

This is your opportunity to customize your store. In this phase, just about everything you see is easy to change. So play around and spend a few minutes updating anything you immediately notice.

To make edits, all you have to do is click on the area you want to update. For example, if you click the header, this will open a menu on the left side of your screen.

Editing the header in Wix

Within that menu, there are several options for customizing your site’s header. You can add a store logo, a phone number, links to social media, and more. 

Repeat this process in various sections around the main page. Each time you click on an area, new customization menu opens on the left side of your screen.

Work your way through the homepage and additional pages, exploring the various sections and features.

Depending on the theme, homepage, and additional pages you chose, your design elements may look slightly different from the screenshots above.

For now, focus on big picture details. This includes things like your store’s name and basic info. Your ADI-generated site will include placeholder copy so you can see how it appears to visitors.

Be sure to replace this copy with text that applies to your store before publishing your E-commerce website.  

8. Add Products (2 Minutes)

For this step, you’ll stay in the customization view. Your E-commerce site should include an area with “dummy” or placeholder products.

These placeholder products are there so you can easily click and change them to actual products you want to sell in your store. 

Depending on the design you chose, the placeholders are in a variety of areas. Regardless of the overall design, however, you should see a section for products on the homepage. 

When you find it, hover over it until a menu overlay appears. This overlay includes a button that says “manage.”

This opens up your user dashboard, which is where you can add individual products. At first glance, the dashboard might appear overwhelming. And there’s a lot of information here.

But this is where you can make changes to multiple parts of your E-commerce store and it’s a lot simpler than it may seem at first.

For right now, just focus on adding products to your store. The other elements will fall into place later when you have more time and a greater understanding of your audience.

To add a product, click on “Store Products”. Then look for the “+ New Product” button at the top right of your screen.

Adding your own products in Wix

Furthermore, your Wix store design already has placeholder product listings in the dashboard. You can easily click one and change the information to reflect a real product you want to sell.

You can replace the photo, change the type (physical or digital), swap out the dummy SKU for a real one, and manage the inventory. This is also where you’ll add a product description, including the size and color, if applicable.

When it comes to product listings, t’s best to be as descriptive as possible. So take advantage of the various boxes and add as many details as you can. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes.

What does a shopper want to know before they make a purchase? Try to anticipate your customers’ questions. This increases your likelihood of making sales.

When you’re done adding a product, make sure you click “save.” This adds the product to your store so shoppers can see it. 

Note: if you prefer to add new products rather than replacing the dummy products, don’t forget to delete the dummy products from your dashboard.

After you load all your products, click the X in the top right corner of you dashboard to close it. Then you’re ready for the next step.

9. Customize Your Cart (1 Minute)

Every E-commerce store needs a virtual shopping cart. Just like a cart in a physical store, this is where customers can see all of their selected items at a glance. 

And because you used the ADI tool, your Wix site automatically generates a shopping cart. This gives you a starting point for your cart design, which makes it easier to launch your store as quickly as possible.

However, you still need to make sure your cart functions properly and is set up the way you want it. 

To edit your shopping cart features, click on the “Page Home” drop down at the top left of the page editor.

This brings up a menu called “Manage Pages.”

Scroll down until you find “cart” and then click on it. From here, you can manage how your cart page appear to shoppers. 

Editing the cart page in Wix

10. Set Up Shipping and Payment Methods (2 Minutes)

Finally, you need to review the settings for both shipping and payment.

When it comes to shipping, you’ll need to decide if you want to accept payments from overseas — which means you’ll also need to ship products to other countries. 

Some E-commerce store owners get around this by only selling to customers in the United States. 

To change your shipping settings, go to the dashboard.

How to get to your site dashboard

From there, you’ll see “set up shipping regions.”  

After that, you see a screen that lets you to modify the settings for both U.S. and international destinations.

For example, you can offer free shipping, or you can choose to calculate shipping by weight, flat rate, or using real-time calculations from the Postal Service.  

Once you’re happy with your shipping settings, it’s time to update your payment settings.

To modify your payment options, go to the dashboard and find “Accept Online Payments”. 

How to modify your payment settings in Wix

Wix makes getting paid easy. You can choose from a range of options, including credit card payments, PayPal, Wix point of sale payments, and more. 

If you choose to accept credit card payments, Wix does the behind the scenes work for you. 

When you allow credit card payments in your E-commerce store, Wix provides protection to both buyers and sellers. Plus, they also accept all major credit cards.

Note: As a seller, you pay $0.30 plus 2.9% in transaction fees. 

11. Upgrade to a Paid Plan and Launch Your E-commerce Store (1 Minute)

Now it’s time to upgrade to a paid plan. From your site dashboard, click “Upgrade Now” in the top right of your screen.

How to upgrade to a premium plan in Wix

Next, you need to choose a premium plan. Head to the premium subscriptions page. And make sure you switch to the Business and E-commerce plans before making your decision (see the screenshot below).

Overview of Wix's premium plans

Wix offers four “business and E-commerce” tiers to choose from depending on what you need. And the cheapest one starts at $23 per month.

This is one of the main reasons I like Wix — it’s an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. And on the cheapest plan, you get:

  • A free domain for one year
  • 20GB of storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Acceptance of online payments
  • An add-free user experience

The good news is you can start with the cheapest plan and upgrade for more storage space and special features in the future (if you need to).

So I highly recommend starting with the Business Basic plan, for now.

However, make your decision based on the size of your business and your specific E-commerce needs. Bigger businesses may want to go with the Business VIP or Enterprise plans.

After you upgrade, head back to the site editor and click the “publish” button. This should be located in the upper right hand corner. 

Where to find the publish button

After you click “publish” Wix will ask whether you want to publish on a free Wix domain or a custom domain. Keep in mind that you can’t accept online payments through a free Wix domain.

This means you’ll need to purchase a custom domain and pay for hosting before you can launch your E-commerce website. Which is why we went through the process of upgrading to a paid plan first.

The good news is Wix offers a free domain when you sign up for a premium plan. Enter your new domain name here, click “Publish and Continue”, and follow the steps to claim your free domain.

After that, you’re ready to go. Congratulations on creating and launching your E-commerce website!



Get a free domain for your business

Affordable web hosting

Ready to Start Selling Online?

While there are other E-commere builders out there, Wix is our #1 choice because of how easy it is to create and publish an E-commerce website.

And remember: as your store starts to see visitors, you can fine tune your website to suit your needs and help increase your sales over time.

Continuous improvement is key to E-commerce success.

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GenTech Proudly Secures Deal with TruLife Distribution to Drive Growth in SINFIT Digital Sales




Denver, CO, October 21, 2020 – OTC PR WIRE – GenTech Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: GTEH) (“GenTech” or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the high-end Premium Coffee (, Hemp Wellness ( and Functional Foods ( marketplaces, along with its SINFIT Nutrition brand (“SINFIT”), is excited to announce that the Company has signed a new marketing, sales, and distribution agreement (the “Agreement”) with TruLife Distribution (“TruLife”) (, a leader in marketing, distribution, compliance, e-commerce, and advisory services in the Functional Foods marketplace. The main focus of the new Agreement will be to accelerate the growth of e-commerce sales of SINFIT products, particularly over the platform.

TruLife provides direct access to sales on Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten, Wish, TopHatter, and other top e-commerce platforms, allowing clients to instantly list, ship, and sell products through any major platform, with an experienced team of experts and a proven track record of success in brand placement and digital sales strategies.

“We have already demonstrated a significant & expansive growth curve since taking control of the SINFIT brand in June,” commented Harold Vaca, VP Domestic Sales of SINFIT. “But the vast majority of that growth has been driven by large purchase orders from major distribution partners, both domestic and international. We are also committed to aggressively pursuing end-market consumer direct purchases through our e-commerce footprint, which will provide additional growth and diversify our cash flow ecosystem, making our overall strategy less dependent upon any one source of demand, while driving further growth in total sales.”

Management notes that e-commerce sales represent a sizeable portion of overall retail sales growth worldwide, with more than $3.5 trillion in online sales accounting for over 14% of total pre-pandemic global retail sales. Since the onset of the global health crisis, that ratio has shifted decisively further in favor of e-commerce sales, which is not likely to entirely revert back upon the advent of a viable and widely accessible vaccine.

Vaca added, “We have seen an epic process of market penetration for e-commerce platforms this year as major online retailers have begun to reach a much wider base of consumers – people who haven’t ever shopped much online, but have been forced to during recent months out of personal health concerns. Many of them will almost certainly continue to make use of e-commerce now that they have tried it out, at least to some extent, making e-commerce an essential sales channel for SINFIT products. TruLife has the network, team, experience, and resources to dramatically augment our e-commerce performance.”

SINFIT branded products registered over $2.2 million in global sales in 2019, and are now approved for sale and available for purchase on the and e-commerce platforms as well as in over 2,500 GNC locations in North America and over 10,000 global physical and e-commerce stores across more than 10 countries around the world.

SINFIT products as well-positioned relative to peers and to the long-term macro tailwind defining the functional foods market, which saw sales top $267 billion in February of this year on a global basis, with sales in the US reaching $63 billion, according to Euromonitor 2020. This trend is part of a larger supportive momentum in the general category, with global sales of organic food and drink topping $105 billion in 2018 (Ecovia 2019). U.S. organic food sales also reached $47.9 billion, up 5.9% in 2018 (OTA 2019). In 2019, 77% of U.S. adults used dietary supplements, an all-time high (CRN 2019). U.S. supplement sales are estimated to have reached $49.3 billion in 2019, up 6.2% (NBJ 2019).

About GenTech Holdings, Inc.:

GenTech Holdings, Inc. is a publicly traded company under the symbol GTEH. The Company launched a high-end Coffee Subscription service in early 2020 called Secret Javas, owns a Functional Food company, SINFIT Nutrition and recently closed its acquisition on Products-Groups’ “Hakuna Supply”.

Forward-Looking Statements
This press release may contain forward-looking statements, including information about management’s view of GenTech, Inc.’s future expectations, plans and prospects. In particular, when used in the preceding discussion, the words “believes,” “expects,” “intends,” “plans,” “anticipates,” or “may,” and similar conditional expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Any statements made in this news release other than those of historical fact, about an action, event or development, are forward-looking statements. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the results of GenTech, its subsidiaries and concepts to be materially different than those expressed or implied in such statements. Unknown or unpredictable factors also could have material adverse effects on GenTech’s future results. The forward-looking statements included in this press release are made only as of the date hereof. GenTech cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. Accordingly, you should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Finally, GenTech undertakes no obligation to update these statements after the date of this release, except as required by law, and also takes no obligation to update or correct information prepared by third parties that are not paid for by GenTech.

Corporate Contact:


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3dcart Teams Up with FedEx to Reduce Shipping Costs for Online…




3dcart logo

“Shipping is central to eCommerce, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for both our merchants and their customers. These discounts through the FedEx Advantage® program are the newest of several benefits eCommerce merchants can access.” —Gonzalo Gil, 3dcart CEO

3dcart, a leader in eCommerce software, announced today that it is collaborating with FedEx to bring competitive shipping discounts to online stores. This new enhancement brings even more benefits to the FedEx Advantage® program for 3dcart merchants.

3dcart’s integration with FedEx already provides online store owners with advantages like real-time FedEx shipping rates at checkout, as well as FedEx Return Merchandise Authorization and Hold-at-Location options on select plans. Now, 3dcart online store owners who participate in the FedEx Advantage® program can get significant discounts on select FedEx shipping services.

“Shipping is central to eCommerce, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for both our merchants and their customers,” said Gonzalo Gil, 3dcart CEO. “These discounts through the FedEx Advantage® program are the newest of several benefits eCommerce merchants can access through the 3dcart-FedEx relationship.”

FedEx Advantage® savings for businesses using 3dcart include:

  • Up to 50% off select FedEx Express® U.S. services.
  • Up to 55% off select FedEx Express® international services.
  • Up to 40% off select FedEx Ground® services.
  • Up to 20% off select FedEx Office® services.
  • 25% off FedEx Express® and FedEx Home Delivery® residential fee.

For more information about 3dcart’s FedEx integration, visit

About 3dcart
3dcart (, located in Tamarac, Florida, is the most SEO-friendly eCommerce platform for retailers and internet marketers to grow their online stores’ traffic and sales. 3dcart includes 24×7 Technical Support, 100+ Mobile-Ready Themes, order management software, built-in blog, email marketing tools and more. Since 1997, the company has been a leader in the eCommerce market, building online stores for businesses of all sizes. Today, 3dcart is Visa PCI Certified and a Google Partner.

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America’s Luxury Fine Wine Purveyor Wine Spectrum, Inc. Celebrates…




Wine Spectrum 30th Anniversary logo

Wine Spectrum 30th Anniversary

“Wine Spectrum’s combination of experienced wine advisors and our e-commerce arm— work in concert to provide customers with the best of both worlds: personalized service as well as speed and efficiency in selecting wines” commented Founder & President Glenn Siegel.

Wine Spectrum, Inc. announced its 30th anniversary serving private and online retail customers. Founder & President Glenn Siegel launched Wine Spectrum in 1990 with the goal of making iconic wines accessible to wine enthusiasts in the United States. The company works collaboratively with wine producers, importers, distributors and brokers to access the world’s finest luxury wines for its clientele. Wine Spectrum is well-known and highly regarded in the industry as the purveyor of luxury wine brands including: Screaming Eagle, Colgin, Harlan, Hundred Acre, Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Mouton Rothschild, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Domaine Leflaive, Domaine Comtes Lafon, Sassicaia, Tignanello and Pingus. WSI is likewise an important source of curated local wines from California, Oregon and Washington.

Company Founder & President Glenn Siegel remarked: “This is an incredible milestone for us. We’ve achieved success through our deep personal relationships within the wine industry and with our treasured customers. I’m proud of the hard work, passion and dedication of our team members. We’re excited about the future.”

Wine Spectrum’s unique person-to-person direct sales philosophy is instrumental in developing long-lasting relationships with wine lovers.

“In today’s hectic world, busy people still prefer a personal touch when buying luxury products” said Siegel.

Wine Spectrum’s professional wine advisors cultivate a personal understanding of wine preferences for each client. They seek out wines that resonate with clients and keep them updated on new offerings. Wine Spectrum wine advisors offer a free service to customers including:

  • Free storage and detailed inventory management. Wine Spectrum’s 14,000+ square-foot, private, secure and climate-controlled warehouse in Santa Rosa, California boasts a breadth of extraordinary international wines.
  • First access to wines in small quantities (exclusive, highly allocated, limited production wines, 100-point wines, special vintages, etc.).
  • Advice on how long to age wines, appropriate wines for each occasion as well as food and wine pairings.
  • Concierge service including where to go in wine country and help in securing appointments to “hard-to-get-into” tasting rooms.

Wine Spectrum’s procurement team scours the globe for some of the most distinctive wines—from shipwrecked 1907 Champagne taken from the bottom of the Baltic Sea—to exclusive Italian wines known only by their small-town neighbors.

Over the past 30 years, Wine Spectrum has been successful at evolving and changing to stay ahead of the curve positioning itself in the most competitive way possible. Wine Spectrum’s e-commerce arm — hosts a spectrum of wines from collectors’ wines, high-scoring wines, Napa Valley Cabernet, Growers’ Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, gift sets and more. Top recommendations are offered through weekly emails, supported by a “recommendations” section on the website, a robust selection of wines are available along with curated wine gift sets.

“Wine Spectrum’s combination of experienced wine advisors and e-commerce arm— work in concert to provide customers with the best of both worlds: personalized service as well as speed and efficiency in choosing wines,” Siegel commented.

About Wine Spectrum

Wine Spectrum—in the heart of Sonoma wine country, provides discriminating collectors a spectrum of diverse, rare and highly allocated wines through personalized selection and guidance. For more information on Wine Spectrum Inc. visit:

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