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How to complete Flashback Tevez SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team



EA Sports added a 94-rated Flashback version of Carlos Tevez from Boca Juniors to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team today. This item is available through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

This is Tevez’s first special card during the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cycle. This Flashback version comes as part of Libertadores Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS), which was released yesterday. He gained this Flashback version to celebrate when he won the title of Copa Libertadores in 2003. The SBC will be available until Friday, June 11.

EA has greatly upgraded all of Tevez’s skills, including Pace (+26), Dribbling (+17), Physical (+16), Shooting (+15), Passing (+15), and his Defending (+15) when compared to his 78-rated Libertadores card. EA has also upgraded his weak foot from three stars to four stars, which makes a great difference to his striker quality.

You can further boost Flashback Tevez’s stats if you apply the engine chemistry style, which will increase his Passing (+5), Pace (+3), and Dribbling (+2). It’ll maximize many of his skills, such as Acceleration, Curve, and Balance.

If you want to complete the Flashback Tevez SBC, you’ll have to turn in two different squads: El Apache and Top Performance. The first segment asks for an 84-rated squad with a minimum of 60 chemistry and at least one player from Argentina. The second team must be 86-rated with at least 50 chemistry, with one Inform or TOTS card.

The Flashback Tevez SBC comes at a fair price. It costs around 216,250 FUT coins on PlayStation, 215,800 on Xbox, and 254,700 on PC, which is still a good price to pay for an end-game level card like this.

Here’s the cheapest solution to complete the Flashback Tevez SBC right now, according to FUTBIN, a website that specializes in FIFA content.

El Apache

  • GK: Pau López 83-rated (Roma)
  • LB: Edin Džeko 83-rated (Roma)
  • CB: Stefan de Vrij 92-rated (Internazionale)
  • CB: Milan Škriniar 89-rated (Internazionale)
  • RB: César Azpilicueta 84-rated (Chelsea)
  • CDM: Marcelo Brozović 84-rated (Internazionale)
  • CDM: Lucas Leiva 84-rated (Lazio)
  • CAM: Arthur 84-rated (Piemonte Calcio)
  • LM: Zlatan Ibrahimović 83-rated (Milan)
  • RM: José Callejón 84-rated (Fiorentina)
  • ST: Éver Banega 83-rated (Al-Shabab)

Top Performance

  • GK: Lukáš Hrádecký 83-rated (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • CB: Denis Zakaria 83-rated (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
  • CB: Charles Aránguiz 83-rated (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • CB: Kevin Trapp 83-rated (Eintracht Frankfurt)
  • LM: Filip Kostić 83-rated (Eintratch Frankfurt)
  • CM: Florian Tardieu 89-rated (Troyes)
  • CM: Pierre Lees-Melou 88-rated (Nice)
  • RM: Anthony Lopes 83-rated (Lyon)
  • LW: Steve Mandanda 83-rated (Olympique de Marseille)
  • RW: Daley Blind 82-rated (Ajax)
  • ST: Ludovic Ajorque 87-rated (Strasburg)

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How to craft in New World?



Looting is one of the prime ways of unlocking new gear and powering up your character in almost all MMORPGs. You won’t be able to loot everything in New World, however, since there’ll be some items or upgrades you’ll only be able to obtain through crafting.

Not only do you need to have enough materials, you’ll also need to know your way around crafting the item of your choice by making sure that you have leveled up the correct crafting skills.

There are a total of seven crafting skills in New World at the time of writing.

  • Arcana – Arcana unlocks the ability to craft potions, magical weapons, and tinctures.
  • Armoring – This skill allows players to craft soft and hard armors.
  • Cooking – Allows players to craft non-magical drinks and food.
  • Engineering – Engineers will be able to craft ammunition and ranged weapons.
  • Furnishing – Furnishers specialize in home design and craft storage, furniture, and trophies.
  • Jewelcrafting – Jewelcrafters can craft trinkets and such.
  • Weaponsmithing – Weaponsmiths can craft melee weapons.

As you continue to level up and increase your mastery in one of these fields, you’ll unlock more and better recipes. Alongside being able to create better items, leveling up will also grant you bonuses like having a chance to create multiple consumable items when you’re crafting potions or food.

While armor and weaponsmiths won’t be able to create two of the same item like consumables, they may stumble upon rare and powerful bonuses on their items as they continue to level up their craft. Using higher-tier material will also allow players to craft better gear while increasing the chance of featuring a gem slot in your next crafted item.

You’ll be able to take a look at everything you can craft through the crafting menus after leveling up the craftsmanship of your choice.

If you’d like to be self-sufficient, you may also want to consider combining your crafting skill with a gathering one that suits your needs. Once you start collecting the materials you need by yourself, you’ll be able to save money on buying them from others at the cost of your time. 

Crafting will also play an important role in guilds and companies since you’ll have lots of players specializing in different crafting fields. If you’re having a hard time deciding on which crafting path to take, asking your guild may be an excellent idea so you can pick up the one that your guildmates need.

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All Expeditions in New World



Like most MMORPGs, you’re likely to lose yourself in everything that the environment has to offer in New World. While endgame scenarios usually rely on gathering for raids or other events that require more than a handful of players, it’s also possible to find less crowded activities in New World.

Expeditions are New World’s take on dungeons. You’ll need a total of five players to start an Expedition. Each adventure will focus on testing each player’s skill and teamwork capabilities. Expeditions may look like a lot of work if you’re just beginning to play, but the loot rewards will make them more than worth it.

In addition to loot and experience rewards, all Expeditions will also have a place in New World’s narrative. As players progress through the Expeditions, they’ll learn more about the game’s lore and the major events that have taken place to build up the core story.

There are only two Expeditions in New World now, but this number should increase in the future after the game’s release.

Amrine Excavation

Amrine Excavation is a find and rescue mission. Players will be tasked with seeking out an archaeologist named Simon Grey and his team in a dig site to the west of Amrine. Progressing through the Expeditions will reveal more about the archaeologists’ mission, and players will also find out what went wrong during their mission.

To access Amrine Excavation, you’ll need to hit level 25 first.

The Garden of Genesis

Compared to the first Expedition, The Garden of Genesis will be more action-packed since it can be considered an invasion. Players will be helping out Survivalist Ellwood who discovered a garden where Angry Earth were born.

You’ll need to work together with your team to send this garden to oblivion. The Garden of Genesis is also a part of the game’s initial storyline’s ending, and players will need to reach level 60 to be eligible to participate in this Expedition.

As the story of New World progresses and new content patches are introduced, the number of Expeditions in the game should also increase. This article will be updated as more Expeditions become available in New World.

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How does Weapon Mastery work in New World?



Even the most experienced MMORPG players may need to take their time while exploring New World and getting to know its mechanics.

While all the fans waiting for the game’s release will be able to get into the action starting Aug. 31, or July 20 for those who pre-purchased, some players have been making sure that the release goes smoothly by participating in the beta tests.

Considering PvP modes will be ready to go following the full release of New World, knowing your way around the game’s weapon system might come in handy. Though there will be a wide range of weapon choices in New World, you’ll need to decide on what you’d like to specialize at by leveling up your Weapon Mastery.

If there’s a weapon that you’d like to wield, you’ll need to level up the specific Weapon Mastery for that weapon. As of now, there are a total of nine Weapon Mastery types in New World, ranging from spears to guns.

There won’t be any need for rushing, however, and players should have plenty of time to experiment with all the weapon types in New World. Farming up Weapon Mastery will be one of the core parts of the game, since you’ll be able to gain Weapon Mastery points by equipping the weapon of your choice and taking down monsters/enemies. Each take-down will grant you XP that will count toward your mastery points.

By leveling up your Weapon Mastery, you’ll also unlock unique abilities for the weapon type of your choice. There will be lots to choose from each Mastery’s skill tree. While you can unlock the skills that fit your playstyle initially, you might want to keep an eye on competitive content creators who are likely to come up with the most powerful Weapon Mastery trees as New World advances through its life cycle.

Alongside deciding your Weapon Mastery routes, you’ll also need to consider unlocking perks and abilities that would supplement your choices in the long run. These different options will allow players to create unique combinations, adding to the overall build variety in New World.

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Best factions to choose in New World



MMO fans from all over the world are getting ready for New World as the game’s getting closer to its scheduled release date, Aug. 31. Before its full release, however, early adopters will have a chance to take a look at Amazon Games’ hat in the MMO ring in a closed beta environment.

Starting on July 20, players who’ve pre-purchased the game will gain access to New World’s closed beta. Players who would rather not pre-purchase the game will also have a chance to enter the closed beta since there’s also a tester sign-up page that will randomly invite players to try out the game.

From creating their characters to enjoying New World’s progression system, players will be able to dive deep into New World’s mechanics. Two PvP modes will be present so players can try out the combat mechanics, while you’ll also need to pick the class that suits your gameplay style at the beginning.

Once you get to level 12, you’ll also need to pick a faction, and it may be more challenging than it looks. Each faction has its pluses and minuses, making the fans wonder whether there’s a definitive best one.

  • The Covenant: The Covenant can be considered as a fanatical group that aims to purge heretics. The group’s ultimate goal is to cleanse the world of wrong-doers, according to their vision, and make it fit to their holy standards.
  • The Syndicate: The Syndicate are on a mission on their own, aiming to unravel all the forbidden knowledge around the world to ultimately start a new age of enlightenment.
  • The Marauders: The Marauders is essentially a military group that’s looking to form a new, free nation for the strong.

In terms of their lore, all factions have an agenda of their own. They will work toward making their dreams come true with the help of players joining their ranks. Each faction will offer specialized equipment to players as they rise within the ranks of their chosen faction, meaning there will be a slight difference between all of them when it comes to gameplay.

As of now, it’s hard to declare one of these factions as the best since it’ll also depend on what players will make out of the items that they’ll get from their faction progression. This will also depend on the server that you’re playing on since most are likely to have different dominant factions.

One factor that you should consider while choosing an allegiance will be checking out the overall territory that each faction will have under their control. If you’d like to stick to the PvE side of the game, you may want to pick the faction with the most territory under their control, since you’ll mathematically be safer around the map.

Players looking to make use of their combat skills may favor the faction with fewer areas under their control because it’ll be relatively easier to find trouble around the map. 

If there’s a clear favorite in your server, opting to join the ranks of the most dominant faction in your server can allow you to collect faction bonuses and rewards faster. These bonuses can include gathering advantages and crafting perks.

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