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How many Side Quests there are in Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Forbidden West’s map is full of things to do. From a bunch of main quests to various collectibles to find, you’ll never be lost for something to do. The side quests are some of the game’s highlights, though, so you may be wondering how many side quests there are in Horizon Forbidden West if you’re chasing after 100% completion.

How Many Side Quests There Are in Horizon Forbidden West

In total, there are 27 side quests in Horizon Forbidden West. Those of the quests that are officially categorised as side quests, and not Errands.

Errands are just like side quests, but shorter and grant fewer rewards and XP.

You can see the side quests you’ve got access to via the Quests tab in Horizon Forbidden West’s menu. You’ll be able to see how far you are from the location of the next objective and what level you should be at to tackle it.

How to Find & Track Side Quests

Once you’ve chosen which side quest you want to try and complete, just press X on the quests menu to track it. Then, you’ll be shown where to head to once you quit out of the menu.

However, to get access to all 27 side quests in Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll need to find the NPC who introduces them out in the world.

To do that, you’ll need to find the green exclamation marks around the world (many of which will start as white question marks) and speak to the person there.

In the case of side quests, you’ll find most of them in settlements. They tend to come from NPCs you’ve met prior, and you’ll find them in recurring places, which is helpful.

Once you’ve completed each side quest in Horizon Forbidden West, they’ll be shown as completed on the side quests log.

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