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How Long is Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


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How Long is Mass Effect Legendary Edition?
courtesy of Electronic Arts

How long will it take to finish the Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

One of Electronic Arts’ biggest project, the Mass Effect Legacy Edition, has finally been released. Because the game will be combining and reworking the trilogy of the original series, the game time is unsure but is detectable. For this article, we will be predicting how long it may take to complete the game. Read this article to find out what to expect from the game itself.

Players have been wondering how long it would take to complete the entire Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Because it is a compilation of not only the three games but the DLCs with additional stories. Here is the average time of what it took to finish the previous series. Keep in mind that the time listed has been very generous.

With all the DCLs included for the three series, we can add up to a total 127 hours of gameplay. We may be able to subtract an hour or two considering that the series will be compiled into one game. Thus, to complete Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it will take around 125 hours.

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