How Is Technology Changing The Ukrainian War?
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How Is Technology Changing The Ukrainian War?

With the expansion of NATO in Europe, Russia had to decide whether to ignore it or go to war with Ukraine. The country has been experiencing a civil war in its eastern region for the last eight years. It has also considered becoming a part of NATO and even discussed obtaining nuclear bombs. In the end, Russia decided to carry out a special military operation in Ukraine. Today, the battle continues with casualties on both sides. Regardless of the outcome, the war has been impacted greatly by technology.

How Is Technology Changing The Ukrainian War?

Technology has changed the way war was carried out and reported. Within this guide, readers will learn more about these changes and why technology was important.


Many people have decided to support Ukraine during the invasion by Russia. Some from Reddit have traveled to Ukraine to join the military. As for others, they’re offering donations to the country’s army. In previous wars, it was difficult for military organizations to take donations from consumers. Today, it is easier than ever before. Many people are sending cryptocurrency payments to the Ukrainian military to support its war efforts. Today, it was announced that Ukraine would begin accepting Dogecoin. It has been accepting Bitcoin for a while now.

The country has received more than $34 million in cryptocurrency donations. Although this is good for Ukraine, Bitcoin could play another role in the war and its aftermath. With Russia being pounded by economic sanctions, there is always a chance that Russia will use cryptocurrencies to bypass those sanctions. Russians have already switched to cryptocurrencies so the trend is likely going to continue. However, some speculate that sanctions will be placed on Russian Bitcoin soon.


Journalism is always a vital part of any war as spectators try to figure out what is going on. Technology has greatly changed the way the war has been reported. Since the start of the Russian invasion, journalists have been using social media to relay information to consumers around the world. Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and other social media outlets have been filled with information about the war. Videos of explosions and the aftermaths of attacks can be viewed on these social networks.

While this makes it easier for consumers to learn about the war, it has also created numerous opportunities to spread misinformation. While it is true that สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์รวมทุกค่าย, many have helped spread false information on social media. For instance, politicians have been caught sharing stories about a fictitious character called the Ghost of Kiev. Some have been sharing old images of the Ukraine President claiming he is at the forefront of battle. However, those pictures were taken years ago.

Finally, some have distributed video game footage while claiming it was from the Ukraine war. Suffice to say, social media is helpful. However, it makes it much easier for misinformation to be shared.

Live Action

During the Afghanistan War, it was difficult for Americans to find out what was going on overseas. They had to rely on videos from major news organizations such as CNN, Fox, and others. Today, consumers can keep up with the action using live streams. Many news outlets have set up live webcams in the country of Ukraine. Those streams can be watched on YouTube and other websites. By watching these videos, consumers will see the horror of war firsthand.

They can hear the sirens going on in Kiev as bombs explode in the background. Ultimately, this is one of the main reasons wars are different today. People from around the world can watch the action from the safety of their homes.

Enhanced Sanctions & Bans

Finally, technology has helped Western governments punish Russia for the invasion. Governments against Russia have imposed enhanced sanctions to punish the country’s economy. While sanctions are primarily designed to prevent Russia from funding its war, other entities have been targeted. For instance, Russia Today has been banned in many countries. It is no longer accessible in the UK. Reddit has quarantined its Russia subreddit. Plus, Russia has been removed from the Swift banking system. The EU has banned seven Russian banks from SWIFT. Suffice to say, technological advancements have greatly changed the war. There is a good chance that these changes will continue popping up as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.

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