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How do People Buy Fullz?


What are fullz?

Fullz is not a real word. It is a slang word used by cybercriminals and hackers. Fullz or CVV fullz refers to the stolen information of someone’s credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, or social media accounts. Many people buy fullz to use someone else’s credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts for themselves. 

Stolen data is sold on online websites in different sales. Fullz refers to a set of information that is complete. For example, if you want to buy fullz, you will get the whole set of information about someone’s bank account or credit and debit cards.

Thus, you will get the CVV number, password, card number, and all the other details that one might need to do purchases from credit or debit cards. 

Such information is also sold in different sets. If you do not want all the details, you need not buy fullz. Instead, you can buy an incomplete set of information as per your needs. Generally, fullz cost more than incomplete sets of information.

The word fullz comes from full. It is named that way because unlike other sets of information, fullz has complete information about one’s accounts and cards.

How are fullz acquired?

There are many ways of acquiring fullz. Most of them are done with the help of the internet. Acquiring fullz is a highly complicated task. It required great focus and patience.

One of the ways of acquiring fullz is the dark web. Many websites directly buy fullz from other sources of the dark web. They usually buy fullz in huge bulks. It is because they want to sell those fullz at slightly higher rates to people through their websites. 

These websites directly buy fullz from the dark web because it saves their time and hard work of finding and acquiring fullz. 

Apart from that, it also saves their money. Since only hackers can acquire fullz from the internet, websites need to hire skilled hackers for it. But if they buy fullz from the dark web, they do not need any hackers. Hence, buying fullz from the dark web is easy and beneficial for such websites.

Another way of acquiring fullz is through phishing. For this, websites often hire hackers. In phishing, the hackers try to win the trust of the victims by showing them legitimate websites and authentication. 

Thus, the victims believe the hackers and end up giving all their bank and card details to them. Once the hackers get the bank and card details, they can easily collect them and give them to the website for selling.

Fullz can also be acquired by card skimming. Card skimming refers to obtaining the details of a credit card or debit card using ATM skimmers. ATM skimmers are devices that are placed in the ATM. When a card is inserted into the ATM, the ATM skimmer saves all the details of the card.

Then, the device is taken out of the ATM and given to skilled hackers. These hackers easily take out all the details saved in the ATM skimmer and sell them to the website. 

What do fullz contain?

As mentioned before, fullz contains a whole set of information about someone’s credit card, debit card, or bank account. 

Thus fullz of someone’s ID Card contains the name of the person, the address of the person, date of birth, the social security number of the person, and other details like their phone number, email address, password, etc.

The social security number of a person refers to the person’s ID number or passport number.

Since this type of fullz has a lot of information, it is often more expensive than other types of fullz.

Similarly, fullz of someone’s credit cards contain the name of the cardholder, billing address of the cardholder, CVV code of the credit or debit card, the credit card or debit card number, and the expiry date of the credit or debit card. Sometimes, it also contains the issue date of the card.

This type of fullz is also expensive as compared to other sets of information. However, you can find buy fullz at reasonable rates on some selected websites. 

 What are dead fullz?

As the name suggests dead fullz are fullz that contain dead information. It means that the information is no longer useful. Fullz becomes dead fullz because of many reasons. 

The most common reason is that the owner of the information of fullz becomes aware of the theft and blocks their credit card, debit card, or bank account. Once the card or account is blocked, the fullz containing the information is no longer useful. Thus, they become dead.

Another reason for dead fullz is that the owner of the information changes some very important details of their card or account. Thus, even if other details of fullz are correct, those fullz are no longer valid. Hence, such fullz with incomplete details also become dead fullz.

Dead fullz are never used because they only work for a small amount of money. Another reason for not using dead fullz is that there is a high risk of using them. If the owner of the information becomes aware of the theft, they can easily catch you with the help of cyber security.

Hence, it is recommended to not buy or use dead fullz.

What are the uses of fullz?

Fullz can be used in a lot of different ways. Thus, buying one set of fullz can help you with a lot of different things. 

Fullz can be used to take loans. Since the bank details are not yours, you can easily take loans with the help of fullz. The benefit of it is that you will not have to pay any installments or interest charges after taking the loan.

Another use of fullz is credit cards. Since the physical presence of credit cards is not needed anymore for transactions, you can easily use fullz to do purchases from someone’s credit card. It can work even if the credit card is not physically present with you.

Apart from these, there are a lot of uses of fullz. They can be used for medical identity, tax refunds, bank drops, etc.

Thus, fullz has a lot of uses and benefits.

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