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History of gambling


First casino

The first casino opened its doors to gamblers in 1863 in Monaco. In Italian, “casino” means country house. Such a country house, in which people can freely succumb to excitement, was created by Prince Charles Grimaldi. An integral part of every casino is slot machines. This was in 1895. Not long after the appearance of the first casino, the first slot machine appeared. Its creator is considered to be a mechanic from America named Charles Fey. At that time, such a slot machine was called “one-armed bandit”, this name can still be heard in some places.

And from the origins we got to the well-known Las Vegas. A small village, in the state of Nevada, decided to build the then puritanical America. This project was originally conceived as a casino city. Here, anyone could take his soul, plunge into a gambling pool with his head and not worry about the consequences, because all this is absolutely legal. Moreover, this is the only state where all this is legal. Therefore, all the roads of those wishing to play cards, roulette or try their luck with a one-armed bandit led to Las Vegas. Despite the fact that now there are enough legal casinos around the world, Las Vegas is currently the capital of the world in terms of gambling. Billions of US dollars are spinning in this place every day.

Casino of our time

The gambling business is booming these days. And, the greater the interest in gambling, the more scammers who want to cash in on human weaknesses. That is why the choice of a casino should be approached as responsibly as possible. And here we are happy to help you. After all, thanks to the n1 interactive ltd, you have a special selection of the best online casinos. You can rest assured that each of them is legal and licensed. Security guaranteed. The atmosphere created by casino life will take you to Las Vegas in seconds. The mood at the moment will become great as soon as you see the generosity of the bonuses prepared for you. Themed slots, classic games, real jackpots, you are sure to find your game. And the icing on the cake will be the coveted win, from which you are only a couple of clicks away.

Furthermore, recently, with the rise of virtual currencies and the spread of online casinos worldwide, the range has expanded significantly.
Cryptocurrency online casinos are becoming very popular, especially in countries where gambling is not 100% legal, such as Japan and India.
Particularly in Japan, the market size is very large and gambling is deeply rooted in the culture, so there are online casinos that allow you to deposit using the unusual local payment method, paidy.

Top 5 gambling games

Each of us sometimes wants to play with luck, take risks, succumb to excitement. At this very moment, the logical question arises, how to satisfy this insane desire. We have prepared for you the top most exciting gambling games.

  • Poker

An exciting card game that is simply impossible to tear yourself away from. Here you will need both luck and a sharp mind.

  • Roulette

The surest way to find out if luck smiles at you. You have to predict the future, what number or color will fall out and whether a big jackpot is shining for you.

  • Slots

Their majesty, slot machines. They beckon and bewitch with their bright colors. Here everything is decided by the villain’s fate, and this is exactly your case, if the power of excitement in you is unusually great, and you do not know how to curb this power.

  • Black Jack

Another popular card game, only here the will of chance is more important than intelligence. Simple rules, simple score. Pleasant leisure in the company.

  • Wheel of Fortune

Here the whole responsibility lies with fate. You are just spinning the wheel. Such a lottery can also be a win-win, but this rarely happens and the excitement with such a lottery cannot be appeased.

The origins of gambling

The word “excitement” itself is of Arabic origin, and in ancient times it meant dice. Exactly, dice that is recognized as the first gambling entertainment. The oldest dice found by archaeologists are more than four thousand years old. Mentions of the game of dice can be found in the history of Ancient Greece and India, China and in Arabic manuscripts. Dice in the past consisted of rolling dice and counting the results. Whoever has more is the winner. Some time later, they began to come up with various combinations and changed the rules of the game.

Playing cards became the next causative agent of excitement after dice. They appeared in East Asia. The first playing cards looked like oblong sheets with drawings. They were made from bamboo, also from ivory. Playing cards also had other forms. In Japan, mussel shells were used as cards, and in India, playing cards were made in a round shape. This entertainment was brought to Europe from the Arab countries in the 14th century. Their variation of playing cards can be compared to Tarot cards, since among the suits were cups, pentacles, swords and staves. Over time, the type of playing cards, their number and the games themselves have changed.

The first roulette appeared in France thanks to a police officer, no matter how ironic it may sound. Gabriel de Sartin in 1765 wished to build a game installation where cheating would be impossible. This is not the only version of the game roulette in creation. It is believed that the French mathematician Pascal was its author in the hope of inventing a perpetual motion machine.

The more popular gambling became, the more people wanted to play on people, namely to deceive them, taking advantage of their passion. Also, there have always been those who loved and encouraged gambling, as well as ardent opponents of this kind of entertainment. Religion, as the main opponent of gambling, forbade people to experience fate and claimed that all this was from the Devil.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: Platodata.ai


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