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Heroic beat Movistar Riders to qualify for PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage

Heroic have secured a spot in the PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage following their 2-0 victory against Movistar Riders today in the first of the Challengers Stage 2-2 record matches.

This win sees the Danish team recover their form, after having lost two best-of-three advancement matches to underdogs Copenhagen Flames and Entropiq. Heroic dominated on Inferno (16-7), Movistar Riders’ map pick, and had the composure to avoid overtime in Overpass (16-14), even though Movistar Riders had the economic edge in the final rounds.

Martin “stavn” Lund consistently fragged throughout the series, including a much-needed triple-kill in the last round of Overpass, finishing the two maps with 47-29 K/D and a 1.33 rating.

As for Movistar Riders, their players have only been together since August, when the organization moved away from an international squad to put together an all-Spanish team. No one really expected them to qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major, but they did well in the last Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament against all odds. The experience they gained in this Major might be useful in the future as they’ll likely be invited for tier-one championships in the next months.

The PGL Stockholm Major Challengers Stage will be finalized today with BIG vs. MOUZ and Astralis vs. Team Spirit. Two of these team will qualify for the Legends Stage where teams such as Natus Vincere, Gambit, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Team Liquid await.

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