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Here’s how to create a good resume


Here's how to create a good resume

Working life is in constant transition, to which the job seeker must adapt. Competition is fierce in many fields and only the best get the job. You can tell about your competence effectively on your resume.

A CV is an important business card in working life. It tells everything essential about the employee’s background and experience. It should be created carefully so that it can be used naturally in job searches and job interviews. You don’t have to create a resume on your own, but you can get help online, for example. Find out and read more at cvmaker.fi.

What does a good resume include?

A good curriculum vitae is catchy and you can easily get all the necessary information about the job seeker from it. A short and concise resume is nice to read and the recruiter gets a good impression of the job seeker’s profile at first glance.

The curriculum vitae is also visual and it is worth putting enough effort into it. Visuality gives a professional image and the employer can conclude that the applicant is serious about wanting a job.

The appearance of the resume can be improved with, for example, colors, fonts and shapes. They can be adjusted and modified according to the job position and the company. For some titles, it’s better to adopt a conservative style, in other cases you can go a little wild. It all depends on how you want to brand yourself.

Add the basics to your resume first. These include your contact information and work experience. It is also worth adding your educational background and special skills. If you speak different languages, you should also mention them clearly in your CV. You can get inspiration online, you can find an example of a CV here.

Tailor your resume for the job

When building a resume, you should remember that it rarely works the same for every job search. Jobs vary a lot and there can be many different companies in the same field. Companies have different values and cultures that they want suitable employees for.

That’s why you should always tailor your CV on a case-by-case basis. If the same resume is blindly sent to many different places, the results are usually poor. It is easy to see from the application form if it has been made in a general style without taking the company’s profile into account.

There are many services online where you can create many resumes. They can be modified if necessary and the most suitable version sent for a specific job description. They automate the job search in a good way, when there are good templates for great resumes in stock.

Be proud and show off your skills

The resume serves as the job seeker’s business card for job interviews. It is the place of the screen, based on which the recruiter makes merciless conclusions regarding the continuation. That’s why you should make your CV carefully, no matter what field you work in.

The more applicants there are for the position, the more important the CV becomes. Then you have to put everything into play and bring your skills to the fore as clearly as possible. Being too humble is not good, but you should proudly and boldly write all your valuable experience and skills on your resume.

Also remember to be as precise and clear as possible. General words do not necessarily describe sufficient competence that would fit the job description perfectly. Experiences can also be supported by external recommendations. Contact your network and ask for recommendations from suitable parties.

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