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Here are the patch notes for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s Dec. 2 update

Here are the patch notes for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s Dec. 2 update

The next major update for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is live now with a new patch for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, bringing gameplay balance changes, bug fixes, and new alternate costumes for the entire cast. 

The bulk of the “Super DLC 3,000” update is dedicated to reworking aspects of a few characters. But most fans will be happy to see the 20 free and unique costumes added in, which give characters referential outfits based on their shows. 

Adding in costumes like SpongeBob SquarePants’ Number 1 Soda Drink hat or classic comic looks for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was something that fans have asked for since the game launched in October. Anyone can download the costumes for free and additional content will likely be added in a similar way as development on the game continues. 

As for the patch itself, Korra saw the most changes. The Avatar from the Water Tribe had 10 moves reworked to try and boost the character’s viability. Similar, yet smaller, changes were made to Helga and Nigel Thornberry. Several other characters were included too, though not all of them received buffs.

Here are the full patch notes for the Dec. 2, 2021 update: 


  • After many requests for alternate looks for characters in the game, we are happy to announce that alt costumes have been added for all characters.
  • Separated hitboxes across the cast to allow for proper interpolation.
  • Fixed an issue with the second stick that caused the wrong type of attack to come out the first few frames of entering/leaving the ground.
  • Added turnaround functionality to up and down attacks when using second stick.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some matches to suffer FPS drops.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from joining multiplayer matches through invites when watching replays.

Balance changes

  • Korra
    • Light Neutral 1
      • Added grounded hitbox for jab resets
    • Light Down 1
      • Decreased Korra’s Light Down 1 end lag time
        • Attack to Idle frame (25 → 20)
      • Increased Korra’s Light Down 1 hitstun time
        • Hitstun frames (15 → 20)
      • Decreased Korra’s Light Down 1 knockback
        • Knockback (40 → 30)
    • Light Down 2
      • Increased Korra’s Light Down 2 foot hitbox size
        • Hitbox radius (0.9 → 1.1)
    • Strong Down
      • Korra’s Strong Down hitboxes appear sooner now
        • Hitbox start frame (14 → 12)
    • Strong Dash
      • Korra’s Strong Dash hitboxes appear sooner now
        • Hitbox start frame (16 → 10)
    • Light Dash
      • Korra’s Light Dash now jumps over opponent instead of getting stuck
    • Neutral Special
      • Increased Korra’s Neutral Special blocking stun and push distance
        • Block stun (10 → 20)
        • Block push (1 → 6)
    • Up Special
      • Fixed Korra’s charged Up Special missing hitboxes at the start
        • Hitbox start frame (16 → 6)
      • Increased Korra’s Up Special hitstun
        • Hitstun (30 → 35)
    • Down Special
      • Increased Korra’s grounded Down Special hitstun
        • Hitstun (30 → 35)
    • Light Neutral Air
      • Increased Korra’s Light Neutral Air’s hitbox size
        • Radius (0.85 → 0.9)
        • World offset X (-1.1 → -1.2)
        • World offset 2nd X (1.1 → 1.2)
  • Helga
    • Light Down Air
      • Increased active frames (2 → 3)
      • Added hitboxes to hips
    • Special Mid
      • Decreased initial startup time (14 → 7)
      • Increased speed for changing angles
      • Increased overall angle coverage (50° → 80°)
      • Decreased endlag after firing (17, 37, 57 → 17, 25, 33)
      • Increased travel distance cap (20 units → 40 units)
      • Increased travel time cap (70 seconds → 100 seconds)
    • Special Up
      • Fixed regression where special fall no longer transitioned to regular fall after 60 frames
  • Leonardo
    • Removed sword moves’ shoulder hitboxes (excluding Special Up)
    • Ensured tippers have lowest priority
  • Lucy Loud
    • Special Mid
      • Fixed bug where stance change was possible without damaging an opponent (ie: hitting someone blocking or invincible)
  • April O’Neil
    • Fixed bug where moves could gain ratings without damaging an opponent (ie: hitting someone blocking or invincible)
    • Light Mid
      • Removed all body/leg hitboxes
      • Added grounded hitbox for jab resets
    • Light Down
      • Increased endlag (26 → 32)
      • Increased overall horizontal coverage
    • Strong Mid
      • Removed back 2 hitboxes from Mic (less likely to cause back-attacks)
    • Strong Mid Air
      • Removed back 2 hitboxes from Mic (less likely to cause back-attacks)
  • Oblina
    • Down Special
      • Fixed regression where the sludge could be reflected on the ground
  • Toph
    • Light Mid Air
      • Set hitboxes to fixed point in front of Toph
      • Increased active frames (2 → 4)
  • Zim
    • Light Mid Airlist
      • Increased active frames (2 → 6)
  • Nigel Thornberry
    • Down Special
      • Increased base knockback (200 → 220)
      • Increased knockback gain (300 → 340)
    • Up Special
      • Increased jump height (12 units → 12.5 units)
      • Landing on an opponent & dealing damage will make the move jump cancelable if still airborne, even if all midair jumps are exhausted

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