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Here are the notes and updates for Wild Rift Patch 2.2c



A new competition is emerging in Wild Rift Patch 2.2c.

Renekton, who will be available to play later in the patch, will be going head-to-head with his brother Nasus in the next Nemesis Duel. The big bad crocodile brings a new toolkit to the top lane, introducing an aggressive but tanky playstyle to Wild Rift’s version of Summoner’s Rift.

A few targeted champion nerfs are also making their way to Patch 2.2c, with some of the game’s strongest solo queue superstars taking a beating. Evelynn is finally being taken down a notch and Kai’Sa, who has been performing “too well” in “high skill play,” is also getting hit by Riot’s nerf hammer.

Here’s the full list of notes and updates for Wild Rift Patch 2.2c

New champions

Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands

Renekton is a terrifying, rage-fueled Ascended warrior from the scorched deserts of Shurima. Once, he was his empire’s most esteemed champion, leading its grand armies to countless victories. But after the fall of the Sun Disc, Renekton was entombed beneath the sands—and slowly, as the world above changed, he succumbed to insanity. Now free once more, he’s utterly consumed with wreaking vengeance upon his brother, Nasus, who he blames for the centuries lost in darkness.

New skins

⦁ Scorched Earth Renekton
⦁ Blood Moon Diana
⦁ Blood Moon Jhin
⦁ Blood Moon Kennen
⦁ Blood Moon Twisted Fate
⦁ Blood Moon Yasuo
⦁ Infernal Nasus
⦁ Mecha Malphite

All of these skins will be released over the course of the patch.

New accessories

Players can earn or purchase accessories from several different sources.

⦁ Icons: Rainbow Poro; Tanzanite Poro; Catseye Poro; Citrine Poro; Obsidian Poro; Rose Quartz Poro; Sapphire Poro
⦁ Emotes: Pride 2021
⦁ Homeguard Trails: Rainbows For All
⦁ Baubles: Ritual Mask
⦁ Recalls: Blood Moon Return

New events


  • Wild Rift’s Pride event will kick off on May 24.

Nemesis duel

Later on in the patch, Nasus and Renekton will enter Wild Rift’s second Nemesis Duel. These duels can trigger when:

⦁ Both champs are at or above Level 13
⦁ Neither champ has dealt or taken champion damage within five seconds
⦁ Both champs are alive
⦁ Both champs are at least 16 units apart

A Nemesis Duel between the two champions won’t happen every game, even when the conditions are met. But when it does happen, everyone in the game will know through an in-game announcement. In this case, a champion wins the event when the opposing champion dies within three seconds of taking damage from the winning champion.

⦁ If Nasus wins, (1) Siphoning Strike strikes all enemies in an area
⦁ If Renekton wins, he will remain at maximum Fury during (Ult) Dominus

Champion changes


Image via Riot Games

Braum is “too good” at locking champions down, according to the devs. The changes to his passive should help to counter this.

(Passive) – Concussive Blows

  • Stun duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds to 1/1.25/1.5 seconds


Image via Riot Games

Diana’s attack speed on her Moonsilver Blade has been scaling “excessively” as she snowballs. These changes should slow her down.

(Passive) – Moonsilver Blade

  • Attack speed: 30 percent to 120 percent to 30 percent to 100 percent


Image via Riot Games

The devs are reducing Eve’s primary damage tool because she’s still much “too strong” in solo queue.

(1) – Hate Spike

  • Base Mana Regen: 15 to 18


Image via Riot Games

Riot is throwing Fizz a life preserver for his early-game mana issues.

Base mana regen: 15 to 18


Image via Riot Games

The devs went a bit too far with the recent nerfs to Jax. To counter this, they’re giving him some more mana, allowing him to scale into a “persistent threat” in longer games.

Mana per level: 33 to 57

Mana at level 15: 852 to 1188


Image via Riot Games

Kai’Sa has been performing “too well” in high-skill play, according to the devs. But nerfs to her wave clear and her playmaking potential in the early game should keep her in check.

(1) Icathian Rain

  • Bonus Damage to minions below 35 percent HP: 200 percent to 150 percent

(Ultimate) Killer Instinct

  • Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds to 100/80/60 seconds

Lee Sin

Image via Riot Games

Riot is adjusting the power players get from optimizing Lee’s passive well because he’s been “slightly overperforming” at higher skill levels.

(Passive) Flurry

  • Attack speed: 50 percent to 40 percent


Image via Riot Games

Lulu has fallen behind, so the devs are reverting some recent nerfs to her base stats to help her out.

Mana: 435 to 480

Movement speed: 325 to 330


Image via Riot Games

Lux support is a “bit too strong,” according to Riot. To address this, the devs are adjusting her shield strength.

(2) Prismatic Barrier

  • Shield amount on return: 100/140/180/220 to 75/105/135/165
  • Shield AP ratio on return: 0.4 to 0.3


Image via Riot Games

Pantheon is still “struggling to make an impact” in solo queue, despite recent buffs. The devs are giving him another little nudge in the right direction to help him out in this regard.

Armor per level: 4.3 to 4.7

Armor at level 15: 101 to 106

(2) Shield Vault

  • Base damage: 65/90/115/140 to 70/120/170/220

Twisted Fate

Image via Riot Games

Twisted Fate still leaves much to be desired and his Red Card isn’t matching up to the rest of his deck. These changes should fix that.

(2) Pick a Card

  • Red Card area-of-effect radius: 2 to 2.75
  • Red Card slow: 30/35/40/45 percent to 35/40/45/50 percent

Game system changes

Passive gold

Passive gold gain

⦁ Before eight minutes: Four gold per second (unchanged)
⦁ After eight minutes: Four to three gold per second

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New Apex Legends Trick Bounces Players ‘To The Moon’



Apex Legends

Another exploit has been found in which players can reach new heights, literally. | Photo by Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts

Another day, another Apex Legends trick. And though the game has had its fair share of game-breaking glitches, this one is as hilarious as it is chaotic.

Discovered by Reddit user, BeanBag373_, the team utilized Horizon’s tactical ability, Gravity Lift, which launches players into the air. Due to its confusing nature, players are launched into the air even if they’re a floor above the pad, which has led to some creativity by the community. Combine the Gravity Lift with Octane’s Jump Pad, also having its fair share of exploits, and now there is a way for players to reach new heights – literally.

The trick works with the Jump Pads being placed on the ground, and then throwing the Gravity Lift in the air above the pads, which drag the pads upwards. The players are shown bouncing on this perpetually-rising elevator as they continue to rise to the sky, way above what Valkyrie can reach with her abilities.

This wasn’t the only instance in which BeanBag, the same Reddit user, has also utilized the trick as he posted on his YouTube channel of all of the instances he tried doing this with a group of friends. Couple the trick with friends in a live match, and this serious tactical shooter begins to ensure hilarity.

The community has been the unofficial bug testers in this game with numerous amount of discoveries, ranging from hilarious exploits to simply unfair. One of the more recent bugs has allowed Wraith to use her Teleport ability even before the match starts. It has since been patched, but fixing all of the bugs has been like plugging up endless holes on a sinking ship.

Apex Legends will have Patch 9.1 at the end of June and is likely to have just as many tricks and glitches to be found as seasons prior. Respawn Entertainment has not yet made any announcements as to when or if this exploit will be patched in the future. That said, it’s time to go to the moon.

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Can You Pre-Order Jurassic World Evolution 2?



Top Games

Photo by Frontier Developments

Can you pre-order Jurassic World Evolution 2? Since the game was announced during this year’s E3, fans of the classic movie series have been wondering when they can get their hands on this tycoon game, in which players can build their own version of Jurassic Park, ideally without any escaped dinosaurs. With the game launching on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, players regardless of system can play the game on their preferred platform.

Right now, it seems like you can’t pre-order Jurassic World Evolution 2. On Steam, there is a page for the game, but it can only be wish-listed, not pre-ordered. On the Xbox and PlayStation stores, there is no listing for the game yet. It makes sense that players can’t pre-order yet, with the game not having an official release date yet. In the announcement trailer, it said the game will be coming out in 2021, so later in the fall or into the winter would be likely candidates for the game’s release, assuming it doesn’t get delayed.

Until more information is revealed about the game, players who are interested in the preorder will have to bide their time, until a solid release date is given, or until Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation gives players the option to preorder.

Other new entries into popular series were also announced at E3, with a new Wario Ware title, a new Monster Hunter, and a Director’s Cut of Death Stranding.

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LCS commissioner Chris Greeley denies report that NA teams voted to remove requirement to field Academy League teams



After a report by esports journalist Travis Gafford that LCS owners voted to remove the league requirement to field North American League of Legends Academy rosters in 2022, league commissioner Chris Greeley made a statement denying the reports, saying that LCS teams cannot vote away Academy requirements.

He also said that Riot has been helping to build out a successful development system in NA. Although there are still some issues that need to be ironed out, Riot, the LCS teams, and the Players’ Association are all working together to build something that works well.

“Multiple owners have confirmed for me that no vote actually took place,” Greeley said. “We are still very early in discussions with teams and the PA on what Academy [and] amateur looks like in the 2022 and beyond.”

Gafford also reported that LCS organizations are reportedly looking to change things so that Academy teams no longer have to be located in Los Angeles, where the LCS Studios are located. Currently, LCS Academy teams are able to play on-stage, but instead, they would rather have the teams play remotely.

The LCS Players’ Association also gave Gafford a statement, saying that it is actively talking with Riot, team owners, and the players about the possible changes that could occur for next year. Some of the organization’s own conversations with teams have “indicated that at least some teams will pursue measures that reduce or remove costs associated with the Academy system,” while others have others have proposed making Academy teams optional.

The LCSPA said that it would “[excuse] teams from their financial responsibility to protect the future of the LCS.” For quite some time now, the amateur and Academy-level scenes in NA have lacked the support to thrive and cultivate new talent. This past year, however, organizations like Cloud9, TSM, 100 Thieves, and Evil Geniuses have all opened up amateur-level teams in order to help the growth of young, upcoming talent in the region.

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Minnesota ROKKR rock New York Subliners with quick 3-0 victory in Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major



The Minnesota ROKKR took it to the undermanned New York Subliners with a 3-0 win in the last match of the Call of Duty League Stage Four Major’s opening day. 

Minnesota were dominant this series. Led by Priestahh and Standy, Minnesota took advantage of the Asim-less Subliners and never let their foot off the pedal in a dominant showing. Priestahh posted 1.26 K/D, including an 11-1 statline on Raid Search and Destroy. But Standy, playing in the first LAN series of his professional career, was the star of the show with a 1.47 K/D throughout the series’ three maps. 

Minnesota has been an up-and-down team so far this season, but Priestahh and Standy were incredible in the series’ lone Search and Destroy map, posting a combined 17-4 statline. 

It always felt like New York had a hill to climb without Asim in their lineup and after this loss drops them to the losers side of the bracket, it feels like a mountain awaits. Even when they had solid setups, Minnesota were able to break them with relative ease. Aside from HyDra, who recorded a 1.02 K/D, New York’s entire lineup struggled with slaying numbers. Both Clayster and Decemate posted 0.77 series K/Ds. 

Minnesota is back in action tomorrow at 6:30pm CT when they take on the CDL’s top team, Atlanta FaZe, for a chance at top three in the major. New York has a day off and will return on June 19 at 12:30pm CT. They will face the winner of the Florida Mutineers vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas matchup.

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