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Headed for Higher Security: The “Coldest Crypto Wallet” NGRAVE Plans to Support NFTs


Headed for Higher Security: The “Coldest Crypto Wallet” NGRAVE Plans to Support NFTs

The DeFi boom has given rise to a new trend that needs no introduction — non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. The frenzy for digital collectibles which surfaced as a part of the DeFi boom does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the average number of NFT sales has risen from 21,815 per day in January 2021 to 82,373 per day in May 2021. That’s a rise of almost 380%. Even the recent crypto market crash that wiped $1 trillion off the market didn’t stop NFTs.

Amid major cryptocurrency dips, the sales of NFTs rose even further and touched almost 94,000 transactions a day in the second week of May. Even experts around the world cannot wrap their heads around this increasing popularity.

The crypto marketplace is bracing for a future where NFTs take center stage alongside cryptocurrencies. Even crypto wallet makers are looking to support NFTs soon. In a recent tweet, the cold wallet manufacturer NGRAVE has hinted that it might start supporting NFTs soon. They claim that the feature will go live “real soon.”

The rising demand for NFTs and cryptocurrencies has also given rise to the number of hacks and thefts involving NFTs. Amid all this, it is more important now than ever to secure your crypto assets in the safest possible way.

At such a time, NGRAVE’s step to support NFTs will be very well received across the crypto community. It will be a blessing in disguise for users who are fans of collecting NFTs. That’s because when NFTs are stored in the “coldest crypto wallet” NGRAVE, there’s no way for anyone to hack and steal one’s collectibles.

Creating Better Security for Digital Assets

It was not long ago that an intruder penetrated KuCoin’s hot wallets and drained $150M from it. Even the U.K.-based exchange EXMO revealed in Dec 2020 that hackers stole 5% of its total assets.

The truth is, crypto exchanges and hot wallets are highly vulnerable to cyber threats. And, in most cases, the investors have to bear the loss of the hacks. The best way to deal with this is to take control of one’s assets by storing them in a non-custodial cold wallet that remains offline at all times and thus, offers ultimate security for the funds stored in it.

Of the several crypto cold wallets to choose from, the latest ones like NGRAVE ZERO seemingly come with the highest levels of security and UX. The team behind NGRAVE ZERO likes to refer to it as the “coldest wallet” out there.

They claim to have built an impenetrable wall between the online and offline realms of crypto. To make the user experience smooth, NGRAVE comes with a mobile app that lets users sync all their asset purchases while their private keys are tucked away in the security of the hardware wallet that remains offline at all times. It is military-grade tamper-proof, supports over 1500 crypto-assets, and might soon start securing your NFTs too.

While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the production and sale of NGRAVE earlier in 2020, the team had to issue a delay on the shipping date, but never waivered to offer its customers maximum peace of mind. Now, because of its standout features, NGRAVE ZERO is quickly gaining popularity among crypto users. The wallet has already sold thousands of units and was recently featured on Belgian national television (Terzake). The makers plan to start shipping the wallets once again very soon.


In recent years, cryptocurrencies have started to gain popularity among mainstream users. With new exchanges and users emerging every single day, the concerns of security have become more grave. People who are new to this marketplace need better and more convenient ways of securing their assets. This is where wallets like NGRAVE ZERO could be of great help. They provide a simple, yet convenient way of taking your crypto assets offline and storing them away from any possible security threats. And if NFTs are soon included, it would be the ultimate cherry on the cake.

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