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HackAtom RU 2021 — buckle up Cosmonauts, we have no problems and are ready for takeoff!


Sergey Simanovsky
HackAtom RU 2021

Cosmonauts and hackers, buckle up and get ready for the Internet of Blockchains. IBC is here. Let’s hack and bridge DeFi, the biggest trend in the crypto space straight to Cosmos!

HackAtom RU 2021 is a Cosmos, IBC-focused hackathon for the most creative hackers out there. Our space mission will focus on ‘IBC’ing (aka bridging) DeFi into Cosmos!’ IBC is finally here, and we want to see it expanding into every aspect of the blockchain galaxy.

Our focus is primarily on Russian-speaking hackers this time, but we welcome everyone to participate in the event and for our broader audience we will be taking care of the translations throughout the hackathon. This includes the ceremonies, some workshops and the demo-day.

🗓 HackAtom RU 2021 Schedule:

  • Registration Opens: Opened now!
  • Hacking starts: March 15th, 19:00 pm MSC
  • Submissions Due: March 26th, 23:45 pm MSC
  • Voting for Community Choice Award: March 27th — 30th, voting closes 17:00 pm MSC
  • Winners Announced: March 31st 15:00 pm MSC

👉 Register at https://ru.hackatom.org/ 👈

📃 Rules & Guidelines

  • There are no limits on team size
  • Join the hacker Telegram chat to find teammates and introduce yourself
  • No outside work or work that was started prior to the official start date of the hackathon is allowed. Cannot use work from someone outside of your team who is also competing. Judging is based only on the work done during the duration of the hackathon. Using work that was done before the hackathon is grounds for disqualification
  • It is encouraged to use pre-existing open source tools and libraries
  • Asking for guidance or advice from someone not on your team is encouraged

📜 Submission Guidelines

  • All projects must be submitted at https://hackatom-ru.devpost.com by 23.45 PM MSC time, March 26th 2021
  • Submissions must include a link to GitHub to show coding!
  • Only one member per team needs to submit the project. Be sure to include the names of all the team members and that every team member has registered for this hackathon on Devpost
  • All projects submitted will be considered for all prize categories including the Community Choice Award.
  • The Pre HackAtom Translation Challenge is an individual challenge that will run from Feb 17- Mar 10
  • The winning teams will have to go through a KYC procedure in order to receive the prizes

⚛️ Prizes ⚛️

$20K USD valued in ATOMs from the Interchain Foundation + extra prizes for sponsored tasks provided by projects within the ecosystem. Projects that have already confirmed task sponsorship are Persistence, IXO, Irisnet, Cyber and Confio.

There are 3 main categories of prizes and in each category there will be a winner and a runner up prize. In addition, the Community Choice Award will be given to the project with the most votes from the community during the voting period. See all the details about the prize categories below.

There is also a separate translation bounty, that will take place from the 17th of February to the 10th of March and will be shared between 20 participants for selected document translation to Russian.

🏆 Categories 🏆

🦄 Unicorn Prize: IBC & DeFi

The judges will be looking for a project that can be labeled as “Decentralized finance” (DeFi) product and makes use of the “Inter-Blockchain Communication” (IBC) protocol using the Cosmos SDK. I.E. AMM

  • $8K prize pool valued in ATOM

🐱 Kitty Prize: IBC & NFT

For the Kitty Prize, teams are expected to build their own NFT projects using the Cosmos-SDK. This includes, but is not limited to NFT wallets, standards, modules, and games.

  • $5k prize pool valued in ATOM

🦊 Fox Prize: IBC infrastructure

The Fox Prize is about building IBC infrastructure including bridges, wallets and explorers that utilize Inter blockchain communication.

  • $5k prize pool valued in ATOM

👥 Community Choice Award

Registered Devpost hackers can vote for their favorite project excluding their own

  • $1k valued in ATOM to a single community favorite


Please note that the prize pools do not include any possible sponsored tasks within these categories that can be granted by ecosystem projects within Cosmos.

HackAtom RU 2021 is organized by Tendermint in association with Citizen Cosmos and Cyber Academy. We are still polishing up the fine details, but you may already register for the event, check out the dedicated website https://ru.hackatom.org , join the Hacker’s chat or checkout some planned events.

🛠 Happy hacking and may the code be with you! 💡

Source: https://blog.cosmos.network/hackatom-ru-2021-buckle-up-cosmonauts-we-have-no-problems-and-are-ready-for-takeoff-69c59812b2eb?source=rss—-6c5d35b77e13—4

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