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Gyroid Fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

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Gyroids have returned to Animal Crossing in the latest major free update.

Gyroids have returned to Animal Crossing in the latest major free update. / Nintendo

Gyroids have returned to Animal Crossing in the latest major free update.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 has been marked by the return of several beloved features within the franchise. Brewster the coffee pigeon is one such popular example. Gyroids, the strange rotating, springing, musical statues that populate the world, are another. Players can finally begin to find them throughout their island using Gyroid Fragments.

Here’s how it’s done.

Players can find gyroid fragments buried underground. Like anything that can’t be planted, it will be marked by a dark star and can be dug up using the shovel tool. They are more likely to appear after inclement weather such as rain or snow.

When dug up, it will appear as the traditional tan gyroid from the first Animal Crossing game that hangs out next to the player’s front door. The game will identify the fragment as one of several unique gyroid statues that have been seen in previous titles.

In order to have it become that specific gyroid, players need to replant their fragment in the ground and water it. They should find a fully grown gyroid in its place the following day.

Harvested gyroids can be further customized to fit a specific style or color palette according to player desires. Like any furniture or statue, this can be done at a workbench by using a customization kit.

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Gyroids are technically classified as furniture. As such, they can be placed around the player’s house and island. In previous games, There was a limit on how many gyroids could be placed in a single room. Now, in New Horizons, it’s unclear whether that limit still exists.

Activating a gyroid will allow it to make a specific tonal sound which, if in a room with a K.K. Slider track playing, will sync up to the song.

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