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Guide to Read When You Plan to Buy Moissanite


Moissanite is among the few gemstones people talk about, and they relate it to diamonds. However, few individuals know what it is in reality. There are things that one should know before buying to avoid getting disappointed. The mineral was created with unique physical properties, unlike any jewelry ever known. It is generally accepted for its rarity, beauty, and durability. The mineral is a stunning new one that offers intense beauty. Before you set to the market, there are aspects that you need to have at your fingertips. The following points will detail everything you need to know about Moissanite.

Different from Diamond

There are two main differences between the Moissanite and diamond; their hardness and fire. This product beats diamond when it comes to strong fire and durability. The hardness is also significant as the fire difference is subjective. Other people like colorful products while others prefer clean ones. The product lacks many inclusions, flaws of the natural diamonds, and blemishes due to its lab-grown. The lab-grown kind of diamonds also lacks these inclusions, and thus they are similar to the moissanite. 


The mineral has a high hardness, making it very durable and long-lasting. The mineral being slightly softer than a diamond, it will need some extra care so that you can avoid scratching, but barring any accident, this stone can last for many decades. 


This gemstone is several times more affordable when compared to natural diamonds and other more or less lab-grown diamonds. They are much easier to grow, and this makes them affordable. It is mentioned to be in the same breath as lime lab-grown diamonds to be an affordable alternative to natural ones. Their qualities are mostly the same as those of diamonds, it does not have a significant drawback, and it is lighter to carry in your wallet. 

Taking Care

The process of taking care of this mineral is the same as that of a diamond, ruby, or sapphire. You need to store it separately, and this is more for the sake of gemstones and other metals for this mineral itself. It is good you know that only a diamond can scratch moissanite, and it can scratch most minerals due to its hardness. 

Will it Scratch or Break?

The product is softer compared to diamonds, being the hardest mineral. Moissanite becomes the second tough gemstone used in jewelry, which ranks it ahead of other gems. Moissanite is softer compared to a diamond, it thus scratches more than a diamond.


The mineral can be used for everyday jewelry; it can be an excellent choice for engagement, wedding rings, or any special occasion. When you consider its lower price, the mineral can be worth the money you spend. It doesn’t possess an excellent reselling value when you ponder monetary value because it is still a new gemstone. There can be the case of those looking for something with a unique value; this mineral is lab-grown and does not have prestige.

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