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GUDE Systems improves Q-SYS software’s energy efficiency


GUDE Systems and QSC have teamed up to provide drivers that enable the seamless integration of GUDE power strips into QSC’s Q-SYS control software.

The collaboration will allow installers of AV environments and their users to benefit from the smooth control and monitoring of GUDE’s power distributors, making systems more sustainable and energy efficient.

The new drivers will facilitate the control of individual load outputs of the network-compatible power strip; measure and query sensor data such as temperature and humidity in real time; monitor voltage, current and power of the power strip’s inputs and outputs; and allow the remote reboot of any load output.

Users can set up and display this data within Q-SYS in just a few clicks. Without having to change applications, users can use it to perform switching operations of the power distribution systems, detect critical environmental conditions at an early stage, and set up cost-saving automations.

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