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Grab your huge chopper – Timberman: The Big Adventure is on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC | TheXboxHub


timberman the big adventuretimberman the big adventure
Timberman: The Big Adventure is on console and PC

If you sleep all night and work all day, there’s a good chance that you’ll be found living the life of a lumberjack. If that is the case, then you’ll be in your element with the latest release on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC as Timberman: The Big Adventure launches to the world. 

A lumberjack is okay

Available right now as the latest from the Forever Entertainment team is Timberman: The Big Adventure. It’s priced at a mere £4.19 (launch discount available) and is playable across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. it’s optimised for new consoles as well. You’ll also find this one on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

In Timberman: The Big Adventure it’s time to grab your big chopper and head out into the woods. It’s here where you’ll get the opportunity to follow the life of a lumberjack as they head off on a bit of a rescue mission. See, his little bear friend has been separated from its family and that is, well, wrong. 


Running as either a single player campaign or with a friend in tow, in Timberman: The Big Adventure you’ll find many a varied mechanic. A combo fighting system for instance. Some platforming, mini-puzzles and more. 

In fact, expect to find all the following in place…

  • Single-player and 2 player co-op mode.
  • Engaging combo fighting system.
  • Unique platform game mechanics.
  • Shot projectiles using axe or boomerang.
  • Mini-puzzles: chop and gather wood to construct bridges.

Buy now!

Timberman: The Big Adventure is on the Xbox Store as we speak. From there, play on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. You’ll also find the game on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Stick around for a review from us. 

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Timberman: The Big Adventure on Xbox Game Description

Enter the Timberman universe! Enjoy the retro vibe of a 2D platformer with a classic 16-bit pixel art aesthetic.

Follow the lumberjack’s story and join him on a rescue mission to help his bear friend reunite with the family. Challenge Evil Corp not only to save friends but also the entire forest from the hands of industrialization.

Fly on your axe to make progress, use it to chop wood, build bridges, and solve mini puzzles. Carve your way through three colorfully and yet deadly worlds, beat dozens of levels, and face three unique bosses in epic battles.

Play in a single-player story mode or take a friend on an adventure in a 2-player co-op mode.

Remember: To be a real hero, you won’t need much – being a big-hearted lumberjack equipped with an axe is more than enough.


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