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Good Fantasy Basketball Team Names


Each year there is a struggle to not just field the best team in fantasy basketball, but also have the best team name. Here are good fantasy basketball team names. Most are based on player names. (Note: Some of these names will not be appropriate for everyone. More will be added before the season starts)

Rookie Team Names

What can Braun do for you? (Christian Braun/UPS)- Braun’s name is actually pronounced Brown, which opens him up for this team name.

I Would Walker 500 Miles (Walker Kessler/The Proclaimers)- Walker Kessler isn’t a player who won’t run 500 miles this season, but will make an impact.

Poison Ivey (Jaden Ivey/Poison Ivy)- Ivey’s last name shares a name with a villain from the Batman universe.

He’s too Liddle! (E.J. Liddell)- Sometimes a player can be too much to handle and Liddell presents a matchup problem as a forward with some nice skills.

Sam Presti’s Twins (Jalen Williams/Jaylin Williams)- Sam Presti picked two player with the same name, just spelled differently in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Other Player Name Teams

Big Baller Brand (LaMelo and Lonzo Ball/BBB)- If a team has both of the Ball brothers currently in the NBA, they have to consider repping the BBB.

Toppin it Off (Obi Toppin)- The sensational rookie is in New York and ready to blow the top off.

My Precious (Lord of the Rings/Precious Achiuwa)- For anyone who has seen the Lord of the Rings, this famous line could be their team name if they have Achiuwa.

The Hamptons (RJ Hampton)- Now that Hampton has been drafted, he may be able to afford a place in the Hamptons.

Pokumon (Aleksei Pokusevski)- The mystery man of the 2020 NBA Draft has a similar name to the Nintendo franchise.

The Holiday Season (Jrue/Justin/Aaron Holiday)- If a team gets one or more of the Holiday brothers, they have to celebrate the Holiday season.

What Can Brown do for You? (Jaylen Brown)- Brown has blossomed into a solid player. He can do a lot for a fantasy team.

Tacko Tuesday (Tacko Fall)- While LeBron James has made Taco Tuesday famous in the NBA, there is only one Tacko.

Snell Ya Later (Tony Snell)- Snell’s name has a lot of possibilities.

Snell Yeah (Tony Snell)- Snell’s name is too easy.

Prime Time Rondos (Rajon Rondo)- Rajon Rondo in a prime time game just hits different.

I’ll Take a Porter (Otto Porter/Kevin Porter)- For anyone else who is a fan of beer and fantasy sports, Otto or Kevin Porter present an opportunity.

We’re Just Sexton (Collin Sexton)- When pronounced right…

Give Me the Bol (Bol Bol)- The NBA doesn’t deserve someone with the name Bol Bol.

Shot Makers (Thon Maker)- Maker hasn’t panned out on the court yet, but still has a useful name.

Looney Tunes (Kevon Looney)- Looney has been a key player on the Warriors, who just happens to have a name as an iconic cartoon.

House M.D. (Danuel House)- House was a great T.V. show about mysteries, which fits with Danuel House’s name.

Christmas Carrolls (DeMarre Caroll)- This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Caroll from HR (DeMarre Carroll/It’s Only Sunny in Philadelphia)- Anyone who has seen It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will remember this legendary scene. 

Slim Reapers (Kevin Durant)- Kevin Durant may hate this nickname, but it is one of the best of all time.

Beverley Hills (Patrick Beverley)- Beverley is from Chicago, but is playing in L.A. now. This team name can be an opportunity to remember Weezer’s classic song.

The Klaws (Kawhi Leonard/Toy Story/Black Panther)- Kawhi Leonard is the Klaw, but the claw has been referenced in Toy Story and there is a Klaw in Black Panther.

Juwanna Mann (Terance Mann/Juwanna Mann)- Juwanna Mann is objectively a bad movie, but if Terance Mann ever lands on a fantasy roster, it’s a viable team name.

General Patton (Justin Patton)- If for some reason a fantasy manager has an affinity for Justin Patton, they could go with this team name.

James Gang (LeBron James)- LeBron has sometimes referred to his family as the James Gang.

Ja Feel? (Ja Morant)-  The former Rookie of the Year, will be one of the most popular players in the league for a long time.

I can be your Herro Baby (Tyler Herro/Enrique Iglesias)- Honestly any song that has the word hero in it can be used for the polarizing youngster in Miami.

Bam Bam (Bam Adebayo/The Flintstons)- Bam Adebayo got his team name from his favorite character on the Flintstones.

Forbes 400 (Bryn Forbes/Forbes 400)- Bryn Forbes doesn’t make quite enough to be in the Forbes 400 richest people list, but he is doing ok for himself.

Mt. Zion (Zion Williamson)- Yeah, Zion Williamson is built like a mountain that happens to have the same name.

Mo Bamba (Mo Bamba/Shack Wes)- Mo Bamba is a great song and a decent player as well.

Okeke, Do You Love Me? (Chuma Okeke/Drake)- Chuma Okeke wasn’t able to play last year, but if he is rosterable this season, this is a viable fantasy team name because of Drake.

Frank The Tank (Frank Kaminsky/Old School)- Frank Kaminsky has been called Frank the Tank before, which is from Old School.

Spy/Star Fox (De’Aaron Fox/Spy Fox/Star Fox)- Whatever fox video game character that a manager prefers, it fits with De’Aaron Fox’s name.

Pedro Pascal (Pascal Siakam/Pedro Pascal)- For fans of films, t.v. shows and basketball.

Wall Stars (John Wall)- John Wall hasn’t been healthy enough to be an All-Star in the last few years, but that could change this year.

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