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Going from C++ to Java: The Quest to Become a Polyglot Programmer




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A senior Java developer and Java tutor at Learning Tree International programming courses.

In the era of non-stop personal development, more and more software engineers choose to become competent in the second or even the third programming language to gain more experience and access more career opportunities. If you are a C++ developer who’s looking for a second programming language to master, it makes sense to add Java to your skills cloud. In this article, I will explain to you how long it takes to learn Java for C++ programmers and why you should go for it.

How Can Polishing Up Java Skills Benefit You?

Just like other technologies, Java has its gains and losses. So, before selecting the second programming language, let’s figure out what is so special about Java and what drawbacks you should be aware of.

Java Strengths:

  • Architecture and platform independence. With a Java virtual machine (JVM), you shouldn’t think about the specifics of the operating system or processor and can just write algorithms and implement business logic.
  • Memory management. Java is acknowledged for its integrated memory management that prevents most memory leaks and allows releasing all resources right after the program stops using them. So, the developer doesn’t have to control memory for each object created and destroyed.
  • Safety. JVM doesn’t also allow the program to access what is beyond its authority. So, without access rights, any Java program won’t be able to communicate with other applications or read RAM that is not allocated for current running application.
  • Corporate programming. Java is commonly used for building corporate applications. While the language combines OOP, memory management, and architecture independence, it remains in high demand among large companies looking to build reliable, stable, and maintainable apps.

Java Drawbacks

  • Performance could be better. C++ is a compiled programming language, so its computer program converts source code into a machine language. Java lacks a compiler and uses JVM (that should be first started on the computer) to execute Java code.

What are other benefits of learning Java for C++ developers?

Let’s find out.

More Knowledge

When you have more than one programming language under your belt, you become more flexible at creating complex applications. Depending on the project goals and what you expect from the end result (efficiency, performance, and usability), you can figure out what language is suited better and what one will solve the given problems.

Greater Prospects

Mastering two or more programming languages significantly expands your employment opportunities and gives access to more roles. Many companies are looking for universal programmers, and once you learn to write code in several languages, you are no longer limited by only a few positions.

Higher Revenue

The more languages you know, the more you are likely to make. According to ZipRecruiter, the average polyglot salary in the US has reached $120,000/year. ITJobsWatch in the United Kingdom, in its turn, reported £85,000 of median annual salary for a polyglot developer.

Other than that, software development doesn’t remain the same — it is constantly evolving, some technologies become more in demand than others, many new technologies appear. So, knowing many programming languages allows you to have your finger on the pulse, quickly adapt to ever-changing trends in development, and climb the corporate ladder. Besides, having a few languages in your skill can give you a chance to lead a team of experts who work on different technologies and bring more value than a one-language programmer.

How Much Time Do You Need to Set Aside to Learn Java?

With C++ language already mastered and honed, you can master Java very quickly. Sure, there will be something you are unaccustomed to, such as garbage collection (in C++ you have had to manage memory allocations manually). The lack of pointers is more likely to limit you, while the consistency of Java hierarchy, clean implementation of OOP, and multithreading will work in your favor.

When you are already proficient in C++ and plan to learn Java, you can get familiar with the basic differences between the languages and then begin to practice on basically one the two most popular Java IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse.

So, how long does it take to learn Java for C++ programmers? Some specialists say that it takes around a couple of weeks.

But I would set aside not less than 6 to 8 weeks to grasp an idea of Java.

Resources to Learn Java

The learning process, however, may be faster and more engaging if you come with interactive online courses created to provide practical experience.

Below you will find a list of my favorite Java lessons.

Online Java Hands-On Courses


CodeGym is a one-language programming course with over 1200 practical tasks that you need to complete to master Java fundamentals. After passing the tasks, you can submit your solutions to a virtual mentor and get feedback on your code. Besides, the platform is known for its Game section that allows you to polish up your skills by building your own version of a classic video game. CodeGym, among other things, has a friendly community that is a great bonus for beginners.


Reading books related to programming is good, but still not as effective as when it is accompanied by practice. This is where gamified learning courses can help you. Codewars platform is one of them. It allows training to code on challenges called kata. After completing every next task, you earn honor and rank. You can also create your own kata and offer your peers to train on the challenge.


Cyber-Dojo is a different gamified course. It won’t force you to end a game by reaching the final level as soon as possible. On the contrary, it will encourage you to improve your skills at your own pace. You can choose to master one of the 30 programming languages listed on the platform and learn it individually or in a group. Each task you have to complete comes explicitly described and has an illustration of how the end result is supposed to look like.


CodeChef is a place that allows developers to show off their programming skills by participating in coding challenges or contests. For those who are new to programming, the platform offers tutorials and forum discussions related to algorithms, binary search, array size, and other technical topics.

Video Courses: Java From Scratch

The Complete Java Masterclass

Udemy is a popular learning platform among developers. This Java course allows students with no previous experience to learn language fundamentals and step up to more advanced concepts.

Java Programming for Complete Beginners

This Java programming course by Udemy ensures that you will master all Java concepts and features in a little more than 250 steps. You will start with the basics and then learn functional programming, concurrency, and exception handling in Java.

Java Certification by Duke University

In this course by Coursera, you will not only master Java programming, but will be also introduced to the world of programming foundations of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Java-Related YouTube Channels

YouTube keeps up gaining great popularity among people of all ages, who use it not only to listen to music and watch video clips but also to study. Therefore, the learning process changes following the emergence of new trends in society, and there are more and more YouTube channels related to Java programming. Beginners and specialists with a prior coding background can find tips, lessons, video tutorials, and other Java educational content there.

Some of the channels and Java-related YouTubers worth mentioning include:

  • Derek Banas is a sought-after channel with every-day video tutorials that cover any topic followers request.
  • Programming with Mosh YouTube channel is perfect for beginners, and its author sets a goal to train the coders companies would love to hire.
  • Java is an official YouTube channel of the Java community and Oracle.
  • Devoxx is just perfect if you want to stay updated on the latest news from conferences and seminars for programmers.

Java Books

Books are what comes inextricably with the learning process and should be added to a list of helpful educational resources. A few books I would recommend that you start with include:

Core Java Volume I — Fundamentals is a perfect book for everyone serious about learning Java. No matter if you are a complete beginner or experienced programmer, this is the source that will have you covered anyway.

Effective Java in the third edition has been updated with new features added in Java 7,8, and 9. These new features include lambda expressions, diamond operator, Optional interface, etc.

Thinking in Java is a book that should be at hand once you get a Java question. It is recognized by the programmers from the whole world for its clarity, careful structure, and examples of programming.

Java — The Complete Reference is a book that covers all aspects of the Java language from basic principles, syntax, and keywords to more advanced concepts.

Wrapping Things Up

Even though you may regularly encounter many differences between these two languages, learning Java will not be that hard when you already have a C++ coding background. So, go for mastering Java today and remember that knowing two or three programming languages doesn’t only make you smarter, but also gives you access to more job opportunities.

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Poems for the Solar Age by Hazel Henderson




Poems for the Solar Age


By Hazel Henderson

Kosmos | Dear Hazel, everyone knows you as a futurist and as an evolutionary economist, an author and a consultant, but I don’t think many people know you as a poet.

Hazel | I knew, for my mission in this lifetime, I would have to do battle with all the alpha males who run the public and private bureaucracies in most countries, and also run most of the academic scene and the silos and the boundaries between disciplines and all the competition and so on. I knew I would have to shift to my left brain and document everything very deeply. So the poetry was when I came home after doing battle in Room 100 under the Capitol Dome for six years as a cabinet level science policy advisor. I would get home and all I wanted to do was to write poems.


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Exciting Kelp Update from 2040




The Australian Marine Permaculture Project is bringing seaweed solutions to life

 Marine permaculture is the practice of regenerating kelp and seaweed to reforest our oceans
and is being pioneered by Dr Brian von Herzen and his team at the Climate Foundation.

Establishing Australia’s first offshore seaweed platform

In an innovative initiative to bring the seaweed solution to life, The Intrepid Foundation partnered with ‘2040’ and the Climate Foundation to launch a public crowdfunding campaign and raised A$600,000 in 2019.

We were blown away by the outpouring of support for this exciting pilot project. And, with this support, we can now build and deploy the first marine permaculture platform in Australian waters, located off the coast of Tasmania in Storm Bay.

Progressing the project

In December 2019, Damon Gameau (Director of ‘2040’ film) had the opportunity to visit the team at the University of Tasmania with Dr Brian von Herzen to see the kelp breeding program first-hand. At the Phase 1 site at Storm Bay, test lines had been successfully populated with kelp bred in the lab. The baby kelp was grown from spores collected from ‘wild’ specimens in remnant populations.

It’s now one year since the microscopic kelps were outplanted adjacent to salmon pens and the largest of them is now a spectacular 10 metres in length! Other kelps outplanted at the same time in the same area, but further away from the salmon pens are considerably smaller (<3m), reflecting the importance of nutrient supply from the pens for kelp growth

Photographed at the end of October 2020, these kelps were0
microscopic when they were first outplanted a year ago at the

Huon Aquaculture

Storm Bay salmon lease as part of the collaborative project

Climate Foundation,IMAS, and Huon Aquaculture. Photo credit: Cayne Layton.

Other key project findings include identifying family lines of kelp that are tolerant of warm water. The project team has also developed a cold storage technique to enable long term storage of kelp in its microscopic stages, producing a kind of ‘seed bank’ that doesn’t require demanding husbandry.

The successes of the project so far, including finessing techniques around kelp husbandry and lifecycle management have laid the foundations to greatly expand the scope and scale of the work.

In 2021, the project team is planning to submit a collaborative research proposal with the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre to take the next steps towards growing kelp offshore for commercial and environmental benefit. This collaboration will involve the University of Tasmania (Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies and Australian Maritime College), Climate Foundation, CSIRO and the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment.

Like most major research projects, the project has also encountered some challenges. When trialling methods to restore kelp beds on natural reefs, initial plantings at the three restoration sites had limited success and the primary method of planting – using twine carrying kelp seedlings – resulted in poor survivorship. Encouragingly, a secondary method trialled at the same time using small 50 x 50 mm plates seeded with micro-kelp, resulted in good survivorship. In 2020, the three restoration sites were replanted with plates densely seeded with tiny kelp seedlings and, at each site, 100 plates were bolted to boulders that comprise the reef substratum.

The University of Tasmania and the Climate Foundation have been working closely on the development of methods of natural reef restoration and in the coming months, the project team will apply for the permits for upwelling water and irrigating seaweed in Australia.

Damon gets up close and personal with remnant Giant Kelp in Storm Bay, TAS

Prototype testing gets underway in the Philippines

While the Tasmanian nutrient trial demonstrated the strong response of kelp to sufficient nutrients, concurrently the Climate Foundation has been testing seaweed responses to restoring overturning circulation and irrigating seaweed forests with the upwelled water – deeper, colder water which rises to the surface.

The team have successfully irrigated red seaweeds with upwelled water at a deepwater marine permaculture platform testing site in the Philippines. Below are some images of the Philippines trial site where the Climate Foundation team built two troughs for the platform, successfully deploying the system into water over 1,000 feet deep.

While the work that Brian and his team have been doing in the Philippines hasn’t been directly funded by the Australian Marine Permaculture Project, the new findings and technological advancements being prototyped in the Philippines are now informing the Tasmanian project – ready to enable the Australian team to progress with Marine Permaculture deployment in Australia.

The Climate Foundation team deployed a prototype trough-based marine permaculture system in the Philippines. Photo credit: Sam Donohue

Prototype trough-based marine permaculture deployed in the deep sea in the Philippines. Photo credit: Sam Donohue

Red seaweeds grown in surface water (right) and in upwelled water (left) with the darker colour indicative of greater seaweed health. Photo credit: Sam Donohue

Close up comparison of the baseline seaweed (tan) with deepwater irrigated seaweed (dark) shows the robust response of this red seaweed to deepwater irrigation.

While Brian and the Climate Foundation team await the results from the trial in the Philippines, early indications show that the seaweed has benefited from the deepwater irrigation, as can be seen in the above image. While neighbouring seaweeds outside the test irrigation site have been shrinking during the summer season, the irrigated seaweeds are growing dark and healthy.

As Dr Brian von Herzen states, “from the Philippines to Australia, Marine Permaculture irrigation is proving itself to be the key to growing strong, healthy seaweed forests that provide habitat for forage fish and may be essential to regenerating life in the ocean.”

If you can, please help with
a Climate Foundation financial donation by going  

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Storage news: US electric sector is halfway to zero carbon emissions




Rolls Battery Popular 4000 Series Models

Rolls deep cycle 4000 Series flooded Renewable Energy batteries offer a wide selection of portable 2V, 6V and 12V models in a range of capacity options to suit a variety of residential applications (80AH – 1445AH @ 20 hr rate).
Available in many popular sizes, Rolls 4000 Series flooded models deliver affordable and reliable energy storage options with exceptional cycle life.


Industry News


The US electric power sector is halfway to zero

carbon emissions


Chocolate maker, home improvement company show their love for solar energy


National Grid Partners has fresh influx of cash to invest in energy technology startups


Mississippi Power building 1.5-MW solar, 5-MWh energy storage combo site


FERC clarifies how it will treat carbon pricing in organized wholesale markets

Event Spotlight

Call for Speakers

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Upcoming Events

April 28-29: Optimizing Plant Performance • Online [POWERGEN+]
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July 27-29: Spokane, WA [HYDROVISION International]
January 26-28, 2022: Dallas, TX [POWERGEN International]
January 26-28, 2022: Dallas, TX [DISTRIBUTECH International]

Featured Companies

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If you are currently exploring a new job for your clean energy career, check out the 100+ opportunities on our careers portal.
If you are looking to hire the top talent in the industry, reach out to us today.


Market Update


OUC getting help from Burns & Mac on hydrogen demonstration project


OPG announces 20-year, $2.5 billion overhaul of hydropower generating units


Axpo to produce hydrogen at 43.4-MW Eglisau-Glattfelden hydropower plant


Ocergy’s offshore floating wind solutions attract Series A equity funding


Wind power experts expect wind energy costs to decline up to 35% by 2035

From our Bloggers


Hosting capacity analysis could simplify grid interconnection for distributed energy resources



Thinking energy storage when you’re thinking 1500vdc PV

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