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Giving Hope to Jonathan After Violent Shooting




By Linda Annicks

On April 10, 2016 our 18-year-old son, Jonathan Annicks, was the victim of a random shooting. Jonathan was a senior at Walter Payton College Prep High School in Chicago, one of the top 100 schools in the nation. Like every senior, Jonathan was looking forward to prom, his senior luncheon and graduation. He was in the throes of track season, projects, hanging out with friends, and spending time with his girlfriend, Cynthia. No one knows why it was him — he’s a good kid, from a good family, with an excellent education who has never been in serious trouble a day in his life. Mistaken identity? Gang war? Gang initiation? Who knows. The shooter remains at large and may never be caught.

Jonathan was born in Berwyn, IL, five weeks before his due date. He came into the world at a whopping 5 pounds 3 ounces. He was perfect. He was a car fanatic from an early age. He could tell you the make and model of any car on the street by the age of three, at which time he could also spell and write his full name. Throughout elementary school he consistently made the honor roll, and in 8th grade he received the President’s Award at graduation. He was one of only two students from St. Pius V School to be accepted into Walter Payton College Prep. Through the years, Jonathan did a myriad of sports — he swam, boxed, played soccer, flag football, baseball, track, cross country and then found his true love: floor hockey. Jonathan has always been very competitive and good at whatever he does in life. He has always been an impressive human being –adapting and learning quickly to his environment.

The afternoon before the shooting, the family was all together at an exhibition ice hockey game in which I, his mother, and his 16-year-old brother, Joshua, played with close friends. After the hockey game, we tailgated in the parking lot, stayed to watch the Chicago Wolves hockey game and then went to eat as a family. After dinner, Jonathan and Joshua drove Cynthia home while Dad, Mike, and little brother, Jacob, and I came home. As we always do, we instructed the boys to be careful and to come straight home. They got home at about 12:15 a.m. Once everyone was in the house Mike and I said good night and went to sleep. About 30 minutes later, Jacob, slammed the door open in a panic and screamed “SOMEONE JUST SHOT JONATHAN!” That was the moment our lives changed forever.

We will never forget running out into the night to see our first born laying half in and half out of his brother’s car. The confusion set in. Why was he outside? The neighbors, hearing the shots and coming out of their homes, were hysterical seeing the child that they’ve known since his birth laying on the ground. Eight shots were fired in total — but just one bullet tore through Jonathan.

The ambulance was on the scene in less than 20 minutes. Mt. Sinai Hospital trauma center was only five blocks away, and I rode in the ambulance with him.

In the ER, Dr. Sambo came in to tell us the prognosis. She told us that Jonathan’s spinal cord had been cut completely. That one bullet had entered my son’s left shoulder, crossed through his body, hit his left lung, shattered and severed his spinal cord, then hit the right lung and landed in the soft tissue of his armpit. She also told us that our Jonathan, our perfect baby boy, was paralyzed and would never walk on his own again. Yet he was somehow alive and that was ALL that mattered. We weren’t planning a funeral, we were just trying to figure out what the next steps were to get him better.

The days that followed were a complete blur with nurses and doctors and visitors — visitors came every day at all hours of the day NON STOP. It was a constant stream of people coming to show their love and support for a boy that in some cases they’d known since birth. We were truly blessed. Two weeks later we were ready to move to Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital. He was transferred on a Monday. Tuesday morning bright and early, Bran Dea his Occupational Therapist was there with a wheelchair and a transfer board and so Jonathan’s new life began. Therapies were hard, but he learned quickly — he had to.

During those weeks at Schwab, friends suggested a Plumfund account. They wanted to show their support financially and forced us to focus and get it set up. Through Facebook our friends shared the link, and in turn friends of friends, strangers, people of all walks of life donated. It grew. They knew before I did that we would need money for medical expenses and other necessities for Jonathan and his care. At the end of the day, he is only 18 and his needs are going to have to be met for years and years to come. The media started printing articles, airing television interviews, and posting online stories — stories that have traveled around the globe to kind strangers who’ve offered kindness and generosity with their donations.

Linda Annicks and her son, Jonathan.

Linda Annicks and her son, Jonathan.

Jonathan’s life is drastically altered. Simple things like showering whenever he wants to are impossible without help. Getting in and out of the house without being carried or him “bumping” up the stairs are impossible. Some of this can be helped with home modifications. Aside from these home and care needs, Jonathan has medical needs. Jonathan is currently doing physical therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He was measured for braces to help him stand, but due to our private insurance, the braces aren’t covered for him. Those braces alone cost $23,000. Expenses for disabled persons are extraordinary.

Thanks to the wonderful aides, nurses, and especially the loving doctors, one in particular, Dr. Ray Lee, Jonathan was able to attend his Senior Prom, of which he and Cynthia were voted Prom King and Prom Queen. He attended his Senior Luncheon and most importantly he attended his High School Graduation. Jonathan is now a Freshman at DePaul University. The ultimate goal is for Jonathan to be independent. One day, like everyone, he wants to have a career, find love, get married and have children of his own. This injury does not define who he is — he’s still Jonathan, the same fun loving, bratty, snap-chatting, optimistic person that he was seven months ago.

Through the generosity of others — and only through their generosity — will we be able to provide Jonathan the support he needs to thrive and become a functioning, independent non-able-bodied individual. We are forever grateful for the people that have already found it in their hearts to donate to his Plumfund account, host fundraisers, send checks or reach out to us in other ways to try and help our family with Jonathan’s goals. It shows the true meaning of hope and humanity. We have been humbled by the out pouring of love and support for our family. We thank everyone that has been touched by Jonathan’s story and we are grateful for continued support so that Jonathan can live a rich and full life.

This post is part of a series produced by Plumfund, in conjunction with Giving Tuesday. In the series, we’ll feature inspirational stories of giving and receiving from users and friends of Plumfund, the free crowdfunding site. You’ll find one post every week in November leading up to Giving Tuesday. To learn more about this campaign or start your own, visit



Taking LSD Could Help Your Career




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Taking LSD Could Help Your Career

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Earn $10,249 a Year in FREE “Crypto Income”




Last December, I wrote to you about a new way to make money with cryptos.

It didn’t involve risking your money on high-risk crypto tokens. Instead, it was a way to earn safe, consistent income — for FREE — month after month.

In fact, as I’ll explain today, if you’d followed my advice, you could have earned as much as $10,249 over the past year.

But if you didn’t follow my advice, not to worry…

Because as I’m about to explain, you can still take advantage of this strategy today…

Let Me Introduce You to Sandy

Before I reveal this powerful income-generating strategy, let me introduce you to someone:

Her name is “Sandy” — or, as she’s more commonly known, Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy hit New York on October 29th, 2012. According to Business Insider, it was the “worst storm to hit the area since at least [the year] 1700.”

It dropped over 14 feet of water on lower Manhattan, and it left millions of residents without power, cell phone service, or the internet.

People had no way to get in touch with their loved ones, or to get access to emergency info.

But for residents of a tiny neighborhood in Brooklyn, it was quite a different story…

A Peer-to-Peer Network Saves the Day

When Sandy hit and the internet went down, a small group of technologists in an old industrial neighborhood called Red Hook sprang into action.

They set up a “peer-to-peer” network called a “local mesh network.” This enabled residents to connect to each other’s computers directly, so they could communicate.

Everyone else was trying to get online the traditional way: by connecting to a single server. But since that single server wasn’t working, they were out of luck.

Here’s an image that shows a traditional network versus a peer-to-peer network:

As you can see, there’s no “middleman” in the peer-to-peer network…

So there’s no single point of failure!

This Could be Huge

This type of peer-to-peer technology is a big deal…

The next time a natural disaster occurs — or God forbid, if there’s a terrorist strike — it could keep people online and connected.

This explains why Grandview Research estimates that, by 2025, such networks could turn into a market worth $11 billion.

It also explains why venture capitalists are pouring money into this sector. For example, Union Square Ventures recently invested $15 million into a peer-to-peer networking startup.

And as it turns out, you could profit from this deal, too.

Let me explain…

Introducing: Helium

Union Square Ventures is one of the most successful venture firms in the country.

It was an early investor in billion-dollar startups like Twitter and Tumblr.

And now it’s invested in a peer-to-peer networking startup called Helium.

Simply put, Helium has built a simple device that acts as a “hot spot.”

Once you put the device in your home, people in your neighborhood can use it to connect to each other instantly.

This device is a breakthrough. You see, when the Red Hook technologists set up their network during Hurricane Sandy, they encountered huge problems. For example:

  • They had to create their own custom software.
  • They were forced to rely on inefficient hardware and unsecure connections.
  • They had to pay huge electricity bills.

But Helium fixes all of these problems in one fell swoop. And now, during an emergency, a Helium network could mean the difference between life and death.

And that’s why Helium wants to incentivize you to set one up…

New Crypto: Helium Tokens

Simply put, if you set up a Helium network, you can earn real money.

Here’s how it works:

  • Helium has created a crypto-currency called Helium Tokens (HNT).
  • To earn these coins, you just need to set up and maintain a Helium network.
  • And because these coins are traded on various crypto exchanges, you can exchange them for real dollars.

Fred Wilson, a partner at Union Square Ventures, has earned roughly 8,266 Helium Tokens since he first set up his device a year ago.

Based on the current price for Helium Tokens, that works out to roughly $10,249 in extra income in the past year alone!

And now you have the chance to start earning income like that, too!

Cash-in on Cryptos Today

Keep in mind: to get started, you’ll need to pay a few hundred dollars for the Helium device.

But once you own the device, you essentially have a source of free income.

To learn more, visit Helium’s website here »

Happy investing!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan



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This Is a $103 Billion Profit Opportunity




Investors in private startups pocketed a fortune last quarter…

According to a report released last week, they took home $103.9 billion.

That’s a record high — and as you’re about to learn, those profits are expected to keep flowing.

So today, I’ll show you why this is happening…

And then I’ll share two easy ways to get in on the action yourself.

How Private Investors Make Profits

Before I tell you how to take advantage of this profit window, let me back up for a moment…

Let me explain how investors in private startups make money.

Startup investors make money when a company they invested in has an “exit.” These exits happen in two main ways:

  1. When a startup gets acquired by a bigger company in an M&A transaction, or
  2. When the startup goes public in an IPO.

And as it turns out, Q3 of 2020 was a record-setting quarter for these exits…

A Record-Setting Quarter for Private Investors

The first half of the year was a disaster…

The coronavirus put a halt to everything, including exits.

But Q3 brought a massive uptick in activity.

For example, as you can see in the chart below (courtesy of PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor), exit value increased 292.5% versus Q3 2019.

That was the 2nd-highest quarterly total in PitchBook’s historical dataset, just behind Q2 2019.

What do all these exits mean for their investors?

They mean huge windfalls of profits!

(FYI, even when you factor in the winners and the losers, over the past 20 years, these exits have returned an average of 55% per year. At 55% per year, in 20 years, you could turn a tiny $500 investment into more than $3.2 million.)

Just six months ago, this sort of exit activity seemed impossible.

So what happened?

The 3 Reasons Behind These Profits

This burst of exit activity is due to three main reasons.

New Sectors Soaring: Covid-19 has given a boost not just to biotech, but to industries like Fintech, Edtech, and Telemedicine. The way we work, learn, and receive healthcare are changing — and innovative startups leading the charge are becoming valuable very quickly.

Macro Environment: Low interest rates and a booming stock market are giving investors confidence that innovative startups will command high prices as public companies.

SPACs: As noted earlier, M&A and IPOs are the two main ways that startups exit. But recently, a third way has gained in popularity: a “special purpose acquisition company,” or SPAC.

In Q3, public listings drove the spike in exits — IPOs like Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW), Asana (NYSE: ASAN), and Unity (NYSE: U).

The things is, as PitchBook explained, the strong performance of these stocks in the public markets will “likely drive more IPO” activity…

And for startup investors, it’ll drive more profits.

So — are you in?

Two Easy Ways to Get Started

Crowdability offers a multitude of free resources to make sure you see current startup deals that are available for investment…

And to make sure you know what to do once you find a deal you’re interested in.

For starters, look at our weekly “Deals” email. We send this out every Monday at 11am EST, and it contains a handful of new startup deals for you to explore.

Second, check out our free white papers like “Tips from the Pros. These easy-to-read reports will teach you how to separate the good deals from the bad.

The profit window is now open — take advantage of it!

Happy Investing.

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner



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