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GetAnOffer Brings Britain’s Cheapest Historic Home to the Market




Barrow island property

Historic home on Barrow Island

This will be an exciting opportunity to own possibly the cheapest historic property in England in an area undergoing large renovation

Estate agent GetAnOffer is bringing an historic property to market for just a £1 minimum bid. Bids will be invited for the two-bedroom 3rd floor apartment from 22nd March 2021.

This will be an exciting opportunity to own possibly the cheapest historic property in England in an area undergoing large renovation and close to the UK nuclear submarine production shipyard owned by BAE.

Situated in Barrow-in-Furness the flat forms part of a large late Victorian tenement, a certain amount of renovation is required both inside and out.

Tom Cranenburgh, partner of GetAnOffer said “It’s a great chance for someone to get on the property ladder. We expect interest from buy to let investors as its close to BAE, 9,500 people work at the historic dockyard owned by BAE but I’d love to see it sell to owner-occupiers, just starting out.”

So, why ask just £1 for a property?

Tom explains “The flat needs redecorating internally and externally, the block is undergoing a program of renovation like the rest of the local area to get it back to its former glory as it was left pretty unloved until recently. A new management team are doing a great job to get it back up to scratch.”

“With the average house price in England reaching new highs of £256,000 this could be a chance to buy a property for fraction of that price. There’s only one downside – I don’t think its possible to get a £1 mortgage!” laughs Tom.

The property comprises;


Two bedrooms
Kitchen Bathroom/WC

About GetAnOffer

New age estate agency developed from traditional values. GetAnOffer assists home sellers across the UK, they specialise in faster house sales. GetAnOffer is based in the seaside town of Worthing, West Sussex.

For more information visit or call 01903 331031 and ask for Tom Cranenburgh.


Notes to editors:

The property address is 7h Schooner Street, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 2SQ

Google street view can be seen here

Photos of the propertys avalible on request or viewable here –

Get An Offer are online estate agents ( and members of The Property

Ombudsman Service.

You are welcome to use any of the images provided to illustrate the story. We respectfully request that you reference Get An Offer in the caption and that in any online story, you consider a link to the reference article here –

For more information please contact Tom Cranenburgh, a partner at the firm. 01903 331 031 or email tom(at)

For interviews or further press enquiries please contact:

Email: press(at)

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Bubble or a drop in the ocean? Putting Bitcoin’s $1 trillion milestone into perspective

Bitcoin is relatively small compared to stocks and real estate, and those holders might reinvest dividends in other assets.




On Feb. 19, Bitcoin’s (BTC) market capitalization surpassed $1 trillion for the first time. While this was an exciting moment for investors, it also concerned investors that the asset is in a bubble.

Although a handful of listed companies ever achieved this feat, unlike gold, silver, and Bitcoin, stocks potentially generate earnings, which in turn can be used for buybacks, dividends, or developing additional sources of revenue.

On the other hand, as Bitcoin adoption increases, those same companies will likely be forced to move some of their cash positions to non-inflatable assets, ensuring demand for gold, silver and Bitcoin.

In fact, data shows that diversification between Bitcoin and traditional assets provides better risk-adjusted performance for investors, which is getting increasingly difficult for companies to ignore.

Bitcoin continuing to push above the trillion-dollar mark is also easy to overlook until one compares it to the market cap of other significant global assets. To date, less than ten tradable assets have achieved this feat.

World’s 20 most profitable companies. Source:

As depicted above, the world’s 44 most profitable companies combined generate more than $1 trillion in earnings per year. One must keep in mind that stockholders might as well reinvest their dividends into equities, but some of it might end up in Bitcoin.

$1 trillion is small compared to real estate markets

Corporate earnings are not the only flows that may trickle into scarce digital assets. Some analysts estimate that part of the real estate investment, especially those yielding less than inflation, will eventually migrate to riskier assets, including Bitcoin.

On the other hand, current holders of lucrative real estate assets might be willing to diversify. Considering the relatively scarce assets available, stocks, commodities, and Bitcoin are likely the beneficiaries of some of this inflow.

Global real estate markets. Source:

According to the above chart, the global agricultural real estate is valued at $27 trillion. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates a return on farm equity at 4.2% for 2020. Albeit very raw data, considering there are multiple uses for agricultural real estate, it is quite feasible that the sector generates over $1 trillion per year.

As recently reported by Cointelegraph, there are 51.9 million individuals worldwide with $1 million or higher net worth, excluding debt. Despite representing only 1% of the adult population, they collectively hold $173.3 trillion. Even if those are unwilling to sell assets in exchange for BTC, an insignificant 0.6% annual return is enough to create $1 trillion.

If there’s a bubble, Bitcoin is not alone

These numbers confirm how a $1 trillion market capitalization for Bitcoin should not be immediately considered a bubble.

Maybe those Bitcoin maximalists are correct, and global assets are heavily inflated due to a lack of scarce and secure options to store wealth. In this case, which doesn’t seem obvious, a global-scale asset deflation would certainly limit BTC upside potential. Unless they somehow think a cryptocurrency can extrapolate global wealth, which seems odd.

Back to a more realistic worldview, the above comparison with equities, agricultural real estate, and global wealth also confirms how insignificant Ether’s (ETH) current $244 billion capitalization is, let alone the remaining $610 billion in altcoins.

Assuming none of the corporate profits or real estate yield will be allocated to cryptocurrencies seems unlikely. Meanwhile, a mere $100 billion annual inflow for Bitcoin is five times higher than the $20.3 billion newly-minted coins per year at the current $59,500 price.

For example, $100 billion flowing into Bitcoin would only be 5% of the $1 trillion yearly corporate dividends and 5% from global wealth or agricultural real estate returns. Even though the impact on gold’s $11 trillion market capitalization would be negligent, such allocations would certainly play a vital role in Bitcoin’s path to becoming a multi-trillion dollar asset.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.

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LendInvest Teams Up with Credit Kudos to Improve Underwriting Process via Open Banking




LendInvest has teamed up with Credit Kudos in order to improve the underwriting process via Open Banking.

Through the partnership, LendInvest and Credit Kudos will aim to provide brokers and clients a more accessible and secure service. The initiative also aims to enable LendInvest with making more informed lending-related decisions with the help of Open Banking insights.

LendInvest is a technology-focused property finance Fintech specialized in providing property developers a more intuitive and flexible way to gain access to commercial property finance. The company chose Credit Kudos to improve its time-to-decision with a seamless customer experience and to enhance affordability and credit risk assessments via Open Banking-powered risk insights.

Unlike the typical credit assessment providers, Credit Kudos leverages Open Banking data to offer a holistic, up-to-date view to lenders of a business or company’s financial situation. By leveraging bank transaction information and loan outcome details, it offers key insights to assist lenders with making informed credit-related decisions.

Credit Kudos’ tech supports a more seamless experience for customers and lenders. It aims to remove the requirement to manually upload business documents, and it also allows lenders to automate many parts of the underwriting assessment process.  LendInvest reports that it experienced a 50% reduction in overall assessment times.

Open Banking insights have also assisted LendInvest with offering its products to clients it was not able to work with before. These customers include self-employed and sole traders who might not have traditional or more typical income patterns. This seamless, quicker application process has also provided a 26% increase in Open Banking-related conversion rates after launching last month.

Arman Tahmassebi, COO of LendInvest, stated:

“Getting rid of the manual documentation process has allowed us to offer a far faster and more convenient service. Although we have been using Open Banking for two years, this new partnership with a like-minded fintech has allowed us to take it to the next level and really reap the benefits of the technology. The greater insights are empowering us to make better informed, faster lending decisions to more people. We have been particularly impressed with the seamless integration of Credit Kudos into our system – the new dashboard is highly intuitive and it’s already helping us serve more customers.”

Freddy Kelly, Founder and CEO at Credit Kudos, remarked:

“Like LendInvest, we are committed to making credit applications smoother and fairer for both the lender and applicant, so this partnership is a natural fit. Open Banking technology is transformative for lenders who want to make smarter and faster decisions to better serve their customers. With our technology in place, lenders can automate the underwriting process and get a far more accurate picture of an applicant’s true financial position. It not only helps them lend responsibly but also opens up their service to underserved customers who may not have traditional income patterns, such as sole traders.”

Credit Kudos’ tech is completely integrated within LendInvest’s application process for buy-to-let mortgages. It will be launched along with integrations within other services in the foreseeable future.

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Real Estate

Compass CEO hails IPO as a fundraising event amid ‘challenging’ market




While several tech companies are opting to delay their IPOs in the face of less-than-enthusiastic market demand for their shares, real estate tech company Compass forged ahead and went public today. After pricing its shares at $18 apiece last night, the low end of a lowered IPO price range, Compass shares closed the day up just under 12% at $20.15 apiece.

TechCrunch caught up with Compass CEO and founder Robert Reffkin to chat about his company’s debut in the market’s suddenly choppy waters for tech and tech-enabled debuts.

Regarding whether Compass is a tech company or a real estate brokerage, Reffkin — who raised the comparison himself — used the opportunity to note that companies like Amazon or Tesla aren’t only one thing. Amazon is a logistics company, an e-commerce company, a cloud-computing business and a media concern all at the same time. Price that.

The argument was good enough for Compass to sell 25 million shares — a lowered amount — at its IPO price for a gross worth $450 million. That, the CEO said, was his company’s goal for its public offering.

Sparing TechCrunch the usual CEO line about an IPO not being a destination but merely one stop on a longer journey at that juncture, Reffkin instead argued that putting nine figures of capital into his company was his objective, not a particular price or resulting valuation.

That might sound simple, but as Kaltura and Intermedia Cloud Communications have pushed their IPOs back, it’s a bit gutsy. Still, if financing was the key objective, Compass did succeed in its debut. It was even rewarded with a neat little bump in value during its first day’s trading.

Reffkin did confirm to TechCrunch what we’ve been reporting lately, namely that the IPO market has changed for the worse in recent weeks. He described it as “challenging.”

So why go public now when there is so much capital available for private companies?

Reffkin cited a few numbers, but centered his view around having what he construes as the “right team” and the “right results.” We’ll get a bit more on the latter when Compass reports its first set of public earnings.

For now, it’s a company that braved stormier seas than we might have expected to see so soon after a blistering first few months of the year for IPOs.

And because I would also bring her along if I ever took a company public, here’s the company’s founder and CEO with his mother:

Image Credits: Compass

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Private Equity

Special situations investor RoundShield beats €200m goal for first pure real estate PE fundraise




Special situations investor RoundShield Partners has picked up more than €200m to close its first pure real estate pri

Coinsmart. Beste Bitcoin-Börse in Europa

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