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Genshin Impact Trailer Highlights the Hydro-Wielding Sangonomiya Kokomi



Genshin Impact - Sangonomiya Kokomi

While the hype for Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun is still strong, miHoYo Games has another 5-star character coming up. This time, it’s Sangonomiya Kokomi, a Catalyst-wielding Hydro user who has negative Crit Rate but focuses on healing. Watch her wax philosophically in the trailer below.

Kokomi has her fair share of attacks, including a charged attack that deals Hydro damage in an AoE. Using her Elemental Skill “Kurage’s Oath” will heal all allies at certain intervals (based on her max HP) while also dishing out Hydro damage to enemies. The Elemental Burst “Nereid’s Ascension” also deals Hydro damage and bestows “Ceremonial Garment” which increases the damage of Kokomi’s attacks and Elemental Skill based on her max HP (with normal and charged attacks healing nearby allies).

Overall, she possesses a strong amount of utility and damage to go with her healing, making Kokomi an interesting alternative to current healers. Her character banner goes live tomorrow so stay tuned for a more in-depth video detailing her passives and abilities. Genshin Impact is currently available for PS4, PS5, PC, iOS and Android.

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Criteria For Using An Online Casino



Online casinos are usually the last thing someone would imagine when deciding what to do with their free time. However, they can provide much more than just gambling. There are many job opportunities that come through the internet, and you can even make money playing games online. If you’re thinking about using an online casino for entertainment purposes, here are some things that will help you decide if it’s a risk worth taking or not.

First of all, there are lots of elements at play when determining whether or not your chances of winning will be better playing casino games online rather than at a brick-and-mortar establishment. At an online casino, you’re able to gamble from the comfort of your home. If you choose to do this, you’ll be able to save money on food and drinks at the casino, and you won’t have to worry about driving home after a few too many. The anonymity also gives players a feeling of safety and security — there won’t be quite as many people trying to con you out of your hard-earned money.

Additionally, online casinos are much more user-friendly than traditional casinos. You can play any game you want without having to go through as many hoops as those at a normal casino might require. For example, in some online casinos, you can play games with the same frequency that you would in a brick-and-mortar establishment. You can even play in real-time since you don’t have to wait for the next day’s session to start.

What are the characteristics of online casinos?

Online casinos are the way to go for players who do not wish to travel or play at land-based establishments. Whether you’re looking for a good way to win a couple of bucks or seek a high-reward jackpot, online casinos offer a variety of benefits. Online casinos offer a wide assortment of games that range from classic slots and table games to specialty games such as blackjack and craps.

You can even enter the world of video poker if you choose, which is great for those who enjoy playing at suspicious times when they should be sleeping. Online casinos even offer poker games for those living in states where online poker is outlawed.

Many online casinos, like for example the well-known 888 casino, feature live dealers who perform like they would for you in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. The dealers are real, and they are usually entertainers that many players enjoy. Some of the online casinos’ features include free drinks, regularly scheduled promotions, and free money via bonuses given to new members. Online casino banking takes place on an encrypted server, which means that your private information is safe from identity theft or hacking.

Online gambling is not illegal in most parts of the United States except for a few states such as New Jersey and Nevada, where it’s completely forbidden. In most other parts of the country, you’re good to go.

Beyond the actual gameplay, there are many other possibilities opened up to you through online gambling. For instance, if you’re an avid blackjack player, there are plenty of games out there where blackjack is abundant. These games include hi-lo, baccarat and roulette, among others. If you’re more of a slot of person, there are plenty of virtual slot games for you to choose from. Additionally, there is usually a much wider selection of games at online casinos than traditional ones.

There is also a much wider range of betting limits and other rules at online casinos that will suit your gambling style and needs. A few other perks that come along with playing casino games online include accessibility and ease of use. You can play whenever you want and wherever you want from the comfort of home or the office on your lunch break if you so choose.

Criteria to choose an online casino

Before you get started, you should narrow down your choices by determining what’s most important to you. Here are some things to consider when choosing an online casino.

1. The games should be fair

This means that the game will not give any unfair chances to win or lose your money or private information.

2. The software should be trustworthy

A trustworthy casino is the best way to go. The casino should be well-established and have positive feedback from their customers, have a valid license, and certified RNGs (Random Number Generators) tested at regular intervals by reputable gambling laboratories. Their customer service should be excellent and efficient.

3. The terms and conditions should be clear and concise

It is important that you know exactly what you can and cannot do with your money when playing at an online casino. You should also be aware of the minimum age requirements for playing certain games.

4. The games must be clear and easy to play

You will want to choose a casino with games as user-friendly as possible so that you do not have to waste time or patience trying to figure out how those pretty symbols or numbers work. Also, it should have a good slot selection, which will help you find a game that you enjoy and won’t bore you.

5. The software should not have any viruses or malware

Because the online casino is different from a land-based one, it is important that its software is up to standard and isn’t a problem.

6. No computer security issues

Never enter a password/username when you are on your own when you are logged in from your PC; hackers can easily hack into your computer when you aren’t even aware of it, so never do this kind of thing when using illegal gambling services! It’s Not only illegal but also really stupid!

7. The casino should be easy to use and fast

Because of the advanced technology we have today, you shouldn’t be waiting for more than 2-3 seconds to load any web page of the casino or more than 3-5 seconds to load a game, but it’s also crucial that the website of the casino looks good and is user friendly (for example: not like a mobile phone site).

8. The casino should have a well-designed website

You will want to choose a casino that has a good design when choosing your favorite game and when looking at the casino’s official website. The background of the website should be good, and the colors are also important. Also, the website should be translated into your native language because if you are a foreign speaker, you can’t use services if it has bad translation in your language.

9. The customer support service must be there for you 24/7

So that in case anything goes wrong with your account, you can contact them and know exactly what to do to solve this problem!

10. The online casino should have a variety of games to choose from

Because you are playing the game, not the casino! So you want to be able to select any game you want.

11. Good bonuses for new players

You will want an online casino that offers bonuses to new players, and this is very important because this gives you extra money to try out games or deposit more money into your account! That’s why I recommend you register at these online casinos right away because all of them offer great bonuses for new players! I hope that now you know exactly what kind of casino is suitable for you and where you can find them. I hope you will enjoy playing casino games online! Choose wisely!


Online casinos offer a plethora of entertainment, promotions, and games that you can play any time of the day. There is always a reason to visit an online casino even if your pockets are empty because you’re never going to be put off from playing the games if you don’t have a dime.

Always research a casino before taking a chance on a new one; this means reading about its features and thinking critically about its benefits. Many popular online casino websites offer introductory offers such as free money, special bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses.

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Mobile Casino Apps Explained



Casinos have been a popular destination for people looking to play games of chance. However, the legalities of operating a casino that is not located on land or in a building remain problematic. In recent years, online casinos have been making waves with their convenience and potentially taking over the industry as a whole.

This article will discuss what makes mobile casino apps special and how you can play your favorite games from anywhere.

What Makes A Mobile Casino App Different?

The introduction of mobile devices and the widespread adoption of high-speed internet for most people has meant that many companies and industries have had to adapt to stay relevant. Players might not want to sit in front of their computer all day playing online casino games, so systems were created that allowed people the freedom to log in and play at their own pace. One such adaptation was mobile casino apps.

A mobile casino app is essentially a program that you download onto your phone or tablet which allows you access to a website’s slots, table games, and other gambling experiences whenever you please. However, developers of these programs have had to make them different enough from their desktop counterparts to provide fair value for money.

The first thing that players are sure to notice is the graphics. A desktop computer is much larger than a phone or tablet, so they can expand on their graphics in ways that mobile developers cannot afford to do. That doesn’t mean that mobile apps are still not impressive- just that they need a more simplistic approach. It’s often better because mobile apps have fewer problems with lagging or slow downloads.

Another difference is the user interface (UI). Mobile online casinos have made an effort to make their apps as intuitive as possible. Most of them have opted to use a simple menu that allows users to switch between different games quickly without being overwhelmed. If you want to know more about how mobile online casinos are changing, check out this article.

Finally, mobile casino apps tend to be free-to-play by nature. It’s still possible to find some that are paid, but they are becoming increasingly rare. Many people are leery of downloading apps in general because it is very easy for malicious software and viruses to be installed on your device without you even realizing it.

However, mobile casinos have tried to make their experiences as safe and secure as possible. They also invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that support is easy and good. This will be discussed later in the article.

How To Play Mobile Casino Apps

When playing mobile casino apps, we recommend using authentic credit cards or e-wallets (such as Paypal) rather than actual cash for security reasons. These apps generally offer the most attractive games with the best payouts, so it’s wise to give them a shot first.

You can use your favorite online casino’s Windows or Mac desktop client to log in and play. If you would like to try an app on your mobile device, we recommend downloading a reputable one such as William Hill. They may not have all of the best games, but they do have some excellent titles, and you’ll get the best experience playing on your phone or tablet.

To get started, make sure that you install and update the app before logging in. It will open automatically when you log in; if it doesn’t pop up immediately, check for updates manually by clicking “Update Software” within the menu options. The main features of each app will appear at the top of your screen shortly after that (e.g. “Welcome” in the image above). Click on the ones that you’re interested in to get started.

There are three main features that each app will have: “Slots, Cash Games, and Live Games”. Slots are video poker but with a bonus feature; Cash games are similar to table games, and Live gaming simulates the experience of gambling at an online casino using dealers and other players. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


These work exactly like video poker, only they are more lucrative (because they cost more). The gameplay involves a paytable that is usually displayed on the left side of the screen. You press the buttons that correspond to the value on the paytable to win various amounts- the number of coins you can wager on each button will be based on your stake.

Cash Games

As mentioned above, these are table games. The experience is generally better than what you’d find at a land-based casino because it’s possible for players to interact with one another. However, unlike land casinos, multiple people can play at once, meaning that you’re not limited to just observing unless there are others waiting to take your place. Most of these games are available in both single-player and multi-player versions.

Live Games

These games are similar to slot machine games, except they use both real dealers and virtual ones who simulate the experience of gambling in an online casino. This can range from a simple slot machine that looks like it is playing through a TV screen to table games that players can play against one another on their phone or tablet.

To play these games, enter your mobile casino username and password or create an account if you don’t already have one. Once you have logged in, your coins will be visible on the left side of the table. At this point, things may get complicated so let’s discuss how to play these games step by step.

How To Play Mobile Casino Games

For table games, learn how to make the bets. Most tables are similar to roulette in that you can place an inside bet, an outside bet, or a combination of the two- then you have to decide whether or not you want to double down. Some tables work differently depending on the game that you’re playing. However, the best way to learn is by observing other players and asking questions if necessary.

As for live games, each one has its quirks, so it’s best to try them out yourself before getting confused. You can quickly download any of these games through your app so take your time deciding which ones are worth taking for a spin. There are generally several features to each, and they’re generally explained as you go through the app.

Mobile casinos also have other features discussed in the article, such as mobile deposit and mobile withdrawal. We will also discuss mobile wallets, loyalty programs, bonuses, and deposit bonuses. In addition to these things, a few more things will make your experience better, such as slick graphics and faster plays.

Getting Started With Mobile Casino Apps

To begin playing on your phone or tablet, you simply open up the app and follow the action on your screen, which is usually pretty straightforward- click buttons to choose a bet or a wager amount, then press a button to spin a wheel that shows random symbols. If you like the game, you can “claim your winnings” by clicking on the magnifying glass located at the bottom of your screen.

You can increase your stake by adding coins at any time during the game. It’s also possible to claim bonuses that are offered by individual games. You can track everything happening in real time with a handy progress meter, so it’s easy to keep an eye on the cashier and the amounts of coins you have won or lost.

Are Mobile Casino Apps Better than Desktop Casinos?

While desktop online casinos offer better graphics and sound, play more games, and have more advanced features than mobile casinos, they do not offer a truly interactive gambling experience compared to mobile apps. Because it is an app, the only way to interact with your casino online is through your phone or tablet. This means that you are limited to playing games rather than accessing their cashier.

Mobile casinos are also great for those who prefer playing on the go instead of sitting at a desk or sofa in front of a computer. If you want to play instantly without having to download anything or wait for an app to open, then this is the closest thing you’ll get.

Is Mobile Casino Games Safe?

We cannot stress enough that there are real dangers involved when gambling online. Unfortunately, there are also people who create dubious apps to benefit from others’ misery. Some claim to be legitimate and look the part while others pose as something they’re not to siphon money from your account.

To avoid falling victim to frauds and scams, we suggest that you follow a few simple rules:

  • Do some research before downloading an app.
  • Check out reviews and ratings (if you can find them for mobile apps).
  • Check out the app’s T&Cs.
  • Make sure your cash is covered with cashback bonuses.
  • Finally, check out the real time gameplay on Youtube or Twitch instead of relying on screenshots.


Mobile casino apps can be easy and fun to play even if you’re not a seasoned gambler. We recommend taking the time to check them out and see if they offer something that you like. Then you can play with some real money so that you can experience what it’s like to gamble with your phone or tablet.

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Padel – a fun sport that you can also bet on



Padel is a racket sport reminiscent of tennis. In many countries it has exploded in popularity, partly because it is considered fun and easy to practice. This popularity is a probable reason why many now also want to be able to bet on the sport.

The paddle court is surrounded by walls and is about 25% smaller than the tennis court. In addition, the ball in the paddle is not filled with as much air as in the tennis. These factors make it easier for beginners to play. You do not have to move on the same area and the ball can bounce on the walls during the game, instead of the ball being played from the boundaries of the court.

The fact that the playing field is smaller than in tennis makes it easier for those who are not used to explosive movements and who may not be in such good condition. In addition, there are playing fields for both singles and doubles. This way, it can be easier to train on the game or specific movements and game techniques.

It is said that you do not have to think about much more than having access to the racket and ball to be able to play. On the other hand, good shoes should be important to keep in mind if you want to continue with the sport. Mainly due to the surface and the fast turns in different directions.

Indoor sports can be stressful for, among other things, heel tendons and knees, as the feet are not as flexible in the sudden movements, such as when you have gravel or grass as a base.

Do you want to bet on paddle games

The great popularity of paddle in Sweden is measured, among other things, by the fact that over 1000 paddle courts have been built in the country in a few single years and it is stated that around one million Swedes have tested the sport. How much interest there is among those who play varies, but there are so many who want to invest in the sport that a specific association for paddle was formed in the spring of 2021.

Although padel has become a great success in Sweden for training people, it is still relatively new in the market for betting. However, this sport is starting to be seen in more and more gaming companies. If you want to bet on paddle, there are comparison sites that have collected different options for you. On some of these pages you can also read more about rules and other things in paddle.

If you are unsure of some parts of the sport, feel free to read a little. With more knowledge about the game, it usually becomes more fun to compare different odds and games between the betting companies and then to follow the different matches. Of course, it’s fun to win on your betting, but it should also be fun on the trip there.

Different ways to bet on padel

No matter how much interest you have in practicing the sport or betting on it, it is recommended to follow matches during the World Padel Tour. Spread over most of the year, you can follow different types of matches, with players from different countries in the world. As it is a big tournament, there is also a greater chance of finding betting companies where you can bet on the matches.

Before you decide with whom to bet, think more about how you want to bet. Do you want to be able to play in several different ways or do you have a special favorite.

  • Betting on who wins the match is considered the easiest variant to bet on. Especially if you do not know much about the players or the sport.
  • Bet on over / under number of games in a specific match. Good to know then is that in a paddle match it is important to win 6 games and the one who plays the best of 3 or 5 sets.
  • Outright winner, which means betting on someone who will win a specific tournament or who remains world number one after a specific season.
  • Bet on who will win the first set of the match. Recommended if you know players who are either particularly strong or weak in the beginning.


Source : Plato Data Intelligence

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Zelgor Inc Successfully Completes Digital Capital Raise on Netcapital



Thanks to strong investor interest, Zelgor Inc, an interactive entertainment and game development studio based in Boston, Massachusetts, has announced that it has sold out its Netcapital offering.

“This summer has been a non-stop ride of excitement for everyone at Zelgor, the team, investors, supporters, and fans” said John Fanning Jr., Founder, and CEO of Zelgor Inc.

The sold-out offering headlines an eventful summer for Zelgor, which included launching an initial stability test of their first mobile game, Noobs in Space. The company conducted a second stability test since the offering’s close, driving tens of thousands to Google Play’s Early Access Store.

Zelgor’s focus this summer has been on building their tools and technology infrastructure to scale up with more users while collecting and incorporating feedback from Early Access testers. Zelgor plans to launch their third and final stability test, expected to be their largest yet.

“Our team couldn’t be more thrilled about the success of our raise and the response we’ve received from investors,” said Zelgor Founder & CEO, John Fanning Jr. “This is another huge step forward for us, and we’re extremely excited to keep the momentum going and reach more game lovers with the Noobs.”

About Zelgor Inc:

Zelgor is an interactive entertainment company launching a unique media franchise called the Noobs. An army of outlandish aliens exploring the Universe and disrupting the $150 Billion Global Games Industry.

Zelgor investors include the famous venture capitalist Tim Draper, co-creator of Guitar Hero, Kai Huang, and the founders of Napster. The Zelgor team brings real-world experience building successful games like The Sims, Bioshock Infinite, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and more.

To learn more about Zelgor, visit

To visit Zelgor’s Netcapital offering, visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

Spencer Bramson – Chief Marketing Officer


Number: +1 415.935.4671

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