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Futurist Conference Toronto 2020: Blockchain & Innovation Summit



Futurist Conference 2020

Untraceable’s third annual Futurist Conference this August 11-12, 2020 in Toronto is the largest
blockchain and emerging technologies event in Canada. It brings together over 2700 people
from around the globe to discuss emerging industries that are going to disrupt our future.
Held at Rebel Entertainment Complex with a one-of-a-kind sound and lighting stage, VIP
Cabanas, Outdoor Marketplace, Hackathon, Private Boxes, Educational Bootcamps,
Community Roundtables, and 2 Levels of Exhibitor Booths.

We encourage participants from every industry on the planet to come to explore, debate,
showcase, and physically use emerging technologies that will change our future.

The Futurist Hackathon is a 3-day innovation competition with the opportunity to participate and develop the next big idea in emerging tech. The hackathon connects developers with mentors and companies while providing a stage to showcase top talent.

A condensed segment of the top Futurist companies presenting lighting talks on their projects. The Tech Showcase is designed for all investors, press, media outlets and attendees to hear from all the featured Futurist companies in a short period of time.

Calling all Cannabis Futurists! We want to hear from you. If you are interested in speaking, exhibiting, reserving a cabana or are involved in the cannabis community in any way sign up now!

Calling all Artificial Intelligence Futurists! We want to get you involved!  If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring, want us to use your tech on-site or are involved in the AI community sign up now!

Calling all eSports Futurists! Let’s bring gaming to the conference! If you are interested in speaking, exhibiting, or hosting an eSports event we want to hear from you. Sign up now.

We bring together world-class speakers to discuss the future of emerging technologies. Speakers provide insights into the latest industries that are being transformed and disrupted.

Frequently our speakers and presenting companies launch products on-stage, make major announcements, and showcase their innovative solutions for the first time.

Most presentations are bundled with panel discussions and similar industry keynotes to create themed segments on-stage throughout the 2-day conference.

Don’t miss out on hearing the future first.

Applications for main stage presentations are now open.

This year some of our main stage panel themes (pending applications) include:

The Future of Blockchain Technology
The Future of Cryptocurrencies
The Future of Decentralized Finance
The Future of Security Tokens
The Future of Privacy & Security
The Future of Regulation
The Future of Raising Capital
The Future of Social Impact
The Future of Artificial Intelligence
The Future of Cannabis
The Future of eSports

A condensed segment of the top featured Futurist companies presenting lighting talks on their projects.

Presented on the main stage with reserved front row seating of 50+ investors, press, and media outlets.

The showcase is designed for all investors, press, media outlets and attendees to hear from all the featured Futurist companies in a short period of time

Interested in learning how to become an official Futurist presenting company? Request a sponsorship package.

Only 250 Super Early Bird Tickets are available. Click here for more info



KuCoin to Implement Chainalysis KYT for Enhanced Compliance and Security



The IDG-backed KuCoin crypto exchange platform has announced its partnership with blockchain analysis company Chainalysis to further enhance the platform’s compliance and security. The partnership is part of KuCoin’s commitment towards promoting compliance-first business practices in the crypto industry as it will be integrating the Chainalysis KYT (Know-Your-Transaction) software to detect and prevent suspicious and illicit transactions on the platform.The KYT software is designed to work in real-time, flagging potential money laundering or other illegal transactions on the blockchain. It also enables further investigation of such transactions with the help of Chainalysis Reactor. The new integration works along with KuCoin’s own fraud monitoring and early warning systems to ensure strict compliance and security of user’s digital assets on the platform.Announcing the latest development, the Global CEO and Co-founder of KuCoin Johnny Lyu said, “We teamed up with Chainalysis to create a safe and compliance trading environment. Through KuCoin’s efforts, the crypto world will combat illegal activities, such as laundering money and financing terrorism.” He further added, “Although KuCoin has already deployed in this aspect, we hope to further strengthen out technical expansion into compliance with our cooperation with Chainalysis. Not only does it provide infrastructure to the blockchain ecosystem, but it also meets regulatory compliance requirements across different countries and regions.”“Chainalysis is thrilled to partner with exchanges like KuCoin that prioritize compliance and the safety of its users,” said Jason Bonds, Chief Revenue Officer, Chainalysis. “Our relationship with KuCoin is also an example of our continued commitment to working with leading exchanges in the Asia Pacific region, an important hub of cryptocurrency activity.”KuCoin offers a suite of financial services including fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, futures, staking, borrowing, token launch, and more. It has over 5 million users from over 207 countries and regions around the world. On the other hand, Chainalysis serves as a strategic partner to various financial institutions, governments, and crypto businesses around the world. The Chainalysis KYT offering enables compliance teams to monitor large volumes of crypto transactions and identify high-risk transactions, thereby facilitating the implementation of global AML standards in the cryptocurrency space. Source:

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MoneyGram Receives Takeover Offer from Western Union



According to an article that Bloomberg posted on the 1st of June, the global payments giant, Western Union, has made a takeover offer for Moneygram. Should this be successful, it would stand to combine two of the largest money-transfer companies within the US.

MoneyGram Buckling Under Pandemic Pressure

Many businesses have been forced to close off due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the many lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders that were given out as a response. MoneyGram itself was also affected by this, being forced to close off its local branches.

However, the number of digital transactions taking place has risen immensely due to the fact that everyone needs to stay at home. Even so, they only accounted for 18% of the money transfers within Q1 2020, according to Bloomberg. Even after the company partnered up with Ripple back in 2019, MoneyGram was forced to report a “quiet” first quarter for 2020

A Bit Of A Leak

This information was revealed by a person familiar with the matter, according to Bloomberg. This anonymous individual asked for their identity to be hidden from the public, due to the fact that the matter hasn’t been made public yet. This source explained that no decision had been made yet, but Western Union could opt to push on with its takeover without a deal, as well.

As one would imagine, neither company gave comment at a private matter being leaked.

MoneyGram, compared to Western Union, is but a small fish, with its stock price closing at $2.59 a share. This gives MoneyGram a market value of $164 million, but also holds approximately $878 million in debt. Western Union, by contrast, has its stocks being traded at $20.71 per share, totaling in the market value of a staggering $8.5 billion.

A Small History

Ant Financial Services Group, one of China’s financial services conglomerates, had also made plans to acquire MoneyGram. This occurred back in 2017 but was subsequently abandoned after the agreement was made. This is due to the fact that the national security regulators of the US had started to push back against the idea, in fear that the China-based conglomerate would leverage its position in order to compromise the security of US citizens.

As it stands now, it’s unclear whether or not this deal will come to fruition. This is especially so due to the companies not having planned to reveal it to the public, but it leaking out regardless. Either way, the world’s at a very turbulent time, and with hope and luck, things will improve.


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Bitcoin Hits above $10k and Appears Strongly Bullish in the intraday



Bitcoin price hits above $10k yesterday, just at the onset of the month after an almost flattish trend in the previous month. Moreover, the currency in the previous month was trading on a mixed note and had breached above $10k briefly in the first week of the previous month. Just when the price of BTC had hit above $10k momentarily in May 2020, we also saw an immediate price dump in the same week when the Bitcoin price retested the support around $8.1k.

However, it was just yesterday when the BTC price touched above $10k after almost 30 days of pullback and the global crypto exchange, Coinbase with massive networkers on board went offline. Moreover, it has not been once that Coinbase lost its network in the nearest time. We have heard many instances from the recent past about the crashing of the exchange at an imminent point of time. However, for crypto traders, there happens to be no fixed time when the market is open, and the traders can trade. Since the market is open 24*, the traders do not afford to lose any instance of missing the right opportunity to long or short.

But, the crash of Coinbase is something that may trigger a lot of networkers. This takes us to raise questions such as any spam activity or any whale movement, thereby on the exchange, which has led to the crash of the system or a technical glitch?

Moreover, it was just towards the end of the previous month when the massive investment bank, Goldman Sachs has commented, “Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are not an asset class,” to which many crypto proponents commented that it is much more and in that lieu, many commented that it is a sovereign currency.

One of the BTC Whales, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the globally renowned crypto exchange Binance considers Bitcoin as sovereign currency, and he also publicly tweeted about the same. To everyone echo doubts the capability of what Bitcoin is and what it can do, it is simple yet complex—Bitcoin is power that is likely to drive the entire financial system if centralized with stated norms and regulations.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin News

BTC/USD Chart By TradingView

On the 4-hourly chart, Bitcoin exhibited a steep rise above $10k against the US Dollar and was trading above $10k at the time of penning down. While its intraday recovery, it took at stall around the major resistance of $10.5k at $10,443 and pulled back at the beginning of the day, today. BTC is retaining steady support from 50-day and 200-day MA against the greenback and is ready for an amazing month after a flattish and mixed momentum throughout the previous month.

The technicals of Bitcoin are hitting the bullish extremities, and the MACD is crossing above the signal line, and the RSI already hints about the increasing demand of the crypto as it lies at 69.78.


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