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FunPlus Phoenix eyeing revenge in rematch vs. DWG KIA at Worlds 2021

FunPlus Phoenix eyeing revenge in rematch vs. DWG KIA at Worlds 2021

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In the first match between FunPlus Phoenix and DWG KIA, FPX had already fallen behind during the pick/ban stage after choosing Kai’Sa in the bot lane. With DWG Kia’s counterattack, FPX were pushed back on their heels and were forced to spend the rest of the match catching up. 

FPX has likely learned some hard lessons from that initial loss and has almost assuredly made adjustments. Expect FPX to change their lineup to compensate for their shortcomings in the last match by selecting champions more focused around the mid to late game. 

FPX are probably going to play far more cautiously this time around and choose their moments more carefully in order to minimize their chances of overextending into DK’s strengths. 

Despite their loss in the first match, FPX is a strong team that is ranked second globally for a reason. With their 2.024 odds on DJ Esports, there is a lot of room for profit on a solid bet. In the previous match, FPX were on the red side and DK were on the blue side, although that will be reversed in game two. 

Looking at DJ Esports’ data, FPX’s First Dragon rate on the blue side is only 24 percent, meaning they are more likely to abandon pursuit of that objective due to many factors, including unfavorable positioning. At that percentage, you can safely assume that, barring a big change in approach, FPX is more likely to ignore the Dragon.

Conversely, DK’s First Dragon rate over the last several games sits at 52 percent, and with FPX leaning toward avoiding that particular objective, the 1.824 odds for DK look like a safe choice. 

When it comes to securing the First Baron, DK is one of the most consistent in the world at 91 percent. They have managed to secure that particular objective 11 out of their last 12 games thanks to their strong control over the jungle and its resources. 

Once they’ve secured a lead, DK are often able to use superior vision control and lane pressure to secure a chance at the First Baron. In the four matches against T1 at the LCK finals, DK locked down the First Baron all four times. FPX is also a team that goes hard after the Baron with a very high success rate at 74 percent. They tend to focus more on teamfights and gaining an early edge in other ways, however, so DK might be the safer option. 

Both DWG KIA and FPX are fast-paced teams with powerful offenses. Their average game times are both below the 33-minute mark and they are the fastest times in each team’s region. 

In the last game between these two, DK won in only 29 minutes after taking an early lead, but both teams like to come on strong out the gate and launch into an early offense, making the odds of this game dragging beyond the 32-minute mark fairly low.

With one loss already, FPX’s performance in this match will be critical to their standings in the tournament. They have room for improvement and are more than good enough to come out on top, but DK isn’t going to make it easy.  Only time will tell if FPX is up to the challenge.

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For more insight on the 2021 LoL World Championship and up-to-the-minute updated data and odds for all of the competing teams, you can view them on DJ Esports.

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