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Fredit BRION upset DWG KIA in 2021 LCK Summer Split


Fredit BRION upset DWG KIA in 2021 LCK Summer Split

Fredit BRION took down DWG KIA 2-1 today during their first clash of the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

Going into today’s League of Legends series, the odds were against Fredit BRION, who lost their two matches last week. DWG, on the other hand, recently brought in jungler Malrang and made two role swaps. And during today’s match, the role swap proved inefficient with Canyon (playing mid lane) and ShowMaker (playing ADC) having multiple misplays that led to this upset.

The MVP votes for Fredit BRION were picked up support Delight and mid laner Lava. Both players had a wonderful series and a great showing even in the game they lost. Delight used Sett and Gragas in Fredit BRION’s victorious games to peel for his teammates and give them room to deal damage in teamfights. Lava played Azir and LeBlanc with two different playstyles. With Azir, he looked to control teamfights from the backline. But with LeBlanc, he dove head-first for the enemy carries.

The first match of this series opened up with passive play from both teams. While DWG had the superior farm across the board, Fredit BRION funneled resources into securing early dragons. This paid off for the underdogs, who secured the Mountain Dragon Soul after a 23-minute teamfight. With this buff, they became unkillable in teamfights against DWG’s composition and cleanly closed out the first game.

Going into the second match, DWG changed their composition while Fredit BRION went for a similar one. After reading their opponents like a book, the reigning world champions were able to secure the early dragons this time around. This led to an early Mountain Dragon Soul for DWG, which proved to be a difficult task for Fredit BRION to go through. The gold lead steadily grew and DWG equalized the series in clean fashion.

In the last match of the series, both teams banned out crucial and problematic picks from the previous matches to have a better shot at winning the series. While Fredit BRION had no issues adjusting to other champions, DWG looked lost on other picks. Fredit BRION exploited this weakness to secure priority in the early stages of the game before turning their attention to objectives such as dragons and Baron. Once they secured the buffs, they were able to close out the series 2-1 in convincing fashion.

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Fredit BRION (2-3) will be back on the Rift on Saturday, June 26 with a match against Nongshim RedForce (3-1). Nongshim RedForce, the team led by Peanut in the jungle, have been winning their matches in convincing fashion and will be a difficult challenge for the underdogs to overcome. DWG (3-2), on the other hand, should reevaluate their roster going forward since there were plenty of cracks in today’s series that showed due to Canyon and ShowMaker’s lack of experience in their off-roles.

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